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  1. jez jones


    In our second room ...the 'range' and quality of music on offer in the Dolly Room creates a fabulous 'vibe'... don't miss this chance to #getinvolved
  2. jez jones


    Great news !!....joining us on the night will be Kev Murphy ...Kev will be 'hot footing' it down to 3 Clubs allnighter..... after he has wowed them at The Coming Right Back' Alldayer at Pem Masonic in Wigan Those 'in the know' are already aware of the 'heat' that Kev packs in his playbox Its certainly time to put your 'big boy' pants on ..when Kev hits the decks YOUR nighter is in safe hands ...!!
  3. jez jones

    OUR TIME IS NOW 2018

    No long winded hyperbole here.. Reviewing an event at a NEW venue: ticked ALL the boxes and met each criteria we had set.. and importantly exceeded our expectations musically and socially. We're already on the case for booking our next date....
  4. jez jones

    OUR TIME IS NOW 2018

    WOW !!.............Dare to dream ?? a) England through to the semi finals b) We're holding our inaugural night at our fab new venue the invites are issued ......and we're gonna sneak 2 TBC DJ's in who 'know the score' here....both of them 'Follow the music...and Not the crowd' Come on join us and take advantage of a splendid alfresco area on this glorious evening in Cheshire #teamworkmakesthedreamwork
  5. jez jones

    OUR TIME IS NOW 2018

    .a varied and wide playlist covering many genres....from Collector/DJ's digging deep..... .....using concepts from the 'Dolly Parton Room' currently receiving rave reviews at the 3 Clubs Allnighter ..with memories of the popular 'CHANGE' event in Stoke from 5/6 years ago. Those who attended any of these events know the 'concept' already.. An enthusiasts night out for sure.............................
  6. jez jones

    Left Field tunes

    Just to on the 'left field' side of things have been around since the early's a Wheel it or hate it
  7. jez jones

    Left Field tunes

    Well just flip that for a start...not leftfield as such..but an e.g.of a really good 2 sider
  8. jez jones

    6x6 Easter Wigan Allnighter

    Here's the DJ's and preliminary times for the Easter weekender along with the venue's Friday Charles Dickens 19th April Scooter show and northern 13-00 Tommy Johnson Wigan 13-45 scooter scene DJ St Helens 14-30 Peter Baker Reading 15-15 Les Edwardson Wigan 16-00 Darren Fynan Scotland 16-45 Graham Morrice Scotland 17-30 Steve Willox Scotland 18-15 Burt Harrison and Peter Thomas St Helens Stubshaw cross nighter 19th/20th April 21-00 TBC 21-45 Jimmy Knowles St Helens 22-30 Paul Hayden Wigan 23-15 Jez Jones Stoke on Trent 00-00 Kevin Murphy Wigan 01-00 Steve Thomas North Wales 02-00 Mark Freeman Midlands 03-00 Zander Murray Scotland 04-00 TBC Saturday afternoon chill out session Dickens. 20th April 13-00 Little Tommy Johnson 13-45 Lisa Lane Reading 14-30 Martin Blundell Wigan 15-15 Steve Willox 16-00 Colin Strachan Scotland 16-45 Darren Fynan 17-30 Burt Pete Sat evening stubshaw cross 20th April 20-00 Burt and Pete 20-45 Graham Morrice 21-30 Mark Hayden Wigan 22-15 Dean Mitchell Wigan 23-00 Neil Edwards Wigan 23-45 Steve Willox 00-30 Zander Murray Sunday 21 st April Newtown 13-00 Peter Baker 13-45 Martin Blundell Tony Mundey 14-30 Stuart Hutchinson Burnley 15-15 Tim Rabjohn Blackpool 16-00 Pete Thomas 16-45 Neil Abrahams Sale 17-30 Paul and Mark Hayden 18-15 Colin Strachan Sunday 21 st April pemberton masonic England and Scotland getting together. 19-30 Peter Baker 20-15 Jimmy Knowles 21-00 Colin Strachan Neil Edwards 21-45 Graham Morrice Neil Abrahams 22-30 Burt Harrison Mark Hayden 23-15 Darren Fynan Paul Hayden 00-00 Tony Mundey Steve Willox 00-45 Zander Murray Martin Blundell Cheers everyone!
  9. jez jones

    OUR TIME IS NOW 2018

    Yeah not long to go...spoke to one of the DJ's last night who is really excited about spinning a few to a room full of enthusiasts...adventurous selections for the adventurous amongst you........
  10. jez jones

    whole lotta soul at the fed

    Well that was a BRILL night ...some great laughs and even better tunes on the night...A well run club pleasure to spin a few little ditties...thanks chaps and chappesses
  11. jez jones

    whole lotta soul at the fed

    Right get a 'game face' on....ALWAYS a great night is fine.....the night will be mighty fine !!
  12. jez jones

    OUR TIME IS NOW 2018

    Fantastic new venue..adventurous music policy...warm summer evenings !! winner winner !!
  13. jez jones


    Great news !!....joining us on the night will be Ashley Fellows .Ashley of course is one of the 'leading lights' behind the ever popular Macc Soul Club nights (well worth a visit if you aint been !) ...alongside that he is fast becoming a sought after' jock 'on the current 'nighter' scene.. and will add flair and imagination to the night YOUR nighter is in safe hands ...!!
  14. jez jones


    Just using one or two points from this to debate. IF the dreaded OVO is so 'passe' and its only the 'sound' that is important...that concept doesn't seem to have been picked up in the promotion of the myriad of events every weekend. I can't be arsed to check the events section on here.. but I would wager that a high proportion of them display in their 'ads' a vinyl policy or 100% vinyl only policy...some even add 'original vinyl only..
  15. jez jones

    OUR TIME IS NOW 2018

    Yes agreed Kev..actually had a few asking after bringing boxes to the Sneyd...anyway off to watch football..glorious weather as well