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sandi blog part 2 of 3 from 2009

sandi blog part 2 of 3 from 2009 magazine cover

Conversations That Bring A Smile To Your Face.

Posted by sandi, 05 October 2009 ·

There is only 1 Smokey

I think that many of us on the soul scene know the name Smokey from Wolverhampton, he never fails to disappoint, he's larger than life, and a real character, up and down the country Smokey has entertained and enlightened many of us, he's had us rolling around in stitches, he has been known to hold court with many a captive audience. His tales/stories are that far fetched that they have to be true, because l swear to god even the best novelist could'nt invent them.

I, like many others over the years have actually witnessed first hand some of these adventures.

The latest one being lastnight while outside Stokes Kings Hall, actually some others may of had their own encounter with Smokey lastnight or sometime over the years, please post your stories on here if you have a funny tale to tell involving Smokey.

I'm not exactlly sure what time it was when l was outside having a ciggie and a chat to a lovely lady who l'd met for the first time last week at Bishops Wood, l reckon the time was about 4 am, anyway there we were just chatting away about music and along comes Smokey, in his usually style he joins in the conversation which quickly turns from music to Scotland , England and Ireland (but not Wales for some reason), he's explaining to this lovely, very attractive and petite lady (l'm witholding her name for a reason but all will make sense .....l think in the end) some sort of political stuff to do with Scotland and mentions some gezzers name, at which my friend quickly pulls Smokey up on, saying he should'nt be talking about things like that because there could be some poor Scottish soulie who may over hear and take offence, she also asked him how he could say such things, and he simply replyed "cus it's true", he then started going on about Hadrians Wall, he said it was,nt built for nothing, .......by this time l'd already started to get a fit of the giggles because l know Smokey and how he winds people up, anyway my new found friend still was'nt having any of it, She asked him what his views were about the irish, and again he made a simple reply , he said "they make a lovely thick stew". She then says to him "are'nt you loud! your just brash loud rude and a neanderthal, and anyway you have just insulted me because l'm named after a Scottish flower". At which Smokey replied "What !!!!! THISTLE !!!!" (very loudly), by this time l was absolutely howling, and l said "No Smokey her name is Heather"

By now all three of us were laughing about it, Heather started to walk off saying " he's doing my F****in head in , but walked back and said to me " I bet he's hardly ever left his cave in years ". Smokey then goes on to torment poor Heather even more, by asking her what part of the country she live in because she kept saying "Me Duck", so she then turns the question on him ...his reply "I'm a citizen of the world", "thats it she say's he's done my F****in head " and off she headed for the car park, and there as only Smokey can he starts shouting after her "Hey THISTLE come back",

I know she took it as just a bit l've fun, because she could'nt stop laughing......and all day l've had flash backs of the whole incident, which has kept a smile firmly planted on my face and even made me titter quite a few times.

Smokey even came round this evening to visit, and the first thing he said to me was "Hows THISTLE", and that was it rolling around in fits of laughter again

He asked me what Heather had called him and l told him Neanderthal, a very clever Smokey then said "Well she got that wrong, because it Troglodite's that are cave dwellers". Oh dear he did say next time he sees her he's gonna have to let her know that he's a Troggy and not a thal.

Think there may be a part 2 to follow.

Harpo's Unpaid Secretary

Posted by sandi, 20 September 2009

Been asked to post his lastest at home playlist......."yes master"

Dramatics "No rebate on love".

Southside Movement "Do it to me".

Enchantment "Hold on".

Vernon Burch "Frame of mind".

Lou Edwards & To-days People "Taiking about poor folks".

Black Nasty "Cut your motor off".

Lenny Williams "Choosing you".

Crystal Motion "You're my main squeeze".

Mandrill "Never die".

Marboo "What about love".

Vessie Simmon "I cant make it on my own".

Double Exposure "Ten percent".

Al Hudson & Soul Partners "Spread love".

Philly Devotions "Just can't say goodbye" (inst).

Eddie Kendricks "Going up in smoke".

Originals "Down to love town".

Skip Mahoney & The Casuals " Running away from love".

Earth Wind & fire "Happy feeling".

Aquarian dream "Phoenix".

G.Q. "This happy feeling".

Ronnie McNeir "She's gone".

Fantastic Four "I got to have your love".

Tyrone Davis "What goes up".

Montclairs "I need you more than ever".

Voices Of East Harlem "I like having you around".

Impressions "I'll always be here".

Leroy Hutson "Ella Weez".

Persuaders "Two Women".

Imagination "Love diet".

Walter Jackson "Let me come back".

Garland Green "Just loving you".

Randolph Brown "It aint like it used to be".

That all for Harpo for now folks.

