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  1. jez jones

    mark freemans 100% Oldies All - Niter

    yes....had a great night down at Nuneaton..thanks to Mark also for letting me play few records...really enjoyed it
  2. jez jones


    What a GREAT idea....it IS important that people are informed of what to expect before they travel and pay to enter...... Nice to see mate..
  3. jez jones

    mark freemans 100% Oldies All - Niter

    Look forward to it..
  4. jez jones

    Info needed: Women on the Northern Scene

    Hi May I ask why you are asking ? Are you doing a University project or the like ?
  5. jez jones

    mark freemans 100% Oldies All - Niter

    Last nighter of the year for the mighty fine Nuneaton Co-op.....great night guaranteed here !!!
  6. jez jones


    The bar was set very high in 2018.....looking forward to continue that in 2019................ We decided not to do a 'Xmas Special' as seems 'en vogue' at the moment....simply coz what we do..is constant ALL year..not just extra special at Xmas....
  7. jez jones

    Bootlegs ...What happens next..

    hahaha..have you not heard..its a 'faith' and a way of life !!
  8. The recent Bootleg case has caused quite a stir on here and another social media platform. Staunch anti bootleg advocates have opinionated and a somewhat more 'forgiving' voice has also emerged as well.....that said....it may be of worth to look at the fallout from this...... Strong opinions have suggested a wider consequence of this will occur...in short the days of the bootleg spinning DJ are coming to an end..suggesting a precedent has been set with this case ... The legalities of it..are way too complex to discuss here,i would assume..BUT it does raise some interesting questions Moving forward... Will promoters take a more critical look at what DJ's they book in the future. in an effort to provide a bootleg free event..??? Will the paying public themselves 'vote ' with their feet and head towards the bootleg free type of events ??? How will the paying customers be reassured that they are attending a bootleg free event ? OR.....Does it really matter as we move into 2019 and the ever increasing popularity 'Northern Soul' (and any links to it) currently enjoys ??? AND...is this just a current whingeing 'fest' that will go away in a few days and the status quo, that currently prevails, will continue ?? A common and catchy strap line has come to the fore..'It's what's in the groove that counts'.....BUT is that REALLY all that counts ??? It would be interesting to get a few promoters to put forward their views as well....
  9. jez jones

    Info needed: Women on the Northern Scene

    Fay Jones in Cheshire .....
  10. jez jones


    A 'Bespoke' event designed and presented for the enthusiasts...now in its 2nd year..... Collector/DJ's combining to present a somewhat 'fresh' promotion of sounds that cover the underplayed, rare,, rarely played, forgotten plus a 'shake' of the new.... It is 'out there' if you look...............
  11. jez jones


    Looks mighty fine Kev
  12. jez jones

    Whitchuch Soul Club (Shropshire) Chris Anderton - Simon Ingham -

    ooohh are these chaps on...jolly good
  13. Yeah fair play mate..I know its general..and s**t does happen when you get ratted....luckily nowadays I think incidents like that are few and far between....I hope !!
  14. glad you've got that off your chest !!
  15. Have you asked your 'target' market.....the 'young' people if they wanna go and spend their leisure time down at the Church Hall, listening to music not of their choice ?? Sounds very much like the 'halycon' days of the 60's and 70's .........


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