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Dmsc - Rare Soul Violence 23 Aug 03 look back and news


Just my view on last nite, its written for Drunken Monkey Soul Club members like, so its bit lengthy as also a fair few things like info and news that like to pass on to members.

Dmsc - Rare Soul Violence 23 Aug 03

Just my view on last nite, its written for Drunken Monkey Soul Club members like, so its bit lengthy as also a fair few things like info and news that like to pass on to members.

Well what was this one like? Initial feedback have had goes like below Best time since Prestatyn weekender, pure magic, place was bouncing, I love this place, we need a ****** , no where else, is this the wedding reception?

As involved with dmsc organising all I can say is on above ....too right, totally agree! Reason is, we do dmsc for pure enjoyment, we enjoy listening to quality rare soul and having a good crack, last nite certainly had that. Still buzzing on the nite now, certainly one if not the best one in my view. Fair few going ons before this event, and heard that was a few rumours going round, as always we say if any member wants to know what the score is , just ask one of the team.

Theres a bit at end about happenings with venue. The Actual Nite A nite of all sorts, starting off with me forgetting allsorts, and then shock of turning up with Stevie T and Johnny being there early, chilling with lager. Dave and Eddie were on ball with sound system, those who remember the last one will understand why they didnt wire it into the hotels inbuilt sound system this time, phase "blew the roof off" fits last time Sue was under pressure to perform on the desk, with vital parts of the DMSC team missing, Julie and Dave were both awol. But got thru it, though not much cross stitching. The hotel seemed to have had another complete change of staff, so was odd prob or two early on, but soon sorted. Draw the curtains, move tables, get Johnny to kick off with the "its 8pm so have some of this" spot. Pint of lager please.....And we were back in swing of it Right scene set, thats enough of logical format, will now go all over the place, stuff as it pops up.

Main Room Nite Of Rare Soul Violence?

Well we were not talking about going thru the motions to memories , we were talking about getting assaulted by hard-core quality rare soul, aim that post-monkey feeling off just having your head kicked in by the event, we were after when you left, your head and body knew you been to monkey. With a DJ line completely made up of regular Monkey punters, Mick H, Robbo, Chic, Steve T, Johnny J, these dmsc members knew just what the score was, and fellow members knew it was going to be good. Reckon going by the look of members at the end of nite we achieved our aim. Lull before the storm at first, bit quiet early on, floor getting used, Johnny J did a great opening set, setting things up nicely for the mayhem. Chic from Shrewsbury was down for the 9 -10 "rare soul hero " set and while still filling up at start, the stuff he threw out was hitting them as soon as walked thru door and by the end of his spot, he had the place revved up and that monkey "feel" was building up...... Steve 00 Thomas was up next, we managed to drag him away from causing mayhem at north west venues, sack the organizing, just work that turntable, he picked up the that monkey "feel", and away he went, the "feel" was still building up and up, Throw in a quick soundbite from steve t "did you hear the clapping? played "the game is over" looked down on the floor about 80 to 100 dancing but theyre all looking up at the stage and singing ......magic moment!!" kicking now but still building up , now turn of Robbo carrying on with the quality, place was red hot by now the soul just kept coming, a few had to take time outside, still it went on , midnite and now Mick H was up, no remorse, with Mick H unleasing all sorts of damage, last time on caused a storm, this time talking hurricanes, such was buzz went 15 mins over. DMSC team as in meself this time did the normal "monkey till you drop", bit of a short one just popular up for it dmsc stuff, old days of stretching finish out by a hour seem to be over as manager was up on the dot at 1 30, and the plea of come on just one more didnt cut no ice. So bit of a sudden stop saw the end of the nite. DJs : Thanks to all djs, as said one of the good things about last and also other nites is that all the djs are just plain old regular members of the dmsc, they have in past queued , put their money on table and had good crack. And afterwards as always was great to hear that they seemed to enjoy it just as much as the crowd, if not more!

Some plays, bit light on details as all over the place most of nite, awaiting some stuff thrown up/sent in later, learnt not to trust my memory - as takes less time and less mistakes -(Shirley - need your help and notes here girl!)

Johnny 8-9 up soonest

Chic 9-10 work in progress to get plays

Steve 00 Thomas

10-11 john lee hooker-send me your pillow-stateside, sonny till= hey little woman-cp, parsians=twinkle little star-demon hot, rick sheperd- can we share it -columbia, sound masters-lonely lonely-juliet brown sugar- the game is over-capitol

Robbo 11-12 work in progress to get plays

Mick H 12-0115

Will email them in, can read 100 club playlist if need idea.

