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  1. The Stingers - I refuse to be lonely Bobbetts - I've gotta face the world Roscoe Robinson - What you're doing to me Angelonos - Down in East LA The In Men - Take a look at my baby Sonny Fisher - Oh Love Rotations - I can't find her Casonova Two - We got to keep on Clifford Curry - Ain't no danger Darrell Banks - It's not fair to me Lil Walter & the average black and white band - Funk train Flight 505 - Love the bass’ man Mercy men - Fifth street Cleo Randle - You got everything Betty Dell - Action Samuel T Robinson - Time to go crazy Freddie Watson - together baby J Cyer’s - It’s a shame Edd Henry - Soul socking time baby Betty Renay & the latter Davis conspiracy - You’re the one for me Jackie Lee - Do the Temptation Walk Magnificent Men - By the Time I get to Phoenix Lord Thunder - Thunder Milton Bennett - That's one more lie Inspirations - Watermelon Man Spare Change - Alive and Well Quintessents - Movin On Bobby Reed - Baby Don't Leave Me Boz Scaggs - You Make it So Hard Donald Height - I Can't Get Enough Sunny Ridell - Come Out in My World Clarence Murray - Don't Talk Like That Cashmeres - Finally Waking Up (Bashful Man) Two People - Stop leave my Heart Alone The T.N.J's - Two Girls Peter and Wolfs - My Heart Is True Ron Saunders - The skate-Pt2 The Soul Blenders - The deal Bobby Mandolph - Long time coming -CU Bobby Hebb - Evil Woman Irene Reid - I must be doing something right Earl and jimmy major - Quiet as it’s kept The specials - Baby, you need me Edwin Johnson - Ain’t that enough to make a man cry Jack Jacobs - I believe it’s alright Pat Thomas - The long long night Unique blends - Yes I'm in love Roscoe Thomas - American girl Lenny williams - I couldn't find no body The falcons - Love you like you never been loved Lee Williams - It's everything about you that I love Troy Dodds - Try my love Harold Curington - One day girl Chico hamilton - Conquistadors part 1 Timothy Wilson - Hey girl do you love me
  2. Great stuff Kev...a real diverse mix
  3. Jez Jones

    Big Wigan Weekender


    Announcement:- It has been decided that in the interests and safety to all concerned that this Good Friday Allnihghter on 10th April has to unfortunately be cancelled. We really apologise to everyone that this decision has had been taken, but we are sure that all will understand and the reasons that go behind it. Other Wigan Weekender events are similarly being cancelled for this Easter Weekend Again sorry for any disappointment and inconvenience
  4. Cheers Dave for that....we try our best ....plus we think its most important that the sound system is 'up to the job' unfair to the customers AND DJ's if it isn't
  5. absolute cracking selection Hutch.....yes plenty asking about a few.....result indeed !!...well done mate and thanks !
  6. nowt wrong with that me owd .....needs must and all that ....gizza shout if you're avail for teh May one
  7. I'd just like to say...a really BIG THANK YOU ..to all those enthusiasts who came on Friday night ...... Great music and even greater company....and a really enthusiastic and appreciative dancefloor !! You ALL did brill Thanks to 'Hutch' as well..lad played a blinder !! Next up is our Alldayer in May ...last years was a great day/night out...this years is building up to be the same !
  8. Well that looks good Kev well done...I've heard the DJ's are digging deep again for some quality sounds..should be a belting night
  9. I don't think its a 'promoters' role...if any measures are taken it will be by the venue owners/operators taking advice from the authorities I think. There is a 'duty of care' issue that they must be aware of I presume ...BUT I'm no expert
  10. Looks like we gonna have a fair few sales boxes on Friday.....don't forget if you wanna bring ya sales box, there's plenty of space..and we do like a rummage here at FTMNTC
  11. Jez Jones

    Big Wigan Weekender


    ** BIG Good Friday Allnigter... Stubshaw Cross with newly added 2nd Alternative/Freestyle room !! 11hrs.... 7pm----6am !!! looking forward to this ALLNIGHTER...some top DJ's lined up !!
  12. Just a reminder as always we welcome other promoters 'flyering' our event ..
  13. Just over a week to go !!..... just to give a bit of clarity on what we try to do here...... **Just get together a group of people that will deliver the music **Issue an open 'invite' to enthusiasts out there **Press the button...and we're off NO grandiose claims of large car parks,cheap ale etc etc NO Kiss The Flag or Cocoa or the like It REALLY is that simple..... Lets elaborate a little.... 1) **Just get together a group of people that will deliver the music We are SO lucky to be able to call on a splendid group of 'lads and lasses' ....they send the music quality off the scale. Eye opening and mouthwatering selections..... 'real deal' stuff....thanks ever so much... _______________________ 2) **Issue an open 'invite' to enthusiasts out there Here's where we are gobsmacked !!...the distances some of you 'enthusiasts' travel to participate in our little gathering is amazing. We REALLY do appreciate your support and involvement. It's a credit to you --that there is such a 'buzz' and atmos'. Thanks ever so much for your time and enthusiasm x __________________ 3) **Press the button...and we're off Right thats our bit lol !.....Yeah I know it aint quite that easy...:-) ...but the folks behind the scenes (and not forgetting friends 'flyering' our events around and about and generally spreading the 'word')) work really hard in ensuring we create an environment where numbers 1 and 2 can flourish..
  14. Another fantastic night on Friday..it really was 'packed to the rafters' for this one....great venue...a BIG shout out to those behind the scenes who make this happen !! Thanks for all your support and a mention to Dave Evison who as usual had the place 'rockin'
  15. TICKET UPDATE :- The Tourist Information Centre have informed us that they only have 15 tickets left !!..they've had a 'rush' on this past few days..so dont miss out ----get on the phone to reserve yours NOW !! ...01260 271095 We've held 10 tickets back for sales on the door..on a first come first served basis... Looking like its gonna be FULL to bursting ...230-250 All proceeds going to support our local charity Ruby's Fund

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