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Shirleys review of monkey-23 August 03


DMSC - 23RD August 03

Final Bank Holiday weekend of a hot, hot Summer. Col & I had

decided to go to The Drunken Monkey Soul Club extravaganza. So we

reserved a room at the Springfield Hotel in Wales and booked our train

tickets to Wales in good time to take advantage of the cheaper fares.

Of course the weekend of the Monkey was also the last Bank Holiday

weekend of the summer so it goes without saying that our soulful soiree

was not going to be totally uneventful. Sure enough Rail Track

announced plans for essential repair work to be carried out at least

inconvenience to them, oops sorry I mean the fare paying passenger. No

matter we would make our way there come hell or high water. As it

turned out we didn’t have to confront either hell (though it felt hot

enough) or high water.

On arrival in Flint we took a taxi to the

Springfield Hotel, our driver turned out not to be Welsh but an “Essex”

girl who many years ago, came for the summer season, met and married a

local boy and put down roots blah blah blah, oh no we’d got a “talker”

(this is an essential taxi driver job requirement, without it you’re

just a chauffeur;-))))) and then on coming across a “build up of

traffic” (two cars were waiting at the red traffic lights) she decided

to take an alternate route, now call me a cynic, (those who already

know me call me other things as well ;-))))) but do others always feel

as though they’re going to pay more than the locals would when in a

taxi in a strange town) we learnt about her many grandchildren, her

favourite drinking spot and how the Springfield Hotel was pricey, well

it would be compared to the social club she had already pointed out to

us as her local (seemingly most of her in-laws were on the committee)

the Springfield used to put on well known “live artistes” such as “that

bloke from Stars in Your Eyes” Finally the Springfield was there in

front of us, reluctantly I got out as by now I felt I’d made a new

friend, I almost felt like exchanging phone numbers so we could keep up

with all the “goss”. We paid the (reasonable as it turned out) fare and

bid each other a pleasant Saturday evening.

 Well I don’t know how Tracy

the taxi’s (well we were in Wales) evening went but I know from past

experience that we were more than guaranteed a more than pleasant

evening with the DMSC boys & girls. Mike Hughes and Steve Thomas

were as usual setting up with the help of the sound boys Ed & Dave.

Andy Rix & Rob Thomas weren’t doing their regular spot tonight, on

their jollies I think, so the DJ line up was Chic, Steve Thomas, Robbo,

& Mike Hughes. Mick H also did a set although I hadn’t realised he

was one of the guest DJ’s, Col previously mentioned Mick was on his

jollies so it was a more than pleasant surprise when he showed up

almost straight from the airport to his spot in fact just re-reading

his playlist now I would say that for me it was an unexpected bonus, as

Mick played a few “new to me” toons. No-one played anything other than

excellent, something for everyone spots. The dancefloor soon became

somewhere to claim your territory, which was hard work for me as I was

trying to keep track (no pun intended) of each DJ’s sets plus I wanted

to strut my funky stuff down there on that dancefloor, but the good

stuff just kept on coming, stuff like Moses Smith, The Tropics, Ritchie

Adams, Duke Browner, Bill Bush, The Volumes, Isonics, Houston Outlaws,

The Appointments, The Nurons (can you see my dilemma now?) When I did

decide to take a breather from dancing and write down a few of the

toons , well you all know what it’s like, it took me a while to

remember what the last play was let alone the fifth one back. Next time

I’ll take my pen & pad to the dancefloor, of course this would only

really useful if you can multi-task, as I’m a girlie that shouldn’t be

a problem, all I need now is full and complete knowledge of all the

records any soul DJ is ever likely to play and I’ve cracked it ;-)))))

Considering how many other soul nights and all-nighters were on this

weekend there was a good size crowd

in, some of whom were non soulies from the wedding reception being held

in another room in the hotel. The “wedding” room was why there was no

second DMSC room tonight. This normally being the place to hear

funk/modern/r’n’b/progressive/connoisseurs…….., in other words anything

that is usually played in the “other” room of a two roomed venue ;-))))

Anyway these curious non-soulies popped in liked what they heard and

stayed – always a good sign. Turned out they were really up for it, -

hey didn’t this KFC/Northern stuff sound even better played out at full

belt, their obvious pleasure in the unfamiliar music was unmistakeable.

I love seeing “mainstream” music folks inspired by what they hear, it

always reminds me of how I felt the first time I went to a full on

Northern soul night only six short years ago. By whatever means

Northern soul comes to you, whether it was in the dim and distant past

of your local youth club, via family and/or friends, maybe it was more

recently at a local retro “Tamla – youth club -” soul night or as seems

more likely nowadays through TV ads, if you like what you hear you’ll

sure as hell be back for more. I for one am always encouraged if

someone is so knocked out by the music, they keep coming back for more.

