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Hideaway Club Manchester Lookback 30 Oct 04

Hideaway Club Manchester Lookback 30 Oct 04 cover

Car still dead thanks to the usual yorkshire curse coming into play at lifeline last week, so this weekend was looking grim till was saved by a phone call from Steve offering a lift to the Hideaway up in Manchester.

Never been before so yeah why not. Full car set off, dodgy internet maps and fact Picadilly station has 6 fronts led to a bit of a walk from carpark but got there in end. Nites are upstairs in a smart pub and soon as walked in could tell were in for a good nght by feel of place. Place well busy. Good to see Pete Coulson straight away who havent seen for a long time and also bumped into Miss Popcorn who knew but not by her online alais. The Very Best in Club Sixties Club Sounds and New Breed RnB is how it was billed on a old flyer and thats what got with emphasis on the RnB. Have read/heard a right old bag of spanners about RnB in past, as seems with a lot of soul related subjects/terms, just cause some people havent a clue what some terms mean it doesnt stop them making their own defintion up and shouting it. Have heard all sorts refereed to as RnB on travels, espically amongst oldies freaks, if dont know it or not catchy uptempo -it must be RnB, and then usually follows a triade of nonsense quotes that just dont make sense.

Well next time someone wants to try give me earache like that I will grab their left ear and drag em straight to next Hideaway, so can actually hear what is a night with a "strong" RnB flavour. Anyway forget the rant, Yep it was a very good nite, when you get djs who know how to dish RnB/soul the right way its as good as it gets, eveything worked and matched well, even version of "enjoy yourself" fitted in with nite. Crowd wise, as said great feel, could tell that was crowd well into enjoying their music and that "into the music" feel gave nite a great buzz.

Vinyl wise a lot on offer and lot of stuff that dont usually see , again ... there was that "into the music" feel. Djs line up, apoligies if missed anyone (think I have) think all 3 residents were on, with guest DJ being Hoss with Neil Henderson, Mike Warburton, Paul Welsby , think was a case of 2 sets each, with a special Dave Godin Tribute 3 at end.

Scrounged a couple of 5 interesting plays from Hoss and Paul

Hoss 5 Interesting Plays:

Cora Woods - Flying Home to you baby

Oliver Joy - Keep Love Growing

Jimmy Ricks - Take a Trip

Connectors - Whole Lotta Woman

K D Emerson - Every Woman I know (being a Hoss "top cheapie get it whileyou can type tip"

Says all went down well with floor

Paul W 5 Interesting Plays

Joe Baatan - Special Girl - Fania - (see later note)

The Drifters - If you Dont Come Back - Atlantic

Sam Cook - Thats It I Quit Im Moving On -UK RCA

Donnie Elbert -Wild Child - Deluxe

Ronnie Hawkings - southern Love - Roulette

lots of other highlights thru nite, four winds, both gladys ts, to name three and have to say it was one of them nites where head was full of must remember that one and then, need that name embeded, what was other one called again

Two records knocked me out and both could be said completely different one a latin flavoured great 60s fest and other a 50s top 20 rnb hit first up - one been banging meself out and was first time have heard it out elsewhere (even though been told its an old mod fav) sounded great and had great reaction

depending on browser may be able to stream from this page

for info and other streaming option hit the link



play it loud

 second up was the second last record was being played (this one) sounded great for first minute and a half but then out of nowhere this break come in, which thanks to the sound system sounded awesome ...



play this even louder

two not rare, not typical, not traditional, but who cares, i certainly enjoyed them and that was that, was a great nite, music wise most refreshing, as said whole nite had a "into the music" feel , and any nite which has me overloaded with "must remembers" is a good one in my book

Thanks to all involved for a great nite, And thanks of course to s+l for lift

Next one sat 27 nov - Guests Damian hewitt - Lee Davies

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