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Post Xmas Monkey -lookback

Ok here we go with a look back at last nites xmas monkey.

8 o clock doors open, few early people already in,

Not attempting much vinyl info, as still scrambled and as a lot of nite was spent darting about, was a case of missing a lot of vinyl going ons

First up was Colin Wood one of promoters of the great Halifax Yorkshire Riders Club, got to say many thanks to Colin, fairly long story but end of day Colin put in a lot of effort to do this spot and know myself and Steve really appreciated this.

And so it seemed did the early punters, numbers bit sluggish at first, so dancefloor bit underused. But Col dished out a great set, with many passing on appreciative comments . Nice one and many thanks again for the support Colin. Have to mention Shirley as always good bounce and just when thought had finally got rid of riders flyers....

Big things going on at bar by now, with the monkey 2 4 1 bar promotion going on to 9 30. Numbers were picking up, and also the Chameleon (second) Room with new format "all era soul" was into full swing.

Sue with help from Janine at first then Julie had the door thing going well smooth, cash, free cd, xmas raffle, Dave F doing his bit as well

Next up was Brian Ellis, resident just down the road at Broughton along with Soul Sam. This outing hitting a more 60s format, from bits what I saw/heard all really good stuff. And since have heard a fair few well good remarks.

DMSC Regular Rob Thomas up and at them next, vinyl retention at alltime low at moment, even his first 45 which can remember saying no way will forget this has gone.Help!

By now crowd wise numbers were up on last one and as had passed that oh so satisfying mark called "break even" it was a case of relax

Main guest Dave Rimmer was up for next hour and did a great set, afterwards said how much he enjoyed it says lines of "had a feeling of being let loose". Vinyl managed to grab top 5.from nite.

1. Brooks Brothers - Looking For A Woman

2. Magnetics - I Have A Girl

3. Vondells - Hey Girl

4 The Caressors - I just cant stay a

5. Little Charles and Sidewinders -The Loner - Decca - think Dave said first time he played this - could be dodgy info

Steve T on hearing Caressors did his now familar trick of letting it slip that has a copy of this at home somewhere, I did my now familar reaction of shaking my head and wondering if he was sent to torment me! And then was sure that he was, as said cost him 4 quid. Was going to reply stroking my chin, popular Rotherham spin possibly round 1980 but as didnt know that till 15 mins ago didnt

Andy Rix returning from his travels was back on main stage and pushed out a great set, interesting one of nite was a "other" version of "Id think it over twice" which said recently aquired, of course straight away asked Andy details and then, yes straight away forgot them, some other interesting sides, hopefully Andy will fill in details (cop out yeah i know !) Crying Time, The Hurting Is Over, and more monkey were out and about. Great stuff top form.

Finishing off nite was the 30 min "monkey till you drop" spot, bit of a change, in past guy doing local dj spot did it, but steve and meself do it now as felt was missing a bit of contunity.

First had the xmas raffle to get outta way and first winner was Stuart from St Ives who won the ten 45s soul pack, the next up winner choose as prize the bottle of wine, then 30 secs later sent back by his wife to exchange it for one of those furry Monkeys The wine was later on claimed by Ann A

Some current and popular north wales coast stuff got dished out.over the last 30 mins, "Monkey till you drop" meaning anything goes

Crowd wise, was good to see numbers up compared to last one, especally as a fair few other events were on as well. A fair few travellers from all stops North West, Yorkshire, St Ives, Kent, Midlands Cambridge, and beyond

To me seemed a well good buzz to the nite, all feedback that heard so far was/is highly positive

Chameleon Room - The second room format changed (some may note the name ) , this time went for all-era soul format

Chico, Mark S and Phil B had volunteered to supply sound kit for this and supply the main sounds, Along with guy whos name missed apoliges delivered a great mix of sounds

Paul Baldwin was the guest dj and caught a fair bit with some quality year 2k+ stuff.

From all heard the format worked really well, with a great mix of all-era stuff, the full range.Awaiting some plays from the djs and will push up all info as know theres some who are interested. Along with full report of going ons and views from this room. Big thanks to Chico for getting equipment and sorting out. Already had a lot of good feedback, big thanks to all djs and crowd ..........more soon.

Namechecks - Gotta say just too many to mention, Regards to all

Thanks - All Djs, as said all feedback on the nite given it a thumbs up, door crew - all things well smooth, members - one of the enjoyable things about the monkey is the support we get, like people just popping in briefly to show support, plus many helping us out in many ways.

Promotion - As always doing this show flying on the seat of our arse, most of cash goes on making sure that we deliver the best in quality soul and djs, cause of this main promotion is just word of mouth and flyers. If can spread the word, be it on fanzines, telling muckers, internet email lists,and so on be a help.

Future - Watch out for future event date, djs locations and more soon

Endline - Thought attendance may have been dodgy with xmas, events on close by, similar events elsewhere, and all that. Turned out no worries, numbers were up on last one. Own feeling of it was a great nite, of course as co-promoter my view always just that bit different than others. Feel free to post up yours



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