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Following The Music Not The Crowd

Kev John
Soul Nights

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    Soul Night
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    Congleton Cricket Club
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    Congleton    CW12 4DG

About The Event


Adventurous music policy....

playing 'Something a little different' alongside those 'Some New to Me Sounds'.......

rare, rarely played,, forgotten and just plain GOOD choice cuts .

Kev, Paul , Jez ,Dave, and John, playing the records

Easy access...under 20 mins from J17 and J18 M6....GREAT venue in a unique setting in South Cheshire

Record sellers welcome 

7pm til 12:30am

£5 gets you in & involved 

the small print:..
For those it interests we shall be playing original vinyl


Congleton Cricket Club - Congleton Event Map


Congleton Venue Address:

Congleton Cricket Club
Booth St, Congleton, CW12 4DG, United Kingdom

Check details before travelling

Edited by Kev John
Date change for the event

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It isn't about us..it's about the music thats played !!

Without listing names...there is ALWAYS a great group of people turning out for these gatherings.

Its great to listen and enjoy a 'wide range' of tunes....some will be 'first time out ...' at this fabulous little event

****It's not all about what you see ..it's all about what you hear*****

Give us a try ...am sure you'll hear some that will 'tickle your fancy

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 Don't worry, you won't be burdened with an Oldies playlists

* No seemingly never ending rare and expensive record focus....

* No contrived emphasis on 'youth club classics' in a vain bid to

satisfy a DJ's ego with a full dancefloor

.we aim to play as wide a range of music as possible....ask the regulars....really they'll tell ya !!

no dwelling on the past as though its a cult...we up and at em !!!

A very well respected and renowned record dealer states in his PRICE GUIDE

700 pages of pure information, covering approx 15,000 different artists with approx 80,000 titles.

Yeah you read it right!!!!!!

**....80,000 titles we wont play all of em obviously its impossible ...but am sure you'll agree there's plenty go at !!!!!! **

.....open the windows there's a breath a fresh air coming in...and it sounds glorious !!

2023 and its time to shine !!

When Saturday comes .....



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This event is where you can play what you want NO restrciton on where said sound is played


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25 minutes ago, Kev John said:

This event is where you can play what you want NO restrciton on where said sound is played


and because we play the right tunes...there is no right order...clever innit 🙂

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3 hours ago, Jez Jones said:

and because we play the right tunes...there is no right order...clever innit 🙂

Your right, but there's definitely a wrong order! Or possibly multiple wrong orders 

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23 minutes ago, Geeselad said:

Your right, but there's definitely a wrong order! Or possibly multiple wrong orders 

ya not wrong we've heard em loadsa times aint we

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A real treat in store down here in leafy South Cheshire.....Focus firmly on the MUSIC as is the norm...the clue's in the title !!

FTMNTC residents will present another evening of music to entertain the enthusiasts...with feature appearances from Bob Spendlove and Carl and Maria Willingham

Bob wiill delight us with his choices from  a coveted collection of records ... igniting the interest of the many enthusiasts in attendance

Carl and Maria have built a reputation over the years of being dedicated to the ethos of the original scene, pushing the musical boundaries and intriguing the dancers, wherever they appear......

Make no mistake these are A listers on our decks

Tell your friends ..spread the word.....you too can be Following the Music.....................................

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Why not join us at this 'dreamy' little venue ...deep in leafy South Cheshire

Featuring an excellent dancefloor with accompanying top notch sound system

A separate bar area with a friendly and welcoming chill out space

A fabulous 'alfresco' area to congregate, overlooking the magnificent and superbly manicured grounds

Experience a musical journey provided by the FTMNTC team and their guests....

'this event is beginning to 'catch the eye' and welcomes regular travellers from all over to enthuse and enjoy some superb sounds

Sounds from the 60's though to present day !!!!

Don't just head out to your local WMC and experience the 'oh so familiar'

...treat yourself to the 'whole nine yards' as described above 

Spread the word..tell you chums...

A List guest DJ's


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Had one or two asking....and its a valid point YES the bar accepts BOTH cash and card payments for your convenience


This is important because some venues I've heard of either accept cash only or card only....


Congleton Cricket Club accept both !!!!

