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Yorkshire Riders Halifax Aug - Look and Plays


Have to say, had a another enjoyable nite out at that Yorkshire Riders

event in Halifax industrial estate

A fair few of us did the journey across and at end all gave it a very

big thumbs up.With fresh sounds and a good friendly feel to the whole

nite, had a great time.

Though would be appreicated by some if could move it to a nite with no

niter after :)

read more for rest of view and plays

Must be something about Halifax, getting there and the event are great,

it all goes to #### once you try and get out! Last month after leaving,

ended up in bradford instead of blackburn, add a speeding fine and then also

a lost credit card ouch!

Well on event, numbers wise fair few , 3 figures I reckon, not as many

as last time, but dont think was other event on close by then. As

Shirley say was a fair few travellers and I noticed that a fair few were at last

one, so that was good to see and bit of proof that becoming a solid


DJ wise, think we caught end of regulars Alex Jones and got to say that

every spot heard him do this year has been a good one, with always a

fair few "whats that" spins for me.

Bit funny looking at playlists later on as dont always match the view you had on the night, know what I mean,

anyway on nite view was two great sets by the guests, think the "no

policy is our policy" thing is definte worthwhile and got to say seemed that the two guests, Robbo and Bob H thrived on it, with avoiding the safe options, Lot of theorys going round in various conversation, one was "f*ck the dance floor" Cut it

short, saying if someone walked in this event and judged nite on the

dancefloor, would just call it an average nite as dance floor wasnt

chokka But then if someone else come in and went round asking what the punters

sitting down thought of the sounds, well then would get called a very good night.

On guests plays, had to laugh a few times on night, ( in a good

humoured way ) as ever so often when looking around one of the team

would pop up, next to decks, at back etc with notebook out scribbling

furoisly! It was like a "Wheres Waldo" for trainspotters. :):).

On plays, think you missed the great Ujimas Im not ready - epic, off

Bob H, would have told you, but its one of those words that cant get my

mouth around, and last time tried to say it was almost stampeded by a herd

of rhinos.

* one was on ebay recently - anyone catch what it went for??

Voted the most "refreshing, " 45 of the night was "Eugene Jefferson -

Pretty girl dressed in brown" which had us all smiling, and singing

along, and left me with a yearning to hear "church going girl". Also the

bloody soul twins ? "bloody" cause that was 3rd time in last 3 events

its been played, surely not a new lease of life,

* Robbo finiished with a 70s tune, which he gave a big intro, it was

called "mr *******?" by a one name guy something like leon or similar.

Anyone know detaisl???

Claimed it would be the next "messing with your mind", mmm didnt really

ring any bells on first hear,

 Think Guy was on next, now think in last 6-8 weeks have heard Guy about

5 times, though was thinking may be getting a bit too familar, but

neednt have bothered worrying, as came out with a fair few different spins

than last time, and must have been good as they had a effect on Stevie

T to make him punch the air then clap a few times:) Again top stuff and

seemed all enjoyed. Think Guy did up to finish,?

Think one thing that puts event in perspective was that even though

there was a niter close by , to us lot, this was the main event.of

weekend and the niter was just a after thought.

Highly recommended,

Just to finsih will say if listening to quality soul rare soul is your

bag. and enjoy nites run by soul fans, whos sole aim is to just help

push out quality rare soul. Well this is it, more than likely will have

read reviews of previous nites , after few hiccups, have had a few

solid nights, and myself reckon on its a good one

Sheridans was next stop, well as rear vehicle in a 3 vehicle convoy, so

no chance of getting lost. One hour later we were all in deserted

Dewsbury town centre trying to pay a taxi driver to go to Sheridansso

we could follow.

