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  1. Another one, sadly it's only the songs that are timeless.
  2. A huge loss, 'the way you been acting lately' one of my early purchases from Wigan, £5 around 1976. Still gives me goosebumps, as does this. https://youtu.be/9U4Z1OpamRQ
  3. One of my favourites from Lloyd Price, super cool 70's outing.
  4. I've already sent all of them to Colin Chalky, with a suggestion to pass them on or maybe trade for the one's he needs, he may forward them to you.
  5. No money required, just your address, I'd rather do someone a favour. If you send any money i won't send the badges!
  6. He's a paramedic Steve, one of the good guys, they're just sitting in a drawer here. Good memories of a great club, wasn't the same after it finished, a lot of the regulars seemed to disperse. A real good meeting place.
  7. If you are keeping them and not selling them on i'll let you have these if you send me your address.
  8. Such a well respected 45, can't remember the last time i heard it, probably in a Dave Evison set somewhere. Not surprising when you still see it on wants lists, great track.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/brand/b008mj7p Being music lovers, soul music more than other genre's, we all appreciate the interpretation of a great lyric. Some time ago i tuned into 'soul music' a weekly broadcast on BBC R4. Radio 4?.. me?, yes, there are others out there too, they look just like we do, they walk amongst us, you can't tell them apart!! The programme is 30 mins long, features a classic song each week with several people, each telling what the song means to them. Fantastic tales, explanations, links etc. So far away from my usual tipple, not so much a guilty pleasur
  10. A little younger yes, innocent?.. get a grip man!
  11. Another one of the good guys, never forgot the 45's that started him off. He'd get as much pleasure enthusing about them as he would if he heard something for the first time. An aficionado for sure. Sad news indeed.
  12. I have a signed UK mint copy of Marvin Gaye 'heard it through the grapevine', waddya reckon?. Thing is, it's signed by Billy Ocean, does this detract from the value? #askinforafriend

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