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  1. Jimmy James - Help Yourself

    I hadn't paid attention before, but now that I look at it again : It's written A Dynamic Production on the right of the label ( like for all tunes on this label ). But under the title the credits are actually "A Trojan Production". So your first guess must be...
  2. Jimmy James - Help Yourself

    I have a copy on Tiger ( I mainly collect Jamaican music and I've found it in a reggae lot ) .. I'll post a picture in this topic once back home tonight
  3. Jimmy James - Help Yourself

    I would think that it was recorded in Jamaica , the original issue, AFAIK, is on the Jamaican label "Tiger" from 1969 ( a Dynamic Production )
  4. Derrick also recorded a fantastic ( IMHO ) version of The Temptations "I gotta Know" changing the title to "Sitting on Top of The World"
  5. Checked again and it's a.o Thierry Boulanger who'll be DJing at Soul Inn saturday . So expect mostly 7Ts and ( great ) Modern sounds https://www.facebook.com/events/1457918991192420/ , but no Popcorn
  6. Not much going on this Week End I'm afraid ... if you're Downtown ( near Bourse ) you can always drop by the Soul Inn Bar. Depending on who's DJing the music could be OK if you're lucky https://www.facebook.com/soulinnbrussels But otherwise I haven't found an...
  7. Another Tighten Up-alike : The TNT Boys - Musica del alma ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDcX1tbXHuk
  8. Name Your Top Ten Ska And Reggae

    Hello here are 10 of my faves ( I decided to skip the Ska tunes it was already difficult enough to narrow it down to 10 ) Bob Andy - You Don't Know Winston Francis - Ten Times Sweeter Uniques - Love and Devotion Uniques - My Conversation Techniqu...
  9. Name Your Top Ten Ska And Reggae

    yes ! on Torpedo, really a strange version
  10. Records With The Feelgood Factor

    Mill Evans -" Ain't You Glad" does it for me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZF7tMjV8ms
  11. Anyone Know Any Other Records Like This..?

    Derrick Harriott's verson of Look over your Shoulder is great Also not that known but Sabrina Williams "A Word to The Wise" on 56 Hope Road has also the same kind of feel
  12. A Complete List Of Uk Labels?

  13. [Rs] delroy wilson - give love a try

    Perhaps are you referring to "Since Your Gone" done in 69 by Pat Kelly and David Isaacs for Lee Perry ? The Chorus is very similar
  14. Can Anyone Identify This Track Please

    It's a cut to the LLoyd and The Groovers "Do It To Me Baby" on Caltone ... first time I hear the DJ version

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