Time For An Update On My Blag

Posted by sandi, 13 September 2009

While at Maxims lastnight l was approached by a few people who asked me why l had'nt made an entry on my blog for a while..............the truth is l've been a victim of hateful text messages from a very vindictive female on the scene, l could have posted an entry about this unsavoury insignificate, but my reaction would of been based on anger had l posted a entry sooner, it's been a while now and l'm calm about the issue, my head is clear and my plans of how to deal with her are simple.

She is expecting me to kick off at a soul venue, but l'm affraid if she is waiting for that , she'll be waiting a very long time.

I have too much respect for the scene, the music l love and the people who attend the venues, we pay our money to enjoy a night of music and dance, the last thing anybody wants to see is a brawl.

I could quote some of the nasty messages l've recieved from her, but l'm not going to waste my time or energy, it's a clear and shut case of pure jealousy.

So what am l gonna tell you all about!!

1stly the past few weekends have been some of the best, musically speaking IMHO.

Lifeline allnighter and lastnight Maxims. They obviously have got something right, keep it up lads your doing a grand job.

My circle of friends just keeps growing, it's great meeting likeminded soulies who don't focus all their attention on slagging off any genre they don't like, both these nighters are structured to every taste and those who attend as far as l can gather don't harp on about the polotics of it all. I think l can honestly say we all have a mutual respect for each others musical tastes.

I'm not saying maybe there's isnt any of it going on at these venues, it's just that l have'nt witnessed any evidence of it. If anyones personal experiences differ from mine please feel free to leave an entry on my blog, l'm sure the promoters would only be too happy to hear you comments, good or bad. After all they are just mere mortals like you and l, and don't have the power to read minds (well l don't think they do).

What else to tell you ! oh yeah it's my 50th birthday on October 10th, yet l will be holding my birthday bash on fri 9th, this is because of the Prestatyn weekender clashing, but can l just state "l had the date booked 1st 50 years ago" .

Everyone is welcome to come and join in on the 9th......except for you know who . Just e-mail me or Harpo for details, or visit the "people with soul" forum.

Finally in true Harpo and Sandi fashion, we are still up, and still playing, l did a 2 hour spot downstairs while Paul (Harpo) was tap tap tapping away on SS forum.

Here's what l played for those of you who are interested.

Sandy Mercer "Now That Your In (What C'ha Gonna Do About It)".

Inner Life "I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)".

T-Empo "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning".

Delegation "Back Door Love".

Thelma Houston "No Ones Gonna Be A Fool Forever".

Frederick Knight "When It Aint Right With My Baby".

Daybreak "I Need Love".

Wee "Try Me".

O.C.Smith "Nothing But The Best".

Baby Washington "I've Got To Breakaway".

We The People "Making My Daydream Real".

C.B.Overton "Superstar Lady".

John Gary Williams "The Whole Damn World Is Going Crazy".

Oscar Perry "Main String".

Garland Green "Come Through Me".

Bobby Moore "(Call Me Your) Anything Man".

Major Lance "You're Everything I Need".

Marboo "What About Love".

Herbert Hunter "My Life".

100% Pure Poison "You Keep Coming Back".

Bloodstone "Just Wanna Get The Feel Of It".

Sister Sledge "Love Don't Go Through No Changes On Me".

Change "The Glow Of Love".

A Way Of Life "Trippin On Your Love".

Main Ingredient "Everything Man".

William Bell "The Man In the Street".

Bill Brandon "We Fell in love While Dancing".

Joe Arnold "More Today Then Yesterday" (Instumental).

Street People "Never Get Enough Of Your Love".

Garland Green "Just Loving You".

Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes "Tell The World How I Feel About C'ha baby".

John Valenti "Anything You Want".

Bobby Sheen "Something New To do".

D.J.Rogers "Love Bought Me Back"

Stanley Clarke "Straight To the Top".

Double Exposure "My Love Is Free".

Carol Smith "What A man".

The Dells "Your Song".

The Joneses "Hey Baby(Is The Gettin Still Good?)" Prt 1.

Mike Jemison "I want Some Satisfaction".

Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose "Too Late To Turn Back Now".

Lew Kirton "Come On with It".

Thats all folks for now.

The nasty one said my blog was nothing but BLAG, ain't everything just a load of old BLAG ?

Well maybe she's right, yet all my BLAGGING is based only on fact, not fiction.

All the records listed are real, made of real, genuine vinyl, plastic or whatever, they are played on top of the range decks which are also real, using up real electric to play them.........cus we get a REAL LECKY BILL to prove it.

Then l might be talking a load of old BLAGOX.

So to the female...she knows who she is :P:P:P:P:P

15Th August, Poma's Birthday, Poma's Tribute.

Posted by sandi, 16 August 2009 ·

Robert Pomroy, what a character,larger than life and a true friend.

