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  1. Looking good in that pic, always made me laugh, funny bloke. Sad indeed.
  2. I still use them, play them all the time in the house, and via minidisc Walkman in the car. A great format, really versatile. I think the players are still in production in the states by a company called Tascam, lots of radio stations still use the format.
  3. I seem to remember this as a duet with Jackie on an album of the same name on a small label called 'see for miles' (a subsidiary of 'Charley' records perhaps?) I think you can hear the man on here, so did John Mercer at the Wilton ballroom when he emerged from the gents and said 'what's this Jackie Wilson track'?
  4. World War Speed: The Drugs that Won WWII: via @bbciplayer Good documentary on the what the German army really marched on.
  5. Purchased from Afflecks Palace around 1989,a beautiful tortoise shell pair with a slightly more tapered toe. I found out years later that they were sample pairs that never went into production, still wear them, although not too often for obvious reasons. White spirit on the stitching every now and then keeps them looking good. Been asked about them several times when I've had them on.
  6. Oops! Sausage fingers!.. as i was saying, looking for a good quality upload.
  7. Posted this on the last 'prison thread'.. Still looking for a good quality upload, anyone?
  8. Killer album track, out and out floorfiller yet so underplayed.
  9. A notification from just after the war providing a chance to rejuvenate this thread. David Porter keeping it on the dark side.
  10. chas

    Ranking Roger

    Jonathan Ross never had him guesting on his show did he? Can't think why..
  11. Terribly sad that, one of the friendliest blokes, always smiling.
  12. This sought after track from Sam, album or 45,it matters not when they're this good. Also briefly a killer version of 'a new day begins' by the changing times which has to be heard to be believed!. Strangely going back to Mr Manship after very limited exposure. Mmm.
  13. Always think of this whenever i see or hear Dan Folger, they go together so well. I was enthusing about it to a friend some years ago and the day after he walked on to a car boot sale and found the album!
  14. Like they used to say about Kent albums, 'hardly a month goes by without a Kent release', same applies to the artist obituaries.
  15. Shot down? Not with something as good as that, that's a keeper. As long as there's folk around who recognise perfection when they hear it, it always will be. If value was based on how they sounded none of us would be able to afford that.

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