He had just stepped off the plane from holiday hours before turning up! Lot of laughs with Mick, espically the fact that cause of names similarity, people have been asking me if just bought Cheatin Kind. :) Rumours that I answered yes, had a quick shave and been accepting bookings and appearing as him are totally false! His last play (details sadly totally gone) had the unique effect on Sue , up from behind the table demanding info on just what it was. That doesnt happen often, all can recall as a bit hazy, even though did shout it when saying the thanks, it was a one-off, by male artist and was a "stop you in your tracks"sound. "

Monkey till you drop" finish No suprises just 15/20 mins of popular all dmsc events good time plays from meself - usual hughes rubbish so easy to recall, no suprises no pretence no thought stuff, isonics, llandudno outlaws, 3 lonely monkeys,smallest monkey alive, im monkeying home, jr monkey, choke that monkey ex-san remo strings cover, b j thomas - keep it monkey, aint that monkey enough and ......


Come 11 place was well packed, all members seemed well up for it, as always loads of dmsc regs there, plus as always the mix of crowd knocks us out Wide age range, all styles, soul fans inc collectors, djs, promoter types, all era room exiles, and so on. But all in tune with that same thirst for quality soul and enjoying themselves. Someone commented about suprised it being a 50/50 mix sex wise, thought was on about all sorts, but turned out was on about gender, never noticed really but cause was suprised thought I mention it. Online members - as always good to meet up with members behind the emails , Kim and his gang from Northamptonshire which believe is somewhere in leicester, Dave from Blackpool, who was on a night mission throughout this part of uk, wont say any more till checked how public his actual mission is:) And with a bit of a drive to get all new members emails, and mobiles think can say theres a fair bunch of us online dmsc types. Many characters deserve a mention, many travellers, many muckers, many laughs, but have to pass as to mention them all, well as getting to stage where all crowd knows all, it will just take too long Rest assured all usual DMSC rogues were well out in force, north wales types, midlands, north west, yorkshire, south of brum, Scotland (kit the exile) Good to see our famous regulars were there, :) This couple have only missed one event, (were on lookout for 100%s members got a few ideas but let us know if done them all) and as live somewhere near leicester (well st ives actually), gotta say we are impressed. Hope enjoyed the vip treatment Was good to see early bird award winners Colin and Shirley all way from Halifax there, almost knocking on the door, famous for well respected Yorkshire Riders, were full of plans to keep that quality soul flag flying over there in that land of industrial estates and crap road signs.
Get a mention as last time in north wales they had to suffer a 730 am tour of the Great Orme , we thought had lost them for good.

Special mention gotta go out to a bunch from Telford way, well we knew they were hardcore dmsc, but didnt realise just how hard. Remember those small monkeys used to hang from stage, well they didnt last long, but seems that one of these monkeys has had time of his life. These Telford girls, laid claim to him, seems this blue monkey now has a life of his own, rigged out clothes wise, now wherever they go, he goes with them, seems hes living the life. Even got his own suitcase been on holiday and all sorts. After hearing that it wasnt just Roger Banks, or those kids on that estate causing havoc with those monkey flyer masks, seems Telford was subject to a nite of monkey havoc as well, was laughing, had 5 of them telling it at same time, been promised pics of this renegrade blue monkey on his travels, looking forward to that and will push up. Greets to all else talked to, know missed a few out wanted to catch up with, but organising things got in way of stuff,

Vinyl wise

a fair few individual sales boxes, no major dealers taking advantage of that free entry though, just say if wanna flog a lot of stuff, pick up new regulars, see a few fresh boxes/content, ask likes of Dave Rimmer Roger Banks and more, how they got on flogging at the monkey Anyone grabbed any good buys? didnt look much meself as too busy trying to offload but been told was some tasty stuff available, with a distinct lack of rubbish

 Flyers and odds

Lot of laughs at some of comments of first bunch of flyers, time was tight so pushed out loads with just pic of smashed monkey and date. Got some great feedback on remarks from non-dmsc types passed on from the dmsc flyer people. (thanks for help) No prize winners for the next version we pushed out, was beer on offer if got info right to me last nite, next one be out soon Thanks to all who helped spread the word, as always if want help spread word with flyer hand out, get in touch, hopefully we will get em out well in time.for next one.