It's over a year now since we lost Rob yet not one day goes by without a thought or two for him.My life for as long as l can remember has revolved around the music that l love and the people that l have encountered within this big soulful family, forming friendships with certain ones that have made an impact on me,for all sorts of reasons.

Rob was one of these people, he was a loveable rouge, a Jack the lad and sometimes a bloody pain in the arse, but l, like many others who have embrassed 'Poma' can't help but love the guy.

Rob left behind one hell of an impression on the Soul Scene, a legacy that lives on in my heart, and as long as it keeps beating Rob will always live on.

Rob's family had approached Sean and asked if he would mind organising a tribute night on 15th August (Rob's Birthday). Sean took on the task willingly and it was many months in the planning, and lastnight all that planning and effort payed off, it was a great night everyone there to celebrate a much missed soul brother.

I was so proud to have been asked to be part of the d.j. line up and play a few records l know Rob loved to dance to.

Repect to all of Rob's family especially his mom and dad.

Also a big thankyou to them for allowing us to celebrate Rob's Birthday with them.


Whispers 'Remember'.

Magnificents 'My Heart Is Calling'.

Capitols 'Don't Say Maybe Baby'.

Jerry Naylor 'City Lights'.

Milton Wright 'I Belong To You'.

Jodi Mathis 'Don't You Care Anymore'.

Darrell Bank's 'I'm The One Who Loves You'.

Richard Temple 'That Beating Rythm'.

Duke Browner 'Crying Over You'.

RPM Generation 'Rona's Theme'.

The Younghearts 'A Little Togethernesss'.

Bobby Hebb 'Love,Love,Love'.

Spyder Turner 'I Can't Make It Anymore'.

Doug Parkinson 'I'll Be Around'.

Franki valli 'The Night', Requested by Rob's family to be played last.

Now That Harpo's 50th Birthday Is Over......

Posted by sandi, 14 June 2009 ·

All the preparation and planning over, you'd think l could relax a bit and just enjoy looking forward to Paul's Birthday Party...........WRONG.

I was still hard at it with the organising and making sure everything would be just right, not a minute to myself and everyone wanting a piece of me.....pooow l only had 20 mins to be ready, that being showered,hair washed,dressed, and makeup on.

People to be picked up, dropped off and delivered safe and sound in the correct room at the Bushbury Arm's, Records to be plonked on the stage.....Stressful dose'nt come close to explaining it all.

Helen and Martin, arrived at about 7.20 pm as promised with the D.J. equipment, and it's all systems go, some of the guests also start to arrive.........GREAT, looking good for Harpo, all the hard work is stating to pay off.

Decorations and Banners etc had already been put up by myself, Tim Toad and Benko earlier in the day, and at one point l really did'nt think l would be ready as everyone when l got home was calling for my assistance, Sian and Keeley her friend were in demand mode "Mom, Get This, Mom Get That, Mom Can I Have , Mom Will You Do", then my oldest Daughter "Mom Can You Get Me Some Fags, Pick Me Up".......When was l gonna get some time for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....No bloody chance, along came Harpo, "Sandi where's the iron, where's my trousers, where's my shirt".

When you think it's safe.....they all ask me "Why Aint You Ready ? ", Bloody Hell Why Indeed, derr can't think why.

Yet all's well that end's well.....or even starts well, it kicked off just before 8.00 pm, Helen and Martin kindly giving up their time to start the night off, they played some really cracking stuff and did Harpo proud.

Timmy Toad supplied us with a class spot, then we knew he would be good, if not better than good. I know he was really looking forward to this day and had planned for it, he did'nt disappoint us, his spot paid tribute to Paul and everything Paul stood for as one of this country's most able D.J.'s .

John Pugh was equally as good playing a set of totally across the board gem's, something for everyone.

My spot was some what different, as many of you must know by now both Harpo and myself are progressive and forward thinking in our attitude towards soulful music, and my spot reflected that.

I started with Soulful House...................l only planned on playing three and then blending the rest of my spot with a choice of 80's,70's, and sixties. It seem's that if there is going to be a attack about the choice of music we pick then l am the target. I'm not saying that everyone complained but it was made clear by just a few , that l should be playing SOUL music. I was in the opinion that l did play SOUL MUSIC, Frankie Knuckles,Panevino,Soularis(Can l just point out the clue is in the Artists name), Fatback Band, Benny Troy, Micky Moonshine,Harold Melvin & The Blue notes, Eddie Holman, l do believe these are all soul artists . Correct me if l'm wrong please.

I did point out to these individuals that it was a party and not a venue and as it was Paul's 50th party, and as he is into the soulful house genre along with the 60's,70's,80's and beyond then l played it for him and his friends who have also embraced the movement of soul music, on the whole l did my best for Paul and the one's who appreciated it, l have no room for apologies on this subject.

