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Melvin Davis In Vogue Magazine Feature

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Melvin Davis In Vogue Magazine Feature magazine cover

A great article and some interesting footage as part of the Shinola project on the link to Vogue on line below !

“Detroit’s full of characters,” says photographer Bruce Weber, who, eight years ago, corralled a sampling of the city’s talented eccentrics for a major photo portfolio for W magazine titled, "Welcome to Motor City." Now he’s shot and filmed an entirely new batch of wonderfully singular personalities from the city for Shinola, the growing watch and leather goods company aiming to revitalize manufacturing in Detroit.




polyvelts Feb 19 2014 09:05 PM

Love Mr Weber ! Great films ! Go Detroit !!

Alison H Feb 19 2014 10:30 PM

I love all things Detroit !!! Superb videos & a good read! I miss Detroit soooo much & it's my aim to go back & say "how ya doing?" one day 🐵 x

Rodney LeePeace Feb 20 2014 12:35 PM

Though I've been to the states I couldn't make it to detroit(not for want of trying)but Detroit is in my heart and soul,since I was a kid detroit music has been with me wether it was rock,jazz or soul.and that's why it's tattoo'd on my arm…forever Detroit

wilxy Feb 20 2014 03:43 PM

Motown.....D-Town.....Musically..... "My Town"......Respect.

phild Feb 20 2014 09:20 PM

I'm off back to Detroit this summer. Can't wait.

ady croasdell Feb 20 2014 11:29 PM

And they couldn't get a better ambassador than Melvin

Alison H Feb 21 2014 10:23 PM

That's really cool Rodney!! If I had a tattoo (can never see it though as they wouldn't look right on me) I would have Pure Detroit. PD is shop in Detroit selling purely Detroit made products where all the money goes back to the City. I loved the shop, and bought loads, and the name is simply beautiful

Alison H Feb 21 2014 10:23 PM

Do you need a case carrier Phil ???!!!! :D


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