Always room for one more passionate newcomer to swell the Northern Soul

ranks. ;-)))

All in all an absolutely spanking night for the monkey

boys and girls. A big thank you to Mike, his (tolerant) wife, and Steve

for making us feel so welcome. Thanks to the DJ’s for playing some damn

fine music If you haven’t been here before do yourself a favour, make

the effort, don’t take my word for it just check out the following

playlist. First an apology by way of explanation for any cock-ups in

the following playlist, it took me an age to decipher what I had

scrawled down and even then there’s been quite a lot of guess work

involved in the interpretation, so I just hope I haven’t made too many

blunders. Where you see “?/Guess–help needed” means I’m taking a guess

at a toon I don’t know but if anyone else does I sure as hell would

like for you to share that knowledge ;-))) Any glaring errors do feel

free to titter ;-))))

Warm up Sound check and Chic (not sure who played

what at this point)

 Radiants – Heartbreak society

Tangeers – Heart & Soul

Moses Smith – Girl across the street (I never get tired of hearing


? male vocal - ? the only way is up. (Guess– help needed)

Artistics – This heart of mine

? female - ? coming on strong (Guess – help needed)

Cavaliers – Hold to my baby

Jnr Walker – Brainwasher (I think)

Chic (definitely played these)

Archie Bell & The Drells – 1000 Wonders (I know it’s the same group

but it could have been The TSU Tornados I suppose)

Volumes – Just can’t help myself

Big Frank & The Essences – I won’t let her see me cry

Herman Lewis – Who’s kissing you tonight

Tropics – Hey little girl

Dynells – Call on me

? female - ?good got to settle for the bad

Jean Wells – let me love you

Frankie & The Damons – Man from Soul

Pat & The Blenders – Just because

Mayfield Singers – Don’t start none (gotta say, good toon but I think I

prefer the instrumental)

Little Tommy – Baby what has happened

Ascots – Anytime

Big Don’s rebellion – It was true

James Wade – ?

Spidels– Pushed out of the picture

Masquaders - It’s the same thing

Caesers – La La La I love you

Servicemen - ? (for the life in me I can’t remember which one)

IAPC – Check yourself (Gotta say I much prefer the Intruders toon to

this one)

Ruby – Feminine Ingenuity

Bobby Reed – The time is right Steve Thomas Emanuel laskey – Lucky to

be loved

Dickie Wonder - Nobody knows

Ellusions – You didn’t have to leave

Lost Souls – Secret of mine

Johnny Mae Matthews – Lonely you’ll be

Patrice Holloway – Stolen Hours

Phoentics – Just a boys dream

Richie Adams – I can’t escape from you

Charades – Key to my happiness

?Soundmasters – Don’t wanna be your fool

Dells – Run for cover

Gayle Addams – Baby I need your loving

Steve played a few modern toons

followed by a few R’n’B that I wasn’t

familiar with, just thought I’d mention it to let you get a feel of how

is set went Sonny Til – Hey little woman

Duke Browner – Crying over you

Nolan Chance – Just like the weather

Shelly North – Give me one more chance

Jean Carter – Like one

Paramount Four – You just don’t know Robbo Volumes – Ain’t gonna give

you up

?Judy Freeman – Hold On

Bobby Reed – I need your loving

Barbara Mason – Bobby is my baby

Exits – Gotta have money

Jimmy Seal – The yesterday of our love

Charles Lamont – You gotta keep moving

Jimmy Burns – You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

Bill Bush – I’m waiting

? – Go for yourself

Guitar Ray – You’re gonna wreck my life

Mick H (fresh back from his

jollies) Sam Dees – Lonely

Sensations-Demanding Man

Anthony &Delsonics -Everytime

Four Tops – Hands of time

The Videls - Aint Gonna Do You No Good

Appointments-I Saw You There

Youngbrothers -Whats Your Game

Devotions -Do Do Da Da

Nurons -All Of My Life -

Passions -If You See My Baby

Walter & Admirations -Man O Man

Homer Banks-Sweetie Pie

Eric Mercury-Lonely Girl

Springers -Nothings To Good For My Baby

Aspirations -You Left Me

Mickey McCuller – Who you gonna run to

Monique - If You Love Me

Eric Mercury – Lonely Girl

Don Gardner – Cheatin kind

Four Voices - Your love is getting stronger

? – I love you just the same

Buddy Smith -When You Lose The One You Love

Ascots – Three feet from the gutter

Robert Tanner – Sweet Memories

Tim Harris - ?Don’t say

Mike Hughes Isonics – Sugar

Houston Outlaws – Ain’t no telling

Brilliant Corners – Three lonely guys

September Jones – I’m coming home

BJ Thomas – Keep it up

Cubie & the Cs – Church going girl

And then suddenly it was all over

There was of course the obligatory long goodbyes to everyone, and then

into the bar for a nightcap for those of us staying overnight in the

hotel. But hey what a night. Now was I right or was I right about the

music played.;-)))

Til the next time

Soulfully yours


Many thanks Shirley for passing on review, as all her stuff a great

read, both informative and enjoyable!

saw the qs, and just thought add odd thing or two (mainly to prevent

Johnny j on me back)

Johnny J from Bangors Soul At Social did the first hour. Had to mention

as had enough banter when he found out wasnt on flyers! :)

jr walker track on about was King Cutis - Footpaddin (part 2)

Think it was Mick H was billed not that bloody mike h, we usually dont

bill any of the dmsc team, as we just fill in gaps at front and end ,

unless as in this case Stevie T who was doing a main hour so was


Other plays thrown out on nite not listed think are in other post on

soul source site, but as think only obvious mistake spotted was giving

c going girl its stafford cover name rather than - derc hotzog, gotta

say very impressive skills.

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