I don't want to get into the policies of what is soul, but l will just say that both Harpo and myself have over the years supported many venue's in our local area and not once gone up to a D.J. and diliberately disrespected any one of them. We have always been respectful of others genre's. We are well aware of the driving beat in the midlands is mainly centred around the 60's tunes, and we like the other "Soulies" appreciate and dance to these, because we still have the passion and the love for the music that has lead us to where we are to-day.

This was Harpo's day and he had a great turn out which in it's self was testiment to a great guy. On the night Harpo's closest and dearest friends where there and that is what matters most, everyone there were there for Paul and he was moved by it.

It's just a shame that it was tainted slighty by one or two people , but then it would'nt be a party if there was'nt a bit of bovva.

Thankyou to all those that came and where part of these celebrations.

Harpo's 50th Birthday

Posted by sandi, 27 May 2009

By now many of you will know that we are celebrating Paul's (Harpo) 50th Birthday on fri 12th June, his birthday is actually on the 11th and originally we were going to combine it with the Cavendish revival at Broad Lane, unfortunately that all went tit's up and we are hoping to put the Cavendish on at a later date, however we were lucky enough to book another venue to hold a birthday bash.

We have had a good response from friends who have confirmed they will be coming along, however it's not possible to contact everyone in person before the 12th, so everyone's welcome.

We will be starting the celebrations earlier at my house,a bit of a pre venue warm up,let me know if you would like to come to that first and l can give you details.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Sandi x

Celebrating Dave's Birthday Left Us In The Party Mood: Then We Don't Need Any Excuses.

Posted by sandi, 02 May 2009

Tom me ode mukka, if you happen to read this, then you're right, l never sleep,been up all night playing records and seeing you lot need your rest l thought it's about time l put a play list down in my blog, just to let you know what you've been missing.......................or not as the case may be .

And many of you who know me, then you will know my motto is "we will sleep plenty when we is dead", lots of records to be played so it's best done now while l have time!!!!!

We went along to Dave Rimmers Suprise Birthday Bash and had a fantastic night, great music,great friends, what more could we wish for !.

Arriving home we were up for a night of record playing and l've got quite a list , and l enjoyed playing every last one. Pauls took over on the decks now so l dare say you'll be getting his play list also.

I started off pretty mellow, then cranked it up a notch or two, then had to abandon the decks to go to the little girlies room, Paul then suggested that maybe l let him have a go.......well l suppose it was only fair, l must of been playing non stop for over two hours, yet it only seemed like half hour .

Time fly's and all that.

Sandi's Night Owl Treats With Beats.......or Tweets, you decide.

"You & I" Joe Anderson.

"Show & Tell" Al Wilson.

"You & Me" Solaris.

"Let Me Do It" Oscar Perry.

"We're Not Getting Any Younger" Kaleidoscope.

"I Dig Everything About You" The Mob.

"Love Diet" The Imagination.

"Do It To Me" Southside Movement.

"Cold Game" Myron & E with The Soul Investigators.

"Loves So Wonderful" Natural Four.

"Everything Man" Main Ingredient.

"A Stone Good Lover" Jo Armstead.

"Was That All It Was" Jean Carn.

"Loving You Is All I Wanna Do" Dee Edwards.

"The More I Get The More I Want" Lorraine Johnson.

"This Thing Called Love" Marc Evans.

"Another Star" Stevie Wonder.

"Trippin On Your Love" A Way Of Life.

"Slipping Into Something New" 5th Dimension.

"Heaven In The Afternoon" Lou Curtan Revue ....on PAD P-120A

"Me & You & Love" Milt Matthews.

Pt 1 "I'm At The Crossroad" Vernon Garrett.

"Daylight" Bobby Womack.

"Come On With It" Lew Kirton.

"Get The Cream Off The Top" Eddie Kendricks.

"Rising To The Top(Give It All You Got)" Keni Burke.

"I Wanna Thank The Lord Above"(Higher Blessings) C/U Beres Hammond.

"I Need Love" Daybreak.

"I've Got To Break Away" Baby Washington.

"Mighty Hard Man" Weapons Of Peace.

"We The People" General Johnson.

"Find My Way" Cameo.

"Bare Back" The Temptations.

"Sho' Bout To Drive Me Wild" Al Robinson.

"Life & Death In G & A" Love Childs Afro Cuban Blues Band.

"Your Autumn Of To-morrow" The Crow.

"The Bottle" (Drunken Mix) Gill Scott-Heron.

"Life's A Song Worth Singing" Mistura ft Lloyd Michels (Trumpet).

"Shake It Up" Dazz Band.

