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Following The Music Not The Crowd Guest Phil Wainwright

Kev John
Soul Nights

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    Soul Night
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    Congleton Cricket Club
  • Town / City

    Congleton    CW12 4DG

About The Event


Adventurous music policy....

playing 'Something a little different' alongside those 'Some New to Me Sounds'.......

rare, rarely played,, forgotten and just plain GOOD choice cuts .

Kev, Paul , Jez ,Dave, and John, playing the records

Easy access...under 20 mins from J17 and J18 M6....GREAT venue in a unique setting in South Cheshire

Record sellers welcome 

7pm til 12:30am

£5 gets you in & involved 

the small print:..
For those it interests we shall be playing original vinyl


Congleton Cricket Club - Congleton Event Map


Congleton Venue Address:

Congleton Cricket Club
Booth St, Congleton, CW12 4DG, United Kingdom

Check details before travelling

Edited by Kev John

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We’re on countdown to next months event where we welcome Phil Wainwright, he’s come highly recommended by another well known 100club dj who’s played behind our decks also, so we’re really please and looking forward to this one, hopefully some of you can join us, one not to be missed.

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The 'eagerly awaited'

The 'much anticipated'

The ...;'about bloody time too'

Whatever you want to call it...its here on August 5th

The lads will be down to this early to prepare the room and set up the sound system for optimal performance

We work very closely with Sarah the venue manager in order to strive to make this the best experience we can for you

Little things like the self serve tea and coffee and and sometimes freshly home made cut sandwiches are all designed to enhance the quality of your visit

We pride ourselves on being a club for the 'enthusiasts' ...a club where you know everyones here for the music

Be good to see you all again

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The Dancers just wanna ........dance
The Listeners just wanna ........listen
The Enthusiasts just wanna...... enthuse

Its just how it ever was...

See ya on the 5th August

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Down here at FTMNTC we dont focus on a 'revolving' playlist where many records are replayed over time

Moreover we focus on a more 'evolving' playlist where we strive to keep a fresh and varied outlook to what is played

A real 'gem' of a venue awaits for your delectation in leafy South Cheshire

See you on the 5th August !!

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Really looking forward to this event, quality crowd and residents, each with their own distinctive styles and always interesting guests that truly bring something different to the night. 

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Just to let everyone know Phil Wainwright has kindly agreed to do a 1hr 20 minute slot next Saturday ....!

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Interest is definitely on the rise for this.....WE welcome Phil Wainwright to join us for what promises to be a real deal music fest

A fabulous venue with a stunning backdrop (see what I did there) deep in South Cheshire awaits you ...summer nights...diverse music

A heady cocktail !!!!!!

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ENTHUSIASTS....lets get busy...let's get ready



'we don't do em' !!!!!


...just like we used to....

**...You may hear some you know,

We're sure you'll hear a few you won't know...

it's possible you'll hear some you've forgotten...**

You may add some to your 'wants' list....


Where music matters and NOT who plays it

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Just a few logistics

If the onsite car park is full ..there is ample off site parking on adjacent roads

There are also 2 car parks approx 5 mins walk from the venue

Antrobus Street, CW12 1HB

West Street, CW12 1JR

A reminder

Easy access...under 20 mins from J17 and J18 M6.... 

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South Cheshire's best kept secret......

Our 1st event back after a few weeks summer break... we welcome Phil Wainwright...and look forward to Phil stamping his musical preferences on proceedings

Just a brief reminder to any newcomers you probably won't hear classics after classics constantly to transport you back to those halycon days of Wigan Casino.......

you WILL hear

Some damn good music though as compensation    ..in the company of some incredibly pleasant people !!

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DJ times for Saturday's eagerly awaited soiree

Dave 07:00 - 07:30

John 07:30 - 08:00

Kev 08:00 - 08:30

Paul 08:30 - 09:00

Jez 09:00 - 09:30

Dave 09:30 - 09:50

John 09:50 - 10:10

Phil Wainwright -10:10 - 11:30

Kev 11:30 - 11:50

Paul 11:50 - 12:10

Jez 12:10 - 12:30

* Note : Phil will be doing a primetime extended set of 80 mins

This night is shaping up to be a cracker !!

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Had an interesting conversation with Phil, I told him, yes this is a place where you don't just have to play your trophy records, you can actually play something fresh and interesting! 😁

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3 minutes ago, Geeselad said:

Had an interesting conversation with Phil, I told him, yes this is a place where you don't just have to play your trophy records, you can actually play something fresh and interesting! 😁

Thats exactly it.....you've got no one to impress but yourself

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A real surge of interest is building up for this event....already smashed through the 1750 views barrier on here

The layout of the building and the different rooms on offer ...doesn't usually leave us with capacity issues ...but you may wanna get there early to secure choice positions 

A reminder that Guest DJ Phil Wainwright is doing a 'primetime' extended set of 80 mins

It's shaping up to be the 'go to' event of the weekend

As always we welcome music enthusiasts from near and far

See you on Saturday....

Edited by Jez Jones
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Flying the flag.. for the enthusiasts....

We're not much on 'post match' playlists here.........much preferring the old adage where we....


...just like we used to...

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