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Rare Soul Volume 3 by Emandolynn Music - Digital Album release

Rare Soul | Volume 3 by Emandolynn Music - Digital Album release

Emandolynn Music presents Rare Soul Volume 3 featuring unreleased, and rare soul music from the catalog of Philadelphia based songwriter/producer Manny Campbell and his production company Emandolynn Music. Volume 3 features rare/unreleased music from Carolynn Porter, Sharisma and The Delights

Carolynn Porter. Philly’s own Carolynn Porter, a popular session singer and performer. She recorded several singles and demos for Manny Campbell’s imprint Monica Records (named after Mr. Campbell’s daughter Monica). Only two singles were formally released via 45 promo copies (You’re The Reason My Heart Beats/ Away With You - 1969).

All music was recorded at famous Sigma Sounds Studios in Philadelphia. Arrangements by Roy Lee Johnson and background vocals and music from The Trammps.

Sharisma was a group out of Wilmington, Delaware that worked with Emandolynn music from 1969-1970. After meeting at a show, they traveled to Philadelphia to record with Manny Campbell (Soulville Productions) in hopes of completing a album. Before they could complete album recorded at Sigma Sounds studios, the group disbanded due to lead singers being drafted in military and returning to Vietnam War.

The Delights consisted of four male singers. With two of them being Manny Campbell's cousins, brothers Keith Toppie' (the eldest) and Ellis Hill, their cousin Jaime Hill plus a teenage friend of theirs. The lead singer was a girl called Peaches, all aged between 16 and 17 years old and all coming from Chester, PA. They had all previously been employed as individual backing singers on early recording sessions for the like's of the O'Jay's , Delfonic's and Stylistic's. With a family connection to Manny Campbell it was inevitable that they would feature on some of his production sessions, with the Nuron's All Of My Life/I'm A Loser' being one of them.

Manny gathered them together to form a vocal group of their own under the group name of 'The Delights'. Under his tutelage they recorded the delightful crossover soul dance track Listen To Me Girl' during the months of July and August of 1968. Sadly their only completed recording being young and somewhat unruly they never completed the project's Manny had in mind for them. Listen To Me Girl' was composed by Manny and Charles J. Bowen a fellow Philadelphian, musician and composer, Charles's writing credits can be found on many of Manny's other productions. During the mid 1970's The Delights did go on to record two excellent 45's for the Phil-L.A Of Soul Label. 

Track Listing

1. Carolynn Porter - You're The Reason My Heart Beats 02:38

2. Carolynn Porter - Away With You 02:53

3. Carolynn Porter - Away With You (Original Demo) 04:13

4. Carolynn Porter - I Want You 03:17

5. Carolynn Porter - Which Way Is It To Utopia 02:56

6. Sharisma - My Son Trouble Trouble 03:14

7. Sharisma - My Son Trouble Trouble (Instrumental) 03:14

8. Sharisma - Something Wonderful 02:03

9. Sharisma - Love Is The Way 03:13

10 The Delights - But Now We're Sure 03:37

11. The Delights - But Now We're Sure (Instrumental) 03:37

12. The Delights - Listen To Me Girl 02:53

Released August 25, 2022.






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