While on flyers Kev S turned up with handfull of flyers for todays event at Zanzibars , with usual guess the artist, easy one this time, must be as I got it straight away Phone on door appears to have been out of order, though other numbers should have been ok. endnote Well there you go, just the way I saw nite, all feedback have had on nite and after, so far seems to go with above. On behalf of all involved with setting nite up, just like to say many thanks to all for turning up and while know a few couldnt make it, have to say thanks for all the support we get off all members. end of day its your monkey cause you are the monkey

See you in November or sooner! non-members wanna know more just ask a member or email us at dmsc@soul-source.net 

 Drunken Monkey Soul club Members News

Few things and info just like to pass on as said in review thanks go to all our members for last nite, it was a good one! Members All members should have got email newsletter and sms info. Say "should " as had a few probs with data, plus many have updated phones, changed emails etc. If not get in touch and will add. Merchandise: Had a few qs if us chancers are going into the "togetherness" buisness. Seems that monkey related clothing is popping up here and there. Well ...just a straight forward "No its nought to do with us". Cause of our name it seems that can get "monkey" related stuff all over the place, Seen some well smart t-shirts, tops and such, and all have been unique monkey stylish designs as you would expect:) Right laugh as many been trying to get the most odd, unusual or unique design No danger of us branching out to the merchandise side. Doubt if we could do it cheaper for members than all the shops sell it, at so no need. Photos Ann and Trev should be passing on some snaps from nite soonest. Plus have had offer of others. If got any snaps wanna share, pass them on either via email or mail

Other dmsc events coming up -full details when avail at www.soul-source.co.uk

DMSC Bangor Soul At The Social - First Friday of month 05 Sep all styles good time northern nite Guests Ritchie Andrew, Gerry Hogan, Dave EE, regs Johnny J and Mike H

DMSC Llandudno Soul Nite - returns in Sep - details asp

Other events : Eddie and Dave asked to pass on details of their All Era event in September , sounds a good one, but have to wait for full details once dig out flyers!

Zanzibars tonite - all details on event guide and reads like the place to be for bank holiday sunday

Future Unfortunately had a few kicks recently with some of our "in progress" planning, we are now sussing out various stuff, The Springfield is our permanent venue, the next one here will be along the same format as previous. But as always watch this space...

The next Sat 08 Nov -The Monkey - DMSC at Springfield (date changed from fri 07) i

ts monkey again with top djs, top sounds, top people Details almost 100% Flyers - any members who like to pass on flyers give us a shout, Clashes Few asked why after all our usual carefull planning, did we clash with a event close by. The answer gave was "**** knows", first knew about it when it popped up on event guide on soul source site, shame they couldnt take time to get in touch while posting it. Our date was annouced 8 months ago, if they had got in touch we could have worked together, transport afterwards etc. But they didnt. All a bit disapointing

Accomodation/help/lifts If anyone wants to have extended monkey, can book at hotel or if need by we can help out with details of cheap guestys, free couches, after-event going ons and so on, and suss out lifts Lifts - same again, if having probs getting to monkey, may be able to help. Either with lifts from other members or suss out the famous dmsc minibus service Going Ons - Event was a fairly landmark one, after the May Bank Holiday event, which reckon was one of the best, on a high, we then suffered from a late short notice cancellation by the hotel of our June Event, and then also this Aug bank holiday event was under threat as well. Will just say that our planning was on the ball and not the problem.

As also had just passed the one year mark, team did do a fair bit of thinking, events being cancelled at short notice wasnt welcome and plans, options, ideas were thought about, think due to this and as always asking what members think , we did hear later off several rumours going around. Bound to happen, with the organisers living in a area stretching 150 miles along North Wales Coast and North West, members uk wide, and as theres always plans/ideas going on to make the DMSC even better sometimes stuff does the rounds. All we say everytime to every rumour, story, info....... Wanna know the score ? Whole dmsc is wide open, just ask. Ok so in end managed to sort out hotel whats going on and retirieve our orignal booking, (but lost the 2nd room for this). We did have plans to enhance this event, "the summer of monkey love" ring any bells? But to be honest with all other events going on, after looking at it harder didnt seem viable.

Anyway thats what was occuring, all future plans are firm . If heard any rumour of moving, quitting, last one, ... look at them serious for 5 secs, then just smile Annivesary (as was asked about) - 12 months of monkey passed by in june and to mark this grand occasion we decided to celebrate the event by not having one, it seemed to make sense Drink Promotion : Well it was good while it lasted, apparently as the management told us, there is a crackdown on "encouraging binge" drinking, stuff like happy hours and so on can have a effect on the licence. Not a lot we can do bout it, so all can say is that was the last 2 for 1. Website Stuff- Plans to improve dmsc web site for members, along with new features time availbility is the kicker. Suggestions welcome

Thats All

As always welcome any feedback, requests, suggestions, and so on. Email us at  till the next one...

dmsc team - all feeling slightly rough

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