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  1. Jez Jones

    3 Clubs Allnighter

    ..just back from setting up....and in awe. The sound system down there is 25k in one room and 35k in another...We knew its the biz...BUT with the sound engineer today we really put it through its paces !!! It aint for the timid or faint's really bossin it now !! If ya like ya nighter sounds with a bit of oooooommpphhh..... See ya all later...have a safe journey
  2. Jez Jones

    3 Clubs Allnighter

    No problem know our 'mantra' here.... **Just get together a group of people that will deliver the music **Issue an open 'invite' to enthusiasts out there **Press the button...and we're off see ya Saturday mi'owd !
  3. Brilliant first one of 2020..back at HQ after a very busy CO72
  4. Jez Jones

    3 Clubs Allnighter

    serpently is mate..I'll pop round one night for a catch up
  5. Jez Jones

    3 Clubs Allnighter

    DJ times for... NEW and EXCLUSIVE ..a FREE warm up session in the Ground Floor Bailiff's Bar !! WARM UP...FREE entry ! 7pm ---11pm Little Tommy 7-8 Jimmy Knowles 8-8-30 Paul Hayden 9-930 Mark Hayden 9-30-10-00 Donny Russell 10.00-11 (end) Allnighter 10.30pm start upstairs Allnighter DJ timings to follow this week
  6. Jez Jones

    3 Clubs Allnighter

    Please note : NEW start time...... **A later 10.30pm start to allow for the travelling Allnighter community......** offset NOW with added NEW and EXCLUSIVE **FREE** warm up session 7-11pm.
  7. Jez Jones

    3 Clubs Allnighter

    Great news Kev, I've had a few message me saying they wont get there till after 11 because of travelling.....this is a very welcome initiative
  8. MND Assoc. Kidney Research UK UHNM These three charities will now between them benefit from a massive ****** £ 1115 !!!!! ****** Once again the camaraderie and generosity of the CO72 patrons shone brightly like a 'Torch' on Saturday. It never ceases to amaze me how this event continues to deliver year in year out For many this has become an institution....a chance to rekindle old friendships and make new ones..... to the 'backdrop' of some of the best sounds laid down on vinyl Lets thank 'TEAMCO72' for all their selfless hard work behind the scenes, we were truly blessed...your efforts paid off big style....massive thanks 'guys and gals' !! Also a big shout out to the Cricket Club ..who did a sterling job us....CO72 is an unknown entity to many...but they made us ALL feel very welcome.....I think we can say CO72 has found a 'new home' So CO72 on !!!! I was humbled and indeed proud of what you ALL do..I can honestly say I 'walked amongst giants' on Saturday .. Congratulations and thanks to did it AGAIN !! x
  9. Cheers Nige .
  10. Adding this because Julie isn't on this site... ..a message from Julie Morgan Searle...our raffle guru and staunch CO72 supporter.... ' its that time of year where I start to mither all you lovely people to donate a raffle prize for our annual charity event..I know u lot won’t let me down' So if anyone can help out with raffle prizes ..see Julie on the always ALL donations gratefully accepted
  11. In readiness for tomorrow...... Just some 'logistics' info....for those travelling by car from out of town. Once the venue car park is full..there is plenty of roadside parking outside the venue and surrounding roads Alternatively...there are 2 car parks approx 5 mins walk from the venue Antrobus Street, CW12 1HB West Street, CW12 1JR
  12. Class timetable 4 – 5.45 ….Welcome to CO72....your hosts ------------------------------------------------ 5.45 - 6.30........East Midlands Connection ** 6.30 – 7.30.......Keith Minshull 7.30 – 8.30.......Stew Richards 8.30 – 9.30.......Jez Jones 9.30 – 10.30 ...Terry 'Record Corner' Davies 10.30 – 11.30 ...Sam Moore 11.30 – 12.30 ...Martin Alsop ----------------------------------------------- 12.30 – 2am ..Finale ...your hosts ** Francis Geirak, Graham Malley , Judy Moss
  13. Just to confirm this 'ORIGINAL' soul night out at the fabulous Congleton Town Hall venue is the LAST one of the year...Beartown Soul run one in Feb/March and this last one in Oct/ its the last chance to get on this years promotions...ALWAYS a great night out !!
  14. Jez Jones

    3 Clubs Allnighter

    Just a quick 'heads up '......other promoters that attend are more than welcome...AND their EVENT FLYERS are welcomed also !! Feel free to flyer your events here !!! ...also record sellers/dealers welcomed
  15. .......'' we're putting the band back together '' Now confirmed Terry 'Record Corner' Davis is joining us on the decks ! Terry has been a writer for Black Echoes magazine, a DJ and broadcaster on such stations as JFM & Solar Radio, and for over 30 years he worked at South London's mighty Record Corner shop and of course one of the 'London crowd' that travelled up to Hose st... ..a warm welcome awaits....

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