"I would'nt Give You Up" Ecstasy,Passion and Pain.

"The Moment Of Truth" Dunn & Bruce Street.

"Turn The Beat Around" Vicki Sue Robinson.

"You're My One Weakness Girl" Street People.

"Witchunt" The Dezro Orchestra.

"God Knows" Mike McDonald.

Well thats it folks, hope there is something in the list that appeals to your taste.

Please feel free to leave a comment, or even share some of your favorites with me.


I'm Getting Too Old For All This ! Never.

Posted by sandi, 18 April 2009

We got back from Bishops Wood at around 2.30 am, and yes we are still up, been playing records as per usual, l played 5th Dimentions "Slipping into something new" l'd forgotten how good that is......bloody great record in my humble opinion.

Anyway l've been also up to my old tricks scanning the forums,making the odd comment, and also hold back replying to certain threads, as l dare say we all do at one time or another .

l've also developed a fit of the titters, mainly due to remembering recent, conversations, misheard comments, and generally the silliness we get up to and encounter with some really nutty friends whilst on our travels.

Every time l see John Weston now l can't help but comment on his "arse being tickled with a feather" Bad case of Mishearing .

Then there was a comment made about Soul Sam when he was dj'in in the bar at Prestatyn , Someone said he looked like a Jockey, the way he jigs about behind the decks,.......of course he does says l " he's a disc jockey"

Paul (Harpo) came out with a gem, while having a nonsensical conversation ( and being totally straight and sober), about Steptoe and Son!!, he said he'd even get me some mittens to keep my hands warm, and so that l could still have use of my fingers he'd cut the fingers off !!! Derrrrrrr, There are no fingers in mittens .

Last Bank Holiday Sunday(Easter), fookin hell, if you think we are mad, then you obviously dont know Lionel,.... and Luci comes a very close 2nd.Before going to the Marr's Bar Allnighter we went and spent some time with them, when we arrived Lionel was dressed up like some sort of Nora Batty-ish- Carmen Miranda, l wished l'd got my camera, bloody hilarious....what was even funnier was that he'd painted big white circles around his eye's, well thats not funny l hear you say...no, but after trying to wash it off his face he asked us how he could get it off as it was'nt budging, l asked him if it was face paint, to which he replied "No it's Tippex" God love him yet some mothers do have em.

There was the Banner l made for Molly to take along and wave infront of him when he did his spot at the Marr's Bar....it read "Molly's Dolly's, Official Fan Club", with all 4 members signitures on the bottom, and a playlist, which warned him "play these or we are going over to the Rimmer side".

John Weston got our gift for his birthday, an L.P. "Sing It Lofty" Winsor Davis & Don Estelle, customised and Track Listing up-dated by us, Winsor Davis being renamed as Dave Rimmer and Don Estelle as John Weston.

Anyway my heads hurting now trying to remember all the laughs we've had in just a few short weeks, and everyone of them made that extra special by the many fantastic friends l can truely say it's a privilage to know.

Can't wait to find out what's gonna happen next.

Alan Gittas' Birthday Bash.

Posted by sandi, 12 April 2009 ·

Just got back from Alan's 50th Birthday Bash that was held at Goodyears Pavillion, and l can honestly say l had a very enjoyable night.

We arrived just after 9pm and the place was packed with people wanting to wish Alan all the best on his Birthday. ( l vaguely remember some soul nights that used to pull a crowd like this did tonight........dim memory ).

Although not all there were "Soulies", everyone had a great time, the dance floor was packed all night and Wilko played something for everyones taste.

(Even Modern....oooohh Swore there ).

He hired a seven piece soul band called Solid Soul and they entertained the masses, and on the whole the majority enjoyed the live performance.

For me the night was made all the better by seeing people l have'nt seen in a long time, Bev (poma's girlfriend),Andy,Angie,Linda,Billy,Bev and Ben, Ginny and Ray, Kim and Colin,Bev and Shane,Tess and Lee.....the list is endless, so if l've not mentioned you, you know l was very happy to see you all and you know who you are.

Please feel free to leave your comments on the night, l'm sure Alan and his good lady wife Jenny would love to hear your feedback.

Sandi x

Wigan Charity Allnighter

Posted by sandi, 30 March 2009

God knows how long now it was that Anton asked us if we would D.J in the 70's ,80's room, it must be at least 8 months ago, he explained what the night would be all about and we had no hesitation in accepting his invitation and offer our time free of charge for such a worthy cause.

So the day arrived after much preparation and planning, we had a very good feeling about how it would pan out,and we were'nt wrong, after setting out at approx 6pm, we arrived at Wigan by about 7.30, that was the easy bit.

