Northern Soul Connections #13 - Sherry & Inverts Neighbourhood

Northern Soul Connections #13 - Sherry & Inverts Neighbourhood magazine cover

Northern Soul Connections #13 - The  Sherry & Inverts Neighbourhood

After a bit of a break we have the latest in Northern Soul Connections series, it's #13 and this time around its a look at  Sherry and the Inverts and their 'neighbourhood'

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The  Sherry & Inverts Neighbourhood...


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These features are great, thanks for sharing them. Just to add a little snippet of info...   I asked Billy Jackson about the Tower 45 and he was adamant it wasn't his work. When I pointed out that it must have been as he worked closely with Jimmy Wisner the 'penny dropped'.   "Ah in that case it is Jimmy putting me down as the writer so I might make a few bucks".  He and Jimmy were close in those days and Jimmy apparently did that on a number of occasions to help Billy out. A decade ago a couple of us reunited them for a fantastic lunch where we simply put the dictaphone recorder on and let them run with their memories.  Sadly both now passed away but a fantastic legacy from both of them will ensure they are always remembered and revered in music circles. 





Kenb profile photo


thanks for that Dave. Corrections, or further enlightenment are encouraged and appreciated. 



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