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Al Kent - Disco Love Vol 4 - More More More Disco & Soul Uncovered

Al Kent - Disco Love Vol 4 - More More More Disco & Soul Uncovered magazine cover

The fourth in this now 'watch out' series of comps from BBE Records. Out last month in both double cd and vinyl (2x 12) formats ( download available as well) and so far the reviews seen are saying good things.

The track listing below should inform, the juno player embeded gives good auto 2 min  previews and the BBE web info page again has full length samples to listen to


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Link to BBE website for full length samples



Track Lists

Double Cd

Side 1
  1. Equal Love Opportunity (Feat. Lee Edwards) (Al Kent Re-edit) - Clear
  2. If It Feels This Good - Barbara Jean English
  3. Things Got to Get Better - Genobia Jeter
  4. I'd Rather Leave On My Feet - Emanuel Laskey
  5. I Wanna Give You Everything (Al Kent Re-edit) - Hazel Rambaransingh
  6. Love Is Gone (Al Kent Re-edit) - Mary Mundy
  7. Looking Over My Shoulder - Marva Hicks
  8. Right On - Old (M) Pressions
  9. I Found Love - Lee Edwards
  10. Call Me - Symbol 8
  11. Let Me Hold You (Al Kent Re-edit) - Joe Casey and Fresh Heir
  12. Keep On Loving You (Al Kent Re-edit) - Perfect Touch
  13. Prophecy - Betty Everett
  14. Running Away from Love (Al Kent Re-edit) - Skip Mahoaney & The Casuals
  15. A Song for You - Fresh Fruit

Side 2
Disco Love 4 (Al Kent's Continuous DJ Mix)

Vinyl tracks

Side 1
1.    Clear - "Equal Love Opportunity" (feat Lee Edwards - Al Kent re-edit) (4:17)
2.    Barbara Jean English - "If It Feels This Good" (3:49)
3.    Genobia Jeter - "Things Got To Get Better" (4:54)
4.    Emanuel Laskey - "I'd Rather Leave On My Feet" (full lenght disco version) (5:43)

Side 2
1.    Hazel Rambaransingh - "I Wanna Give You Everything" (Al Kent re-edit) (7:18)
2.    Mary Mundy - "Love Is Gone" (Al Kent re-edit) (6:43)
3.    Marva Hicks - "Looking Over My Shoulder" (3:38)
4.    Old (M) Pressions - "Right On" (2:15)

Side 3
1.    Lee Edwards - "I Found Love" (2:49)
2.    Symbol 8 - "Call Me" (3:02)
3.    Joe Casey & Fresh Heir - "Let Me Hold You" (Al Kent re-edit) (6:57)
4.    Perfect Touch - "Keep On Loving You" (Al Kent re-edit) (7:40)

Side 4
1.    Betty Everett - "Prophesy" (3:13)
2.    Skip Mahoaney & The Casuals - "Running Away From Love" (Al Kent re-edit) (9:54)
3.    Fresh Fruit - "A Song For You" (4:06)


BBE Blurb

Scotland’s foremost (possibly only) disco obsessive returns with a fourth volume in the critically acclaimed Disco Love series. Previous volumes had critics saying things like “Some of it is risqué, cheesy and (may I say) sexy. Great stuff for us disco-geeks” and “A real gem for the disco connoisseurs” and “This will enhance any deep disco collection” and “the ever-reliable Glaswegian crate digger unearths even more dusty gems” and “Just when you think that Al Kent guy is not going to get you again, he assembles a third Disco Love that is more stimulating than the first two volumes” and, less excitingly, “The mastering and sound quality is great”.

So, just when you think that Al Kent guy isn’t going to get you again, here he is - with fifteen more obscure disco tracks (or at the very least soul records you could dance to), most of which were pressed in limited quantities before sinking without trace, including five very special edited and extended versions and a DJ mixed second CD


More info via

Disco Love Vol 4: More More More Disco & Soul Uncovered 




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Sadly a few of the artists on here have not been contacted about copy right. The sleeve notes say something about, 'have made great attempts to contact artists' etc, really, in just three clicks on the interweb you can find several of the artists above they have put out tracks for and didn't bother to track down. It's not just about putting out nice mixes of tracks. Ace/Kent, Numero and others seem able to do it, so why can;'t these guys. In fact the other aforementioned don't put tracks out unless they have tied all the legal side up first

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