Nigel Shaw Charity Alldayer -A Lookback and Thanks by Sean Chapman Nov 24 2007



Over 8 months ago in conversation with Dave"Soulful Kinda" Rimmer he mentioned about doing another All Dayer that the late Nigel Shaw had organised at Weston Super Mare's Great Atlantic Hotel in May 2006 which turned out to be a roaring success and Nigel was so proud of this event. This was to be the last event Nigel organised as shortly after, Nige passed away. I quickly got hold off Shawies soul mate Nigel Brown and we decided to hold a charity All Dayer with all proceeds to be donated to The Air Ambulance. While mentioning this to Nigel I was in the company of Paul BIG EARS Gould who kindly along with the Burton Connoisseurs Committee decided to hire the The Belvedere Club in Burton and all equipment along with their DJs and sound engineers totally free of charge. I also contacted all the other DJs who had spun a few records at the previous All Dayer and all kindly agreed to give their services FREE. I also checked with Linda Shaw and the family to let them know what we were doing and of course to get their approval.

Finally after many months the day arrived. Sat 24 Nov, the day started at 4 and went onto 1am. As in the previous All Dayer the DJs were given free range to play what they wanted too, and not to be dictated by the floor, again the sounds were fantastic, later on in the evening still keeping a eye on quality but also getting the floor moving and this was delivered with aplomb by every DJ in the Main Room, meanwhile upstairs in Room 2 for their sterling efforts, the local Burton DJ's spun a typical "76 Club" sound - well done.


It was also fitting to have one of the Air Ambulance members in attendance. The only expense we had was £100 for the flyers, everything else via all the Radio Stations, Soul Source and manifesto was donated. Kathy Lister also ran a raffle and to say the The Girl Done Good is an understatement, on the Day £812 was raised alone and I thought it was rather fitting that Linda Shaw won the Prestatyn weekender prize and sure Shawy had a hand in that one. Just over 300 paying customers came through the door and in total including the Raffle, a FANTASTIC Sum of £2,272 has been raised. To say I am speechless does not happen very often. I take this opportunity in thanking everybody who was involved with this tremendous event. It just goes to show what a great bunch of individuals we have on this soul scene when we get together, so once again THANK YOU!! Linda Shaw and family would also like thank you from the bottom of their hearts for keeping Nigel Shaw in your hearts and minds.

Finally a massive thanks to Paul and Yvonne Gould for all their time, effort and help. Paul has badgered, harassed and cajoled and I suspect been a right "pain in the arse" in getting the word out on the streets so I cannot thank him enough.

I cannot express my sincere gratitude enough to all those who have helped:

Nigel Brown

Paul & Yvonne Gould

Kathy Lister - Raffle Organiser

Management and Staff at Burton Belvedere Club

KJS Systems (Sound Engineers)

Jim Bridges (Co Founder and Promoter of Burton Phonix Connoisseurs Club

Jason Hunt Co Founder/Promoter/Resident DJ Burton Phoenix Connoisseurs Club

Hayden Gould

Angela "Glamorous" Lawrence - who kept Kathy Lister in Vodka all night.

Tony Devitt

Stuart Banham

Mary Fox - Radio Stoke

Richard Searling - Smooth FM

Kev Roberts - Smooth Radio 106.6

Mark Bicknell - Soul Shack - Starpoint

Right Track Soul Radio

GTFM Radio 107.9

Manifesto - 7 month's Free Advertising.

Mike @ SOUL SOURCE - Free Banner - Advertising

Burton Daily Mail

Linda Shaw

Burton Advertiser

Coopers Square shopping centre

Claire Richards

Kev Corner


Pete Lyster

Andy McCabe

Rob Kay

Nick Hackett

Dave Rimmer

Dave Rivers

Neil Rushton

Sam Evans

Paul Gould

Nigel Brown

Sean Chapman

Kev Collier

Jason Hunt

Mark "Edge" Dancer

Mark Johnson


The Midnight Hour Team - 2 Free Weekender Club Passes for 4 for Mar & Oct 2008 Weekender's. - John Poole

Soultime Promotions - 2 Free All Nighter Passes - 29 Dec plus 1 Free years Pass (2 people) - for all 2008 All Nighters (7 events). - Andy McCabe

Bridgewater Soul Club - 2 Free Soul Night Passes for all 2008 events. - Pete Lyster

Talk Of The South Soul Club - 2 Free Night Passes for all 2008 events. - Sean Chapman

Willington Soul Club - 2 Free Passes Mini All Nighter - 27 Dec 2007. - Rob Kay

Free Tickets for CIS, NCS - Fab Peps,.- Chris Waterman

Soulvation Tickets - Ronnie Walker - Neil Rushton

Rose Battiste signed photo Modern Soul complete set of CDs and Southport T shirt - Neil Rushton

Nige Shaw shirt - Linda Shaw.


Champagne and Chocs, Sherry and Chocs, Whisky and liqueurs, Beer Tasting kit, Keep the faith set cuff links. Basket of West Country ciders, 2 Pamper sets in baskets, Northern soul CDs in stand (signed Ginger Taylor). NS Top 500 book. 2 T shirts. Rick Stein Basket of goodies, J.Oliver DVD and wine. Socks and soaps. Port and whisky miniatures, mulled wine set. CD's Plus CDs books and videos for sale and soul magazines.


Photos were posted by Nigel B in the forum thread

Can view more and pass on views by reading the forum lookback thread here


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