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  1. Stevie Wonder - (Artist Of The Week)

    A highlight of our Soul Source - Artist Of The Week. Every week we will be setting up a topic where members are invited to talk, post and share info, stories, memories, highlights all regarding the people who made this fine music. 
      44   Guest Polyvelts |
  2. Black Panthers, The Lumpen and Marvin Gaye

    What follows is not a scholarly review of the political struggle facing the Black Panther Party. It is merely to highlight some of the musical association of those times with that Party. If not all, then some people who search out the history of Soul/Funk
      3   forzaitalia |
  3. Northern Soul Connections #18 - Living Color

    The latest edition of of our long running infographic series 'Northern Soul Connections'. 'Living Color - We were 3 different shades of black'.  Read on below...
      4   Scootboy |
  4. The New Creations - The Fish Song - Soul Junction Records

    Soul Junction Records begin 2019 with a collaboration with The New Creations and a reissue of their obscure early 70s 45 "The Fish Song". A track produced by non other than H.B. Barnum but destined for failure by the demands of the radio stations.
      4   Guest Spain pete |
  5. Northern Soul Connections #17 Halloween Edition - The Witches and The Warlock

    Northern Connections #17 - It’s October. Spooky goings on, as we approach Halloween. Another Witch uncovered? The double life of the Warlock? Maybe, maybe not. Judge for yourself.
      8   Kenb |
  6. The Greatest Record Finds Of All Time 2008 1 2 3 4 8

    From 2008 a classic Soul Source topic upped in 2018 to our article feature. Following on from the Graham Warr thread, I figured that this is the time to start collating some of those UNBELIEVABLE U.S. Northern finds. Or unbelievable disappointments too.
      366   Mal C |
  7. Pete Lawson 1984 Letter To Blackbeat 1 2

    I've finally managed to find this….enjoy LETTERS TO THE EDITQR write to the Mag address with your soul letters Dear Blackbeat....
      72   Len |
  8. The Jewels Live at The Cheetah 1967 - New York

    The Jewels Live at 'The Cheetah' 1967 - New York club video 24 min
      5   Roburt |
  9. Northern Soul Connections #16 Benjamin and the...

    There’s been many a thread about the ‘survival’ of the NS scene on SS. 'A youth culture left in the hands of old men' to name just one. Well... if these guys have anything to do with it, it will...
      4   Kenb |
  10. Northern Soul Connections #15 - Ronnie & Robyn

    Northern Connections #15 Ronnie & Robyn - closer than ever to finding them. For those that need a read at bank holiday...or are waiting for Cleethorpes.
      8   Frankie Crocker |
  11. Review: Spinning Around – A History of the Soul LP Vol 2 by John Lias

    This book review looks at Vol.2 of John Lias's in depth information on Soul LP's. This volume lists the albums by artists from L to Z ... Patti LaBelle to Zulema. The recorded work of both famous acts & obscure singers are addressed in exacting detail.
      4   Djmelismo |
  12. Northern Soul Connections #14 - Confessin A Feeling For The Philharmonics

    Northern Soul Connections #14 - Confessin A Feeling For The Philharmonics - Latest connections just published and it's a big one...
  13. Northern Soul Connections #13 - Sherry & Inverts Neighbourhood

    After a bit of a break we have the latest in Northern Soul Connections series, it's #13 and this time around its a look at  Sherry and the Inverts and their 'neighbourhood'
      2   Kenb |
  14. Jimmy Hamilton 80th Birthday - Granada Reports Jan 2018

    Granada Reports ITV carried an interesting news story last Friday all about US Soul singer Jimmy Hamilton celebrating his 80th birthday in Chorley Lancashire, watch and read...
      4   Smartzie |
  15. Golden World Studios Detroit 20 May 1966

    Back in 1966, 20th May to be exact, the Detroit Free Press Newspaper had in its latest edition a lengthy feature on Detroit's Golden World Records, follow the link to view...
      8   Dewsburyborn |
  16. Las Vegas Connection - 45 Release and Interview with Paul Boudreaux

    Cordial Recordings have a new release out on 29 Jan 2018. You can read and listen below and also an interview with Las Vegas Connection's original bass player and chief songwriter Paul Boudreaux who is still active... read and listen
  17. Northern Soul Connections #12 - 12 Days Of Xmas

    Northern Soul Connections #12 and it's a rather apt one for this, being both the 12th one and the Christmas period one... Before you view, just a quick word to let you know that Kev has said...
      3   Mike |
  18. Soul Source Advent Calendar 2017

    Welcome to the 2017 Soul Source Advent Calendar  read for full info and how to nominate
      20   Peter99 |
  19. Northern Soul Connections #11 - Two Hitsville Writers Paired

    #11 in this firmly established series of US Soul related infographics, this time around Kenb covers a pair of writers that you may just be familiar with...
  20. Chairmen of The Board - Words Left Unsaid. New CD release and UK Tour

    Chairmen of The Board (featuring Ken Knox) with news of a new CD release (available via download too) and an upcoming UK Tour in 2018.
      2   Louise |
  21. Otis Redding Soul Man - Record Collector Article

    The great Otis Redding died half a century ago in December. He defined his era of Southern soul, and appeared to be on the way to defining another when he was taken from us. Dave Sallis offers this heartfelt tribute.
  22. Northern Soul Connections #10 - My Soul Train Around The Chicago L

    Its time for the #10 of this informative series of infographics from kenb and the northern soul connection this month is... Soul Train... Around The Chicago L
  23. Keeping a Faith

    An examination and personal reflection on contemporary gospel and spiritual soul and dance music . Covering Northern, Modern/Crossover, Neo/RnB, Deep Soul and Gospel House Music. An examination of UK Gospel and available sources and resources .
      38   Back Street Blue |
  24. Review: Florida Soul by John Capouya

    A review of the book Florida Soul written by John Capouya
      3   Heikki |
  25. Outside Of Memphis - Juca Records

    highlight of a quick look at Juca Records by longtime Soul Source member and contributor Dave Thorley

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