Anton had contacted us earlier in the week asking if we knew of anyone who would be willing to loan out some decks for the modern room, of course we did.....us, .....Anton however was another kettle of fish, Ludwig his surname, l reckon he should change it to Houdini,or the scarlet pimple," we seek him here,we seek him there", where the fook is he when u want him most ????, l swear it's a mystery, eventually he answers his phone and came to meet us outside Maxims (which is now W N 1, apparently).

We are allowed to go into the venue and set up the decks in the modern room, sorted......not quite....technical problems arise,although only minor one's, headphones not picking up any sound(not broken cus they work perfect at my home), just gremlins in the works, then the mic decided to join ranks with the headphones , nothing that was'nt eventually sorted.

The Modern room kicked off at 9 pm officially, even though unofficially it did get record play time from 8.30ish,when Jimmy B took charge of the decks with our blessing to warm up and set the atmoshpere, he played some right cracking tunes,a man who truely knows what a soulful record is, now thats what l call music.

D.J.'s in order of play times.

Steve Clegg

Sarah Evison

Paul Gould





Jimmy B

Jimmy B/Harpo

Steve Clegg, he was introduce to me by Anton, who asked me to look after him and show him how the equipment worked. This was the first time l and Harpo had met the guy, and found him easy going although a little nervous, this l'm sure was only due to not knowing what type of music the punters were expecting to hear.We all have that dreaded feeling sometimes,so l knew how he felt, so l tried to reassure him, "if you know what you like, and like what you know" then it's easy,relax and appear confident,that always prepares you to settle down and enjoy the experience,and before you know it the nerves are gone.

He went on to play a fantastic set, very impressive, l liked his style and taste in music, however later in the evening he did have a conversation with Harpo,and say that the styles and range of music played in the modern room had opened his eyes. To me the soul scene is a progressive ongoing forward thinking and adapting to new soulful trends, it is if you like in effect a school of music developing in all styles and accommodating every taste..........Unfortunately there are just a minority who fail to recognise the wealth and importance of this gradual evolution.

Sarah, what can one say about Sarah, god love her, she's as nutty as a fruit loaf.....With NUTS, Big un's, she is truely a breath of fresh air, and really has fun along the way, she seems to take life as it comes and grabs every opportunity to just be herself, l personally would'nt want her any other way and l'm sure Dave will agree that she is perfect in every way, even her imperfect ways.Full of energy(no wonder she's so slim),she really enjoyed her spot behind the decks, donning a fine afro pink wig, spangled waistcoat, and something hanging near to her never reigions,that looked like next doors dead moggy, time to have that waxed Sarah!!!. What a STAR, entertaining and funny, her spot was'nt half bad either, Sarah made me smile throughout her spot.....maybe it was her womanly plan to slip a couple of 60's into her set, without us noticing, IT DID'NT WORK, but we loved your spot and no-one gave a hoot about the dates on the labels, it was the music quality that mattered, well done Sarah, I know you were nervous but you looked very composed and settled within the first few minutes. P.S. You owe me a tenner for the shoulder rub .

Larry and Paul made the decision to double up behind the decks, l asked Paul why !, he said cus we work well together, l did take the mick a bit and qouted the advert..."We wanna be togther", soz l could'nt resist, Paul found that amusing...Not that l have any gripe about double decking, if it works for them, and they do seem to make a good team, then why not, the emphysis is on enjoying the experience and delivering the goods, they seemed to do both adequately well, see you both soon guys.

Sandi...ooohh Thats me, not gonna blow my own trumpet,just gonna give a little insight to who l am and where l'm from musically. I dont consider myself to be better than the next person,but l do appreciate what comes my way no matter what it may be,be it good or bad, when things are good l very often find myself thinking this is too good to be true,and l wait with bated breath for the bad...sometimes the bad is not too bad after all and sometimes its chronic,but l deal with it head on, l'm a survivour,always ready with a smile,l try not to rock the boat with anyone,yet sometimes l do have to voice my opinion,recently l voice it quite alot , sometimes it gets me into trouble,but l beleive in "what you see is what you get", l cant pretent to be someone l'm not,if that offends certain people then l'm sorry,it's never a deliberate action on my part,and at times l have found myself thinking"oops, did l really think that out loud".....Thats just me. It's all the trappings of life that has made me the person that l am, and an extented portion, rather a long one, has taught me to love,embrase,respect,and cherish every record l consider soulful, l have grown with the music and evolved with it,and it's this progressive movement that has shaped the range that l hold dear to me,it's at time's been uplifting,spiritual,encouraging,and in my darkest hours my best friend,so those who know me,will now understand the importance and the passion l have that burns inside me as bright,or even brighter than when l first heard a soulful tune, because when l did it awakened a appreciation for the words and melody,the both are a marriage of perfection and harmony,evoking all human emotion, l like to think that sets me higher than any other living animal on the planet......but that is just my heartfelt opinion. I play records when l'm asked to D.J. that l consider have helped me mature into the soul loving person that l am to-day,Spots on my bum and all. In some way l feel it's like giving something back to reach other receptive soul lovers,in the hope that the music is embraced also and loved the way l love it. Enough about me Dolly followed me:

