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  1. Hammond, a vital organ!
  2. Couldn't not include one of the best cover versions ever, has to be the long version though with the atmosphere building and building until Gloria starts to wail.. and boy, when she does!
  3. Same kind of bag as Willie Dale 'let your light shine', not my usual tipple but this really caught my ear.
  4. This chap has a similar issue, the ceramic subs apparently have the coating.
  5. Apparently it's down to wearing of the anti reflective coating and not as rare as you'd think. Just wondered if any of you folks had come across it?
  6. Anyone had issues with staining on sapphire crystal?. I have slight staining on my sub, it's hardly noticeable but you know how it is, once you've seen it, it's more obvious.
  7. Yep, been around a while that album but you're spot on, I've never come across it on any format, not even via the old tape swapping!.. Bizzarre.
  8. Strings and things, and the killer sax more than make up for the lack of a vocal. Maybe my all time favourite inst.. Beautiful!
  9. Superb interview, complete with the obligatory barbed comments to put certain people's noses out of joint. We should however, be thick skinned enough by now to handle it, great job by Richard too, steering the interview in a great authoritative manner. Excellent stuff.
  10. Shocking news, last time i saw you two was 'Sheridans' when i was with Eileen, some time ago. Always good with the banter, information, and of course the Xmas cards! Another sad loss, hope you're ok Dave, keep your chin up. Charlie.
  11. Killer from Betty, nice Henry Stone connection too.
  12. Richard Pennyman in a flamingo stylee .
  13. Junk box?.. He'll be made up that someone picks up on one of his selections, especially if he put some thought into his set, it's a big compliment.

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