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  1. I was arrested that night, it was just before jnr Walker live at Wigan, needless to say i couldn't go, when my mum found out I'd been charged she stopped lending me the tenner! That was it for the club night also.
  2. Indeed, Monday's as well at Druffies at one stage, Tues was Caroline's Mcr, Wed recharge, Thu was Norfolk Arms, Glossop, Fri was Druffies again and maybe an all nighter, Sat was Wigan, Sun would be Ritz, cats whiskers, or maybe the Cavern.. crazy days, as one shut one opened, Birch hotel Thurs, Hyde botanical club, alt Thurs, to name but two. I'd have to borrow a tenner every Mon off my mum till Fri, that tenner went to and fro in our house for years!
  3. Druffies was officially DRUFC.. Dukinfield rugby union football club, in Dukinfield of course, superb music, some intimidating clientele and all sorts of chemicals on offer. Never realized just how good it actually was until i attended the main all nighters and found a lot of the big sounds I'd heard there previously. It has been referred to in a couple of the books i believe, a great starting point for me, post youth clubs. Greater Manchester (there's nowhere greater).. I'll get my coat!
  4. Those guys at that time were undoubtedly blazing a trail for the legions who would join the scene later, as for Manchester, i don't think anyone would dispute it's pedigree as 'the' historical hotbed for rare soul, that's using the earliest references and the current scene as parameters. Obviously i'm somewhat biased coming from Mancunia, full marks to the Mcr evening news also who recognise the importance of the early club scene and have always given column inches to it over the years. It wasn't till 1975 that i would attend my first early session as a 15 yr old at druffies in Dukinfield, at that time you needed eight days in a week to do all venues on offer in the Manchester area. So druffies would be my equivalent of the Oaks, only right then to mention Roy Young, Mick Lucas and Dave Stubbs, the three guy's behind the decks there.
  5. At the millennium new years eve all nighter at Blackpool Mecca, the countdown started and I'd have put my house on that being played, on came Jackie Wilson 'because of you' a super track also, but Rufus Wood, never been a more apt moment.
  6. chas

    Darlene Love - Lord If You're A Woman

    He'll be tucked up in bed now,will Phil Spector, with reference to the 'prisoner soul' thread a while back,imagine him being inside 40 odd years ago, the mind boggles! Superb oscar winning documentary feat Darlene, Merry Clayton etc, and the dastardly Mr Spector.
  7. chas

    Nancy Wilson R I P

    R.I.P Nancy Wilson, plenty of tributes no doubt this weekend in the social clubs, lots of tunes to choose from.
  8. chas

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Not sure if i mentioned this previously, but as the full documentary is on YouTube it's worth another shot. A bent cop at the height of the New York crack explosion, unfolds like a Hollywood script, but it's better than most blockbusters.
  9. chas

    Dave Box RIP

    Terribly sad news that, one of the experts for sure. Some great conversations with Dave, he'd just drop facts into the chat effortlessly with great re call, last saw him at Pete Hollander's all nighter. Memories of his sets at the now sadly defunct Wilton ballroom, fantastic times..the best times.
  10. chas

    Prisoner Soul

    Imagine what a good production could've done!
  11. chas

    Prisoner Soul

    Always liked this 45 from the slammer, a little messy, mustn't have been any producers doing time when they cut this. A killer.. maybe more than one, oops!
  12. Phil T has just described the Valentines 'breakaway' as 'immaculate in every respect', that says it all. That's up there with the description of the Sharpees 'tired of being lonely'.. 'the real deal' and the Mayfield singers 'the weather's always the same'.. 'some records are too good to play, this is one of them' well said Mr T.. Simply lovleh!
  13. chas

    Sad News Grant Rankin

    What a shocker!, Haven't seen him since the Sunday afternoon sessions upstairs on Brazenose St Mcr finished.Hope he didn't suffer too much, brings it home does that.
  14. chas

    Knee injury from dancing

    My consultant won't replace my knee unless I finish work, he says I'll just wreck it. I had a micro fracture procedure and it's been quite manageable since. You can use ibuprofen and paracetamol, they work well together and you can take them over long periods.
  15. Not heard Simon Barbee before, same as Louis Curry 'a toast to you'.. living and learning.


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