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 few ideas for an overnight stop

if needed

the lamb inn congleton.
lion and swan.congleton

Queens Head Hotel Congleton (close to rail links)

the alexandra court hotel Congleton

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Interest is building nicely ....with a few out of the area expressing an interest.....this reflects the ambiance and vibe at the CC HQ for FTMNTC...expect to HEAR  a real adventurous playlist

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ENTHUSIASTS....lets get busy...let's get ready



'we don't do em' !!!!!


...just like we used to....

**...You may hear some you know,

We're sure you'll hear a few you won't know...

it's possible you'll hear some you've forgotten...**

You may add some to your 'wants' list....


Where music matters and NOT who plays it

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No shouting about the best dancefloor

No shouting about cheapest and best beer

No shouting about best free parking

No shouting about it being 'a way of life'

No shouting about records that 'may' be played

Just a simple night out with a wide selection of sounds in a pleasant, friendly environment

Lets go where the 'grown ups go' !!

This is a 'safe space' to enjoy the music !!!!

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7 hours ago, Kev John said:

.....just a few days to wait now ! music quality assured ....:hatsoff2:


Quality assured ...definitely....the range of music on offer goes way beyond the chains of the Top 500

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A 'Bespoke' event designed and presented for the enthusiasts out there.......

Collector/DJ's combining to present a somewhat 'fresh' promotion of sounds that cover the underplayed, rare,, rarely played, forgotten plus a 'shake' of the new....and an occasional dusting off of a 'classic'

I'm sure you'll join us in welcoming Carl and Maria along with Bob to our little FTMNTC soiree. 

The quality of music and range on offer has just got a whole lot more enticing !!

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Not for us a tired and uninspiring playlist of the same 100/150 records regurgitated monthly in a different order to give the impression of variety

Not for us a 'bar culture' where people are more interested in congregating around the bar and need to be 'seen on the scene' .....rather than listening to the music

Not for us the 'Northern Soul A Way of Life' approach ....we are just enthusiasts following our hobby and sharing with other enthusiasts

Its 'out there' if you look

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some 'logistics' info....for those travelling by car from out of town.

Once the venue car park is full..there is plenty of roadside parking outside the venue and surrounding roads

Alternatively...there are 2 car parks approx 5 mins walk from the venue

Antrobus Street, CW12 1HB

West Street, CW12 1JR

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Musically no restrictions as per norm and expect the 'usual suspects' to be playing the sounds and on occasion !! We intend this to be very social...and our regulars will tell you .. we don't take ourselves very seriously..but we DO enjoy the music.

If you're looking for a nostalgia event where you can be transported back to the halycon days of the Wheel, Torch, Wigan, Mecca etc...

then this aint for you......besides they tell me the toilets are too clean nowadays......!!!!

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Fancy an outing .. BUT don't fancy going somewhere and listening to the same old 'tired oldies' ....then here we have SOMETHING DIFFERENT......

The event had been getting some 'rave reviews'

Easy access...under 20 mins from J17 and J18 M6....GREAT venue in a unique setting in South Cheshire

Edited by Jez Jones
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Flying a flag for the 'real side' ...putting music first


It matters not WHO plays it ....it matters WHAT is played


Join us  for another 'fab' instalment

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So a few hrs to go  the sun's shining..its a real picture postcard venue when the weather is like this.....

...what to expect ? A real smorgasbord musically

!!!! Yeah a few events announce proudly they play rare and underplayed...yeah you've seen them we all know who they are :_)  BUT is that it ?? the sum total ??? all bloody night.....give us a break !!!.

Tonight here at FTMNTC -

you will hear rare and underplayed

you will hear rarely played and forgotten

you will hear newer sounds and not so new sounds

you will hear a variety of genres.... far be it from us to categorise

you will hear one offs and prev unreleased records

you will hear album only tracks along with diff version tracks

you will hear the odd classic

you will hear.....loads of records.... !!!

No ones ever accused us of a lack of variety here at FTMNTC

If your enthusiastic about your music...then you've come to the right place

Coz we are !!!

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There's been some ace guests recently down at FTMNTC, and again tonight we have two diverse djs who definitely wow the crowd. 

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