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Darrell Banks - It's Not Fair To Me - Cannonball Records 45

Darrell Banks - It's Not Fair To Me - Cannonball Records 45 magazine cover

Word about an upcoming 45 release from Cannonball Records

Previously unissued from Darrell Banks
'It's Not Fair To Me'
The Lost Atlantic Recording Sessions New York 12/26/1967 

Acetate Studio Demo Restored/Remastered + 2020 Version + Instrumental
3 tracks 7”/45rpm - Core Black Vinyl - Picture Sleeve
Out End of July 2020


Although we are beyond 40 releases across the 3 labels, here we are at the milestone of #30 on our main outfit Cannonball Records. We just wanted to celebrate it with one special release. The cooperation between our label and Detroit’s finest Peoples Records dates back to our #004 Big Lee Dowell. The slow ballad on acetate that later became the record many of you know as “What I Done Wrong” in fact was among the tens of listenings me and Brad had on a sleepless winter night of 5 years ago in Detroit. We have been doing projects together ever since. Now it’s the case of this beautiful previously unissued recording that was part of a session Mr. Banks did on Boxing Day of 1967 at the legendary Atlantic Studios in New York. In particular 2 of the songs recorded on that day went lost for decades. Here we present one of them, trying to give it the deserved justice. No one know how the acetate made it there, but it was found and phisically restored by Brad in Detroit and being such an important find for the world of Soul we eventually managed to track down and inform Darrell’s’ sister Lois, who rounded up what remains of the family and gave us the green light to the project. We are testing the beta version of this new little software that does wonders when it comes to isolate vocals and, given the bouncing nature of the original song, we just thought a humble groovy alternate version would have been just perfect for the flipside.


So we did. Being the man a treasured icon of the Northern Soul scene there’s plenty of bibliography out there that tells about this incredible Artist, who was moody and quick tempered although an overall mighty entertainer, so there’s no point in resuming here once again his life and career background. We are all going through difficult times and many of the historical racial issues that dominated the world at the times of Darrell Banks are not yet solved. In these sad sad times for the human race we are just proud to release a previously unissued song from yet another black man shot to death by a cop in the streets of Detroit on a spring day of 1970. Black Lives Matter. Always did and always will. #blacklivesmatter

CBLL30 Darrell Banks "It's Not Fair To Me"

3 tracks 7" / 45rpm
Out End of July 2020




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Received mine two days ago, version is very impressive but the woman who sits next to me in the car prefers the other side and I’m not foolish enough to disagree, we were listening to early chuck Jackson and the marathons at the time so that may have influenced us

Delighted with the record though, had to break my promise (alledged) to stop buying after a very small lotto win.....


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