I'd never met the lady before,and she came up to me shook my hand and introduced herself, she is a very refined lady ,friendly and it was a pleasure to meet her...all that showed through her taste in what she considers to be soulful, diversity however small can speak volumes, that is why my signature in my personal proflie states" the world has music for those that hear", she and all the other D.J.s in the modern room have moved with the times, not forgetting the fundimental roots of the origins of all soul music and the passion for it that drew them to this elitist scene. It's true about that quote,....to hear the music that this world has to offer in abundance, first we have to listen, there is a great difference between, hearing and listening,in listening we are forced in a way to make a conscience effort to examine everything about the piece of music/song, that includes the rhythm,beat,backbeat,harmony,and WORDS, l cant believe that some people actually have said to me, "l never listen to the words"..unbelievable, it's the words that make the song,they evoke emotions from sadness to joy, how can you not listen to the words?.

Dolly dilivered all this and much more,she put her stamp on the venue.

My Paul (Harpo), he always delivers the goods and with his excellent range of knowlege about everything that is soulful,he can afford to extend his range and supply a bountyful array of soulful records that will cater for anyones and everyones taste in 70's and 80's. Paul has been my guiding light,my mentor and my biggest fan,he believes that the passion that motivates him also motives me, he is forever seaching for records he considers to be treasures(musically) and never ignores the possibilities of the records he has'nt heard , willing to give them a hearing, most of them obtained by hours of diligent searching/listening to if they are not know,or not familiar, by your's truely ME, l very often turn up with a bundle that have appealed to my taste,which is similar if not in most cases the same as Pauls, he will give them a play and usually 99% he'll like and thats the way we work, Paul however is still trying to build up his original collection that he once owned,he's realistic about it and knows he'll never get the complete set back,yet he lives in hope. This is Pauls driving force and it gives him the determination to keep on playing one great crossover/modern/house/garage...over and over again, what ever, sometimes he doubts his ability, but l know that he is charged by soul music,he feels every emotion that a true from the heart soul record can deliver. He has been a inspiration to me and many others including Johnny Fingers,Shute,Tony Foster,Neil Rushton,Dave Weston,Dave Evison,Brian Rea,Butch,And many many more d.j's, oh l must not forget to mention a lady d.j he has inspired, our very own Jumping Joan. To me thats one hell of a tribute to the wealth of his sensational love and knowlege for the music. His spot was as ever a selection of creme de' la creme from the 70's and 80's the man has earned total respect for the contibution he has made to develope the soul scene we have to-day, and l must mention without him being involved with the cavendish and discovering certain records that are loved by many even today on the scene,then there would be no soul scene in wolverhampton. Pioneers like him are rare,most give up due to lack of support, l for one am right by his side we aim to give it our best shot at putting soul music back where it belongs..on the soul scene.

Sorry if you think l have diversed from the main topic, but it needs to be said,respect please where it's due.

Jimmy B, he's quite a character, hard on the outside with a soft heart and good ear for soulful music,anyone who left the room and missed his spot will be gutted they did'nt have the faith to stay, what a banquet to savour.Jimmy you really know what is what when it come to choosing a set, it would put most "D.J.'s to shame that they dont reachout and embrace what is right under their noses. You played a blinder.

Well l think thats that,if l've upset anyone then l'm sorry,it's not intentional, l've only spoken the truth as l see ,ear , and feel it, l've got true soul in my veins,if l did'nt have a respect and a passion for the music l love then l would'nt be on the scene,but l do, and l have the drive in me to express openly what many other soulful bro's and sis' have said over recent years.

If all spoke out more freely then it would make for a better way of soulful life now and in the future to come.

Anton thanks again and love to Nikki and the kids



Brainstorm/ Wake up and be somebody(inc prelude).

Stevie Wonder/Another Star.

Street People/ I wanna spend my whole life with you.

The Nights/ When you drop your guard(Love knocks you down).

Melba Moore/Pick me up l'll dance 12".

Jackie Moore/This time baby 12".

O'Jay's/ I love music 12".

Lloyd Price/ Love music.

Crystal Motion/ You're my main squeeze.

Curtis/ How can l tell her.

5th Dimention/ Slippin into something new.

Jean Carn/Was that all it was.

Silvetti/ Spring Rain.

A Way Of Life/ Trippin on your love.

Main Ingredient/ Everything Man.