Walked in to catch King M - I got the feeling spun by Soul Sam

which was a good start

Then spent a few hours in bar/modern area just cracking on.With Arthur

Fenn and then Soul Sam doing modern modern style

Had to laugh as Mr Day

was being flogged by all place, even had it on sale at cafe bit. Left

round 6-7 ish, not really there long enough to give it a fair view

Ripped from Shirley here;s playlist from riders

Colin Wood & John Purvis

Collections & Civics - Ill be there

Magnetics - When Im with my baby

Walter Scott - Brand new girl

Willie & The Hand Jives - Gotta find a new love

Matt Lucas - You better go go

Pretenders - I wanna be

Derek Martin - Breakaway

Susan Coleman - Age of the wolf

Jades - Hotter than fire

Delfonics - Youll get enough

Vows - Tell me

Objectives - Love went away

Gene Chandler - From day to day

Little Sonny - No compromise c/u

Tommy Tucker - Thats how much

Willie Hutch - Cant fight the power

Eddie Engel

The Avons - Since I met you baby

Steve Tyrell - A boy without a girl

Herman Lewis - Whos kissing you tonight

Azie Mortimer - You cant take it away

Joey DeLorenzo - I lost my sense of direction

Minnie Jones - Shadow of a memory

Little Foxes - So glad you dont change

Volumes - That same old feeling

Calvin Williams - Lonely youll be

Dottie & Millie - Talkin about my baby

Little Tommy - Baby cant you see

Little Johnny Hamilton - Oh how I love you

Chalfontes - He loves me

Trends - Thats how I like it

Alex Jones

 Holly Maxwell - Dont say you love me

Emory & The Dynamics - Take a look at our life

Soul Set - Will you ever learn

Delegates of Soul - Ill come running back

Jesse Davis - Hang on in there girl

Passions - If you see my baby

Gerri Taylor - Im satisfied with your love

Moonlighters - Lonely baby

Gentlemen Four - You cant keep a good man down

Tokays - Baby Baby Baby

Clarence Townsend - I found a love

Servicemen - ~Are you angry

Agents - Trouble

Earnest Mosely - Stubborn heart

Morris Chestnut - Too darn soulful


Bunny Sigler - For crying out loud

Lewis Clark - I need you lovin so bad

Luther Ingram - Run for your life

Clarence Hill - Lotta love going round

Joe Matthews - Aint nothing you can do

Volumes - I aint gonna give you up

Tobi Lark - Sweep it out the shed

Paul Sindab - I was a fool

Exits - You got to have money

Major Harris - Call me tomorrow

Soul Twins - Give the man a chance

Tangeers - Let my heart and soul be free

Bill Bush - Im waiting

Reetha Reeves - Only lies

Eugene Jefferson - Pretty girl dressed in brown

Adorables - Ooh boy

Johnny McCall - You cant get away

Ellusions - You didnt have to leave

Jellybeans - You dont mean me no good

Eddie Hill - You got the best of me

Charades - Key to my happiness

Bob Hinsley

Betty Wilson - Im yours

Trannels - Blessed with a love

Betty Lloyd - Im catching on

Tommy Turner - Lazy

Embers - First time

Vanguards - Good times bad times

Choice of Colour - Your love

Cant remember title or artist for this one except to say it has the

hook "look into my eyes" - can anyone name this one?

Johnny Robinson - Shes gone but not forgotten

Gambrells - You better move

Guy Hennigan

Apocryphals - Im losing you

Lord Thunder - Chaos

Detroit Rhythm Section - Back street

Dream Masters - Lonely Lonely

Eddie Ray - Glad I found you

Anthony & The Delsonics - Every time

Martha Valez -

Bud Harper - Wherever you were

Monroe Taylor - Proud guy

Hayes Cotton - Black wings has my angel

Irma & The Fascinators - You need love

Joys of Life - Good times are over

Johnny Gibson - Come on and let me know

As usual any errors or omissions in the above playlists are of my own

making and do not in any way reflect on the integrity of the promoters

of the Rider Club - just that they were "too busy" (at the bar,

refreshment and record - in other words couldnt be arsed to pick up a

pen and write the tracks down themselves)

Hope to see you next time - Saturday 14th September for another top

soulful night when the guests will be Chris "Rochdale Cowboy" Shepherd &

Andy "Bulldog" Dyson. Miss this at your peril.

Shirley Stewart.

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