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  1. 50 Years Ago Today the Mello Souls

    a forum post highlight from long time Soul Source member and contributor Andy Rix
      5   Chalky |
  2. Review: Soul Survivor: A Biography of Al Green by Jimmy McDonough

    Book Review: Soul Survivor: A Biography of Al Green by Jimmy McDonough
      1   Glamsoulspinner |
  3. Paul Tillman Smith - A Beautiful Heart - Album and Story

    Paul Tillman Smith - A Beautiful Heart on Chump Change Records - Album preview and Pauls own story
  4. Arctic Records - Online Documentary Video - Art Of Life

    An online documentary all about Arctic Records - 9 minute video from 2015
  5. The Intrigues - If The Shoe Fits - Soul Junction New Release

    The Coalitions (minus Tony Talent who left temporarily) join with Al Brown to form a new Intrigues and record five tracks for an LP which never saw a release until now. Soul Junctions latest quality release hits the streets on the 18th of September.
  6. Northern Soul Connections #9 - Sweet Home Alabama.

    Time for #9 of this now long running series and the northern soul connection this month is... Alabama!
  7. Review: I Hear A Symphony: Motown and Crossover R&B - J. Andrew Flory.

    BOOK REVIEW – “I Hear A Symphony: Motown and Crossover R&B” by J. Andrew Flory.
  8. Northern Soul Connections #8 - Studio & their sides...

    #8 in this firmly established series and the 8th Northern Soul connection is... 'Studio & their sides, stations & their DJs'
  9. 50 years ago, this month R&B Voices of the 1967 Riots

    50 years ago this month. R&B Voices of the 1967 Race Riots.This is just a short piece to acknowledge the 50th anniversary.
      17   marknorthwest |
  10. Northern Soul Connections #7 - Two Ladies Two Songs

    Northern Soul Connections #7 - Two Ladies Two Songs This time around we are looking at two ladies and two songs with similar melodies, the ladies being La Reine La Mar and Marion Stewart and the songs.....
      2   mitch1 |
  11. Interview with Mark IVs Otis Brown Jr via Cordial recordings

    As part of the release promotion of Mark IV - Hang Ups / Give Me Just A Little (two unissued tracks) Cordial Recordings have pushed out an interview with  Otis Brown Jr regarding his time with Mark IV,,,
  12. Northern Soul Connections #6 - into my ark 2 x 2

    Northern Connections hits #6! Latest in this series of soul infographics from Kenb takes a 2 by 2 connection as its theme
  13. Troy Marrs and the Dynamics

    The story behind the Texas singer and band who gave us "Rhythm Message".
      1   Windlesoul |
  14. Northern Soul Connections #5 - Philadelphian Funk Brothers

    It's time for #5 in this now established series of soul infographics from Kenb Three of 'The Philadelphian Funk Brothers'
  15. Northern Soul Connections #4 - Debonaires

    It's the spring issue of member Kenb's now regular infographic Northern Connections series
      2   Gilly |
  16. Northern Soul and Age in 2017 - Carry On Regardless?

    Spring 2017 Points Of View. Discussion on some interesting 2017 soul related topics. Northern soul and age ?...
      25   MadPriest |
  17. The Story - Inspirations - No One Else Can Take Your Place

    Thanks to Kev Roberts the story behind The Inspirations on Breakthrough, one of Northern Soul's rarest records.
      21   clevesoulie |
  18. Northern Soul Connections #3 - Valentines

    Northern Soul Connections - Time for the third in this ongoing series of northern soul music themed infographics, valentines...
  19. Northern Soul Connections #2

    Northern Soul Connections - The second in this ongoing series of soul music themed infographics
  20. Rare Soul Uncovered - History Of Northern Soul 1984 Sleeve Notes

    Another scanned sleeve notes found, this time the scan is from the Charly Comp Rare Soul Uncovered by Dave Evision
      13   Rhys Roberts |
  21. Best Soul Books of 2016

    I think it's been a vintage year for books on the history of soul music....
      20   Enricoacm1899 |
  22. Northern Soul Connections #1

    Member @Kenb has just passed up the first in a series of soul music themed infographic 'connections', #1 Northern Connections...
      2   Kenb |
  23. Stax Northern Soul Disco LP Sleeve Notes

    The current forum topic called Stax Dancers - reminded me that somewhere had the ocr scanned sleeve notes of...
      16   Ian Dewhirst |
  24. Linda Tate - Sad News And Her Story

    Despite trying to locate Linda for years I never quite got there ... but thankfully
      1   Guest Max Morrison |
  25. The Bitter & The Sweet – I Wont Have Any Babies For You

    A Monday morning indulgence! Like me you may have...
      5   Alan Walls |

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