John Gary Williams/ The whole damn world is going crazy.

We The People/Making my daydream real.

Keni Burke/ Let somebody love you 12".

Bobby Thirston/ The very last drop.

4 Below Zero/ My baby's got E.S.P.

Lou Curtan/ Heaven in the afternoon (Extended version).

Walter Jackson/ Touching in the dark 12".

This Is Gonna Be My Last Entry About Backstabbers,and Just For Once It Aint Me They Is Chat Shit About....damn

Posted by sandi, 29 March 2009 ·

Right l know it's getting a little bit boring, but please forgive me if l feel the heartfelt and caring need to just .....just...and only a tadish bit to vindicate their names and some dignity .

We all have been subject to gossip and truely we should rise over it all, although there are times when it's not fair when judgement as be passed on other while only one side of the story is heard, l know cus l've been or rather we (me & Harpo) have been in the exact same position.

Ask our selves 1sty is it any of our business, and 2ndly do we have the right to interfer and then without a "trial" be sentenced for a "crime" that the poor victims have be accussed off................one short answer


Now to the point in question, certain stuff has been happening to very good friends of ours, who we think the world of and will do anything we can to help out, Primarily because circumstance dictates we are concerned about 2 of these close friends,although initially there are more than 4 involved.

Right just to name our 2 friends they are and many of you will know them , Luci and Lionel, and as you will also know they were a merry bunch of nutters just going out to venues to enjoy the soulfulness of it all and be mental..............and why not ,it's better than being a boring moaning pow

faced git, more people should just be crazy, As kenny Thomas says"It's a crazy world".

Now it's not my intention to take sides, because unlike some l kept my nose out,tho some did try to tell us " a version of the story", l made it clear that all those involved are friends and as far as l was concerned then if these wanted to tell us, then it would be up to them, rather that than chinese wispers, and we all know how they work eeeehhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

We did'nt see any of them for quite a while, then Paul got a visit from 2 of these completely out of the blue, they put their side to him, and planted the seed, however with me and also Harpo it failed to germinate, it truely fell on stoney ground. My response was to just step aside and wait for either, Luci,Lionel,Mick,Mandy,Marie, any one of them or all of them with their side of the story.

Now no matter what certain people on our wonderful caring scene think of me and believe me They think l'm great, well lets face it my name is hotter than J'Lo's ass......and l am aint l !!!!! Now dont get all upset and start looking at something in me saying l'm great ,because for years l really believed that l was nowt but shit, if you hear it enough times it sticks.....so now not only do l love Harpo ,but l love myself also..........any comments , Friends have just ditto'ed that fact.

I'm not going to explain the details and the in's and out' of who did what,when and how, or even for how long, like l said it's not my business, and both Harpo and l reserve the right as true friend to all concern not to listen to gossip and hearsay ,mostly unfounded, because l'm judge of character, most thing that been mentioned to us are not true to Luci's or Lionel's character.

My advice to them is put it to bed, and then forget it, start afresh.

I did ask Luci and Lionel if they wanted to add a comment on my blogg and lm happy to say they declined..........good all my advice and reasoning all day paid off .

If Mick and Marie read this, please be assured that we also think the world of you and our advice would be the same, you are equal to us,

you've done nowt to us and we respect your feeling too, if you hear any bullshit, it did'nt come from us.

I wish you all luck and best regards.


Shock Revelation

Posted by sandi, 17 March 2009 ·

They are at it again, the gossips are out in force and YET AGAIN got it all wrong.

Apparently Harpo and I spent the entire sat night in the car at Prestatyn......why? well l dont know,because as far as l know we spent most of it in one or the other modern rooms. I did however develop a really bad headache and to be honest got really annoyed with the guys who kept banging away on the bloody bongo's in the Soul Intent room, so much so that l thought it best l took myself off into the other modern room before l committed "death my bongo bongo".

Now there was a little incident that happened earlier in the day when Paul left me in the chalet to catch up with a bit of sleep ( which never happened due to one thing or another ), he said he'd be an hour.......this actually turned out to be three and a half hours, so as you can imagine l was a little bit pissed off with him, as any woman would be and rightly so.

Yet going back to the nights activities, just to put the record straight, because of my thumping head and lack of sleep, l did eventually take myself off to the car at about 4.30 am, which was parked really near to the rear of the building and get my head down, l was zonked and away with the fairies in no time. Is that what the gossips mean by all night !!!!!. This credit crunch thing is even cutting down on hours in the day BLOODY HELL.

I know who the gossips are, and they know l know. At this time l will just this once not name and shame them, but dont by any means think that when l see you in the flesh next time l wont approach you and if you have anything to say then say it, but please be brave enough to say to mine and Pauls face's.



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