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This event is now over

We've got 4 guest Dj's for the "Bonfire" rare soul night at The Rafa Club - 5th November 2016.

Special Guests are:

Pete and EVO from Wolverhampton plus:

George Hunt and Dickie Watts from Carlisle.

Sure to be a packed night supporting these great DJ's plus promoters in support.

£3.00 on the door as usual and starts from 7.30pm till 12.30am. Big car park (Free) to rear of club. More details to follow:


Message from Dickie last week and George last week , Dickie thought a few tunes he,d play would be as a tribute to the late John Powney who was the most prolific collector of rare soul over the last 40 years in the North East, a nice thought and George will bring over some heavyweights ,like his lovely w/demo only known copy of Magnetics on Sable and the file demo copy on Bonnie of Magnetics that he brought over here over 20 years ago from Detroit and of course a few rockets for bonfire night . It's gonna be a mega night of rare Northern Soul for sure.

Support your Rare Soul night as there's not many about in the UK let alone the North East -


Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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I really enjoyed the evening, great records all the way!

All the DJ's played great sets.  Knowledgeable crowd in attendance.

First time at the Rafa for me, the venue was friendly and had a good atmosphere!


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· Edited by Soulboyslim

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Playlists from guest dj’s – Pete Ratcliffe, EVO (Wolverhampton), Dickie Watts, George Hunt (Carlisle)

Our rare soul nights are still regularly attended which goes to prove that discerning soul fans want “Something New To Do” from a soul night and it was good to see so many faces last Saturday night, especially the supporters from Wolverhampton and Carlisle.

8.00pm and Pete Ratcliffe kicked off the start of the guest dj spots, Pete was a bit nervous but after 5 minutes was in his element playing…….


Ethics – I want my baby back

Tommie Young - Hit and run lover

Out – of – sights – Tears don’t care who cries

Enchanted Five – Have you ever

Jive Five (feat’ Eugene Pitt) – If I had a chance to love you

Magnificent 7 – Never will I make my baby cry

Voice Masters – Dance right into my heart

Compliments – Beware, Beware

Ujima – I’m getting hip to your ways and actions

Cash McCall – You can’t take love

The Stoppers – Come back baby

11 cool sounds from Pete getting the night off to a great start and following Pete was Evo…..


Basic Black and Pearl – There’ll come a time, there’ll come a day

Virgil Henry – I’ll be true

The Summits – I’ll never say no

Choice of colour – Your love

The Hesitations  - Is this the way to treat a girl

Sugar and the Spices – Have faith in me

Betty Moorer – Speed up

Paul Varisco – Tell me where love goes

Terry callier – Gotta get closer to you

Bobby Freeman – lies

Royal esquires – Ain’t gonna run no more

Quite a lot of Pete and Evo’s plays were on the free cd which runs through beautifully and each track blends with the next one perfectly. Next up is George Hunt from Carlisle with some big hitters….


Al Williams -  I am nothing - palmer white demo

De-lites - lover - Cuppy

George Blackwell - Can,t loose my head - Smoke

Ty Karim - You really made it good to me - Senator

Flash Mckinley- I,ll rescue you - Bombay

Chuck Holiday - Just can,t trust nobody - Gloria

Betty Wilson  - Im yours  - Dayco

Vanguards - Good times bad times - Lamp

The Topics - Hey girl - Chadwick - Blue issue

Gerri Hall - Who can i run to - Hotline  bongos intro

Rotations - Put a nickel on d9 - Frantic white demo

Paulette - Love you babe – Contact

The 30 minute sets go past quickly and work well for delivering different styles of Northern soul and next up is the legendary Dickie Watts who’s had nearly every rare soul record through his hands at point or another and it was great to let Dickie loose on the decks playing just what he wanted to… We await Dickie’s playlist as he never listed the records – they will be posted soon but some I remember were


Tommy Turner  - Lazy – Elbam

Perfections – Lonely – Big B

It’s 10pm now and time for Pete’s second set and Pete started just where he left off with….


TSU Toronadoes – Got to get through to you

Cavalier – Time

Cam Cameron – They say

Festivals  - You got the making of a lover

TSU Toronadoes – please heart don’t break

Chappells – You’re acting kind of strange

Albert Jones  - I do love you

Internationals  - Beautiful Philosophy

Fidels  - Boys will be boys

Wilson Love  - Funny money

The Commands  - Don’t be afraid to love me

Many thanks to Pete for his first time on the decks at the rafa club, Evo following on with something a bit more uptempo – kicking off his second set with ……


Mary Moultrie – They’re trying to tear us apart

Tommy Frontera – You’re my leading lady

The Spidells – Pushed out of the picture

Buddy Ace  - Pleasing you

The Shadows – My love has gone

The Mayberry Movement – I think I’m in love

Clara Wood – You’re after my guy

Belita Woods – Magic Corner

Billy Keene – Wishing and hoping

Gino Washington – I’ll be around

Colette Kelly – City of fools

The Wolverhampton boys were applauded for their efforts and to keep things rolling along for the dancers, many thanks to Pete and Evo plus all of their friends for travelling so far to the Rafa Club, (Pete, Jackie, Evo, Jane, Mike, Jan, Mac and Lynne) they mainly come to listen and dance but this time contributed – many thanks guys and we’ll see you next year.


Dickie Watts is next up for 45 minutes of super rare soul……….


To be added later


11.45 and George Hunt is the final guest dj – taking us to closing time, so we’ll let his records do the talkin’….


Mac Staten – There she goes

Constellations – I don’t know about you

Ray Agee – I’m losing again

Bobby James  - I really love you

Combinations  - I’m gonna make you love me

Rotations – Put a nickel on D9

Sensations  - Demanding man

Larry Clinton – She’s wanted

Ronnie McNair – Sitting in my class

Timmie willaims – Competition

Four Dynamics – Things that a lady ain’t supposed to do

The Appointments – I saw you there

Magnetics – Lady in green

Magnetics – When I’m with my baby

Esther Grant  - lets make the most out of love

Nu-Rons – All my life

George Pepp – The feeling is real

Eddie Parker  - Gone

Running over a little for George’s last few records but it would be rude not to hear them – A fantastic night of great Northern, crossover soul music, many thanks to everyone who contributed to the night and we’ll be back on the 3rd December for the last soul night in 2016 – details to follow.


All records played are OVO..... get along to the next rafa soul club 3/12/2016 - you'll love it.

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