Gerald McCauley - Timmion Records New 45

Gerald McCauley - Timmion Records New 45 magazine cover

Word on a new upcoming 45 from Timmion records


Album: Wondering [SINGLE]
Track: 1 of 2
Title: Wondering
Artist: Gerald McCauley (feat. Cold Diamond & Mink)
Label: Timmion
Cat#: TR726
Formats: 7" Vinyl/Digital
Digital Release: 15th March 2019
Physical Release: 22nd March 2019

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Blurb from Timmion Records

About This Release:

Sometimes in soul music history it has seemed that record producers couldn't get enough of a certain backing track, churning out singles after another, chasing for a hit that never came. The latter doesn't really apply to Pratt & Moody's "Lost Lost Lost", which just recently broke 1 million Youtube plays. While stacking up fame in the lowrider soul scene, this beat ballad also caught the ear of the West Coast record collector and dj Mike Noriega, who decided to write fresh lyrics to accompany its instrumental.

"Wondering" that came as a result was brought to life by the singer and industry insider Gerald McCauley, who turned his soul inside out for the performance. In the past McCauley has worked as a musician, A&R man for example in a project involving George Benson and Al Jarreau and even produced a book and documentary on the history of the Fender Rhodes electric piano. Here he slips comfortably into the Cold Diamond & Mink groove, squeezing every drop of heartache on tape.
This version continues the story of "Lost Lost Lost" so gracefully that one can only wonder, if there are more to come. Who will be the next poor soul to sink into this deceivingly blissful bed of roses, filled with piano, drums and slide guitar?


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From the smoother side......from his CD which must be nearly 20 years old now.  A big fave this track with Chante Moore! 👍



Mark R

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