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  1. Joe Valentine Feature

    Joe Valentine only put down some 14 tracks in the early-soul era  between 1960 and 1968 and yet still managed to produce three stone deep classic performances
      9   Source Team |
  2. Texas - A Big State But A Small World

    Texas - a big state but a small world - In April 2020 my interest was piqued when a I saw 2 mysterious Chicano records on 2 different web sites of respected sellers...
      2   Kenb |
  3. Cry Cry Cry - The Tommy Ray Tucker Story

    The dramatic tale of a white Memphis country boy and his unique twist on a classic song.
  4. The Teardrops of Pittsburgh Story

    A budding young band out of Pittsburgh record a 45 written by a young pianist a couple of years earlier who would go on to be a musical super star. As their record became successful and their career take off it all ended so quickly...The Teardrops.
      18   Corbett80 |
  5. The Reflection Sound Studios Story

    From Arthur Freeman to Choice of Colour, a history of Reflection Sound Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina.
      2   Windlesoul |
  6. Northern Soul Connections #22 - Baltimore

    Northern Connections #22 not just birthplace of the U.S. national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner" Baltimore and its close surroundings was a hot bed for music...
      12   Roburt |
  7. Tony May Obituary

    New York studio engineer, songwriter and producer who often worked with Larry Banks
      1   Geoff |
  8. Mocha and Cream: Global Records.

    The History of Global Records / Cream.
      12   1soulmojo |
  9. Hit and Run! An Interview with Garry Cape.

    An interview with Garry Cape; an exploration of his love of soul music, his Hit and Run, Special Agent and Soulscape label ventures and collaborations with the late John Anderson.
      10   Alexsubinas |
  10. Intellectual Property Theft - Getty Images John Barrettt

    Update on the case against Getty Images by John Barrett - Author of the book 'Keeping the Faith' (2004)
      2   Roburt |
  11. Hound Dog! The Big Mama Thornton Story

    From juke joint to Peacock Records and beyond, a history of R&B artist Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton.
      3   Hooker1951 |
  12. R-E-S-P-E-C-T Woman's Got Soul!

    A reflection on the contributions made by female singers, DJs and label owners to the soul and R&B music industry.
      3   Thinksmart |
  13. The Truth About Northern Soul by Stephen Riley Review

    A review. The book is a brilliantly written and well researched look at the Scene from the early days up to the present. It strips away some of the mythology and preconceptions surrounding the Scene.
      32   John Hart |
  14. Northern Soul Connections #21- Latest Issue from Ken B

    Northern Connections #21 Alphonso Hamilton, Captain Soul, Teri Thornton, The Black Masons ... Northern Soul Connections #21- Latest Issue from Ken B
      2   Mike |
  15. Bletsoe to the Wheel and Back.... Norman Rogers Book Review

    When I was first knocking around the Rare Soul Scene, there was a guy from Cambridge called Norman Rogers. He was one of the 'faces'.
      12   Finley |
  16. How to buy prints for sale?

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  17. Record Mirror Northern Soul Chart 1975 - Wigan Casino Top 20

    Wigan Casino Top 20 - Compiled by Russ Winstanley & Richard Searling. This chart was published in Record Mirror weekly for several months during 1975 From the Mecca of British Soul....
      25   Drewtg |
  18. Northern Soul - Melody Maker 1975

    A 1975 Melody Maker look at the Northern Soul Scene from the 25th January 1975 Issue, with the main focus on Blackpool Mecca and Wigan Casino... and Barry
      2   Rob Wigley |
  19. Northern Soul - Casino Loyals - 1975 Record Mirror Article

    Northern Soul - The Casino Loyals - 1975 Record Mirror A Wigans Chosen Few related feature from the Feb 1975 issue
      4   Mike |
  20. Motown Mansion Auction - Berry Gordy's Former Property 2017

    Berry had originally purchased the Detroit Mansion in 1967 but even though moving out to LA in 1972 he continued to own it until 2002, when he then sold it to the attorney Cynthia Reaves. In 2016 the attorney decided to sell the mansion and to clear...
      4   Ljblanken |
  21. [Scan] Shades Of Soul #7 April 1986

    a new series of reference articles/scans in our refosoul articles magazine section
  22. [Scan] Shades Of Soul #6 Dec 1985

    a new series of reference articles/scans in our refosoul articles magazine section
  23. Northern Soul Connections #20

    Northern Soul Connections #20 lesser known Jerseydelphians re-discovered
      3   Rod Allsworth |
  24. [Scan] Shades Of Soul #5 Aug 1985

    a new series of reference articles/scans in our refosoul articles magazine section
  25. [Scan] Shades Of Soul #4 Apr 1985

    a new series of reference articles/scans in our refosoul articles magazine section

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