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  1. The Al Kent and Ronnie Savoy Story

    a brotherhood of men (and one wife) as successful, popular and influential as anything produced by the Motown machine
      13   Thamilton |
  2. Jack Ashford - Just Productions - Cd Review

    A look at yet another 'just' released this week album from Kent
      11   Mike |
  3. One Track Mind! More Motown Guys - Cd Review

    The reviews continue with a look at a 'just out' motown release from Kent
      5   Mike |
  4. The A & R Man by William Mickey Stevenson - Book Review

    The midweek review takes a look at a recent Motown book
      7   Mike |
  5. South Texas Rhythm & Soul Revue 2 - Cd Review

    This weeks reviews start off with a look and take on a fairly recent Kent Album release
  6. Spinning Around - A History of The Soul Lp - Book Review

    The latest addition to the review section takes a look at a recent just out book all about the Soul LP!
      3   Mike |
  7. Motown - The Sound of Young America - Book Review

    The latest addition to the Soul Source Review feature takes a timely look at an 'Out Today' title...
      3   Frankie Crocker |
  8. Think About It Girl

    Solid Solution's "Think About It Girl" as been a much played and favourite track on the Uk Soul Scene for some years now. We have here the great story of the group and it's members and it is safe to say for the first time in public and fantastic video of the band on stage.
      12   Louise |
  9. Al Perkins legendary Detroit DJ

    Together they would form a group of independent labels and promotion companies that would become a major part of the beating heart of Detroit music in the early 70's
      3   Roburt |
  10. Dave Hamilton's Detroit Soul Vol 2 - CD Review

    Latest addition to the fast flowing review section is a review of a fairly recent Kent Cd release
      18   Mike |
  11. What Happened Miss Simone - Book Review

    Latest addition to the review section. A review of a recently published biography by souledtrafford
      7   Mike |
  12. Harmony Of The Soul Vocal Groups - Kent Cd Review

    Just released and just Soul Source reviewed by John Reed- Kents latest Album - Harmony Of The Soul Vocal Groups
      3   Mike |
  13. They Danced All Night - Gethro Jones - Book Review

    ..which focuses on the lifestyle that became known as Northern Soul
      26   Mike |
  14. Anyone Who Had A Heart - Burt Bacharach - Book Review

    his studio work with singers such as Dionne Warwick, the Drifters, Jerry Butler, Cissy Houston, Dee Dee...
      9   Windlesoul |
  15. Clarence Carter - New Kent CD Review

    Kicking the new review section off, a review of a recent released Kent cd ...
  16. Tyrone Edwards aka Tony & Tyrone

    Early on they became close friends of Carolyn & Aretha Franklin, who help them whenever they could to develop their careers
      15   Blackpoolsoul |
  17. The Post Wigan Years - Northern Soul 1 2 3

    Much has been written about the Northern Soul scene up to the demise of The Wigan Casino. For many, the scene died when Wigan Casino closed its doors for the final time. These same people would....
      133   Paul-s |
  18. Ann Sexton Story

    The Ann Sexton Story Compiled by David and Val Box 2015.
      9   JJ Lopez from TX |
  19. Soul Clans and Allniter venues of Scotland

    This Soul Map of Scotland
      29   Girdwoodinc |
  20. The Art of Ian Clark on Uk Vibe

    Uk Vibe website has a must visit lengthy and photo heavy article just up.
      17   Jim Elliott |
  21. The Willie Parker Story - New Century Soul 12th Anniversary

    Manchester's New Century Soul once again brings a historical event to it's Anniversary All Nighter!
      3   Gibby Gibby |
  22. Cream Cracker 10 years finish in November

    Not too long to go now till the 1st of August for the 10th Anniversary Cream Cracker. I have also decided that the 21st of Novembers Charity Cream Cracker in aid of Scotties Little Soldiers will be the last Cream Cracker.
  23. A tale of two Dittys - Bletsoe Reunion 2

    I got there pretty much as it was starting, parked the car in a field...
      5   DaveC |
  24. Reflections from the Corfu Weekender May 2015

    So 24 hours or so after the event, I thought it would be right and proper to put together a few words to reflect the weekender as a whole. For those with a short attention span, it was absolutely unforgettable, and all in all BRILLIANT!! For anybody else...
      7   Professorturnups |
  25. Lil Gray - Are You Fooling - The Story

    Following on from Soul Junctions latest release by "The Dynamic Sounds Orchestra" who feature amongst its members Norwood Gray Jnr. and article telling the story of Norwood's mother Lil Gray who recorded for the US recording label Jerma owned by Ulysses Samuel Warren.
      7   Guest Craig A Butler |

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