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Kev John
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Soul Nights

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    Soul Night
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    Cygnet Club
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    Congleton    CW12 1AH

About The Event


Adventurous music policy....

playing 'Something a little different' alongside those 'Some New to Me Sounds'.......

rare, rarely played,, forgotten and just plain GOOD choice cuts .

Kev, Paul , Jez ,Dave, and John, playing the records

Easy access...under 20 mins from J17 and J18 M6....GREAT venue in a unique setting in South Cheshire

Record sellers welcome 

7:30pm til 01:30am

£5 gets you in & involved 

the small print:..
For those it interests we shall be playing original vinyl




Cygnet Club - Congleton Event Map


Congleton Venue Address:

Cygnet Club
Swan Bank, Congleton, CW12 1AH, United Kingdom

Check details before travelling

Edited by Kev John

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The 'chaps' are looking forward to bringing a fresh and dynamic selection of music for us......as they share their tastes with the many enthusiasts out there

''Music is the stake in the ground — ‘this is who I am' and this is 'what I like''

There's an 'air of excitement' as we near our first event of 2024 here at the Cygnet Club.

This really is an atmospheric venue...very underground in its vibe...with many of those 'nooks and crannies' so often sort after in these 'retro' feel venues ....

You really must sample this venue .....so far removed from those cavernous ballrooms playing those oh so familiar oldies on a seemingly repetitive loop......hoping you will be transported back to the those halcyon days of your youth

Instead we going where the grown ups go....again !!!!

Prepare for the first of our regular Saturday musical experiences of 2024,,with the FTMNTC team

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Be great to be back at the cygnet after maybe ten years. One of few events where I can play an accross the board selection under heard tunes. Bring it on youth!

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Had a couple asking about suggestions for an overnight stop

...so if you wanna treat yourself

All these are within a mile or so of the Cygnet Club venue..with the Lion and Swan just a 30 second walk away !!!!!!!!!!!


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Travelling by car ?

Easy access...under 20 mins from J17 and J18 M6.... unique town centre venue in South Cheshire

There are 2 free car parks under 5 mins walk from the venue

Antrobus Street, CW12 1HB

West Street, CW12 1JR

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Been looking ahead to the event and thinking what to play. The guys at ftmntc have always been supportive and encouraged me to try out fresh tunes. It's great that I've been able to take these sounds and establish them elsewhere, particularly at the gathering where many have become firm favourites with the dancers. Expect to hear many of these now established sounds along with some new and interesting tunes that I believe will become established over the next year at the gathering. 

Edited by Geeselad
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Situated in a historic part of this South Cheshire town that is dominated by the strikingly timbered Lion and Swan Hotel . a traditional period coaching inn 

We present The Cygnet Club......a grade 2 listed building over 200 yrs old with a retro feel club space at the rear. A unique and quirky tunnel like entrance leads to a hidden gem of a venue ...

If you like something a little different...this is your kinda place !!! 

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If you like your music on the ---something a little different side........and not Northern souls greatest hits on repeat .....then this is your kinda place !!!

All new for 2024....town centre venue....with retro vibes Full details in this discussion thread Get in from the start !!!

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On 23/01/2024 at 14:41, Jez Jones said:

Enthusiasts Meet, Share, Enjoy...this is your kinda place !!

Just the ticket for us @Jez Jones & many other like minded souls

Edited by Kev John
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What to expect as far as a music policy(use the term loosely coz we play what fits the bill at the time..quite a simple concept) is concerned

We shall be digging out Nighter sounds , Rare sounds, Rarely played sounds. Underplayed sounds. Forgotten sounds .....and the rest ? ..Just pretty damn Good sounds !!!

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An event run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts......

Come down and see what we do....

Promoting a diverse playlist ...always changing and dynamic

.....guest Collector/DJ's who are rarely playing out 'on the circuit' therefore their playlists remain fresh and interesting

All new for 2024.....presented in the Cygnet Club which is hosted deep in the bowels of a 200yr old Grade 2 listed building !!...slap bang in the town centre !!

*One of the few events championing diverse music nights...
*Flying the flag for the smaller intimate venues ....

Deep in the leafy environs of South Cheshire

What doesn't change is the entrance fee £5 !!! to cover expenses

FTMNTC not standing still....looking forward

details on overnight stays and car parking etc to be found within this comments thread

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Fancy an outing .. BUT don't fancy going somewhere and listening to the same old 'tired oldies' ....then here we have SOMETHING DIFFERENT......

The event has been getting some 'rave reviews' over time **Flying a flag for the 'real side' ...putting music first because.. It matters not WHO plays it ....it just matters that it's played

** Easy access...under 20 mins from J17 and J18 M6....GREAT venue in a unique Grade 2 listed building town centre setting in South Cheshire Tell your friends ..spread the word.....you too can be Following the Music..................

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Lost my voice this week but found it again now, it was hiding in the back yard! 🤣 Anyhow I won't be bellowing but I will be belting out a wide cross section of tunes tomorrow at the cygnet. Get thee sen down! 

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Last shout up for tomorrow night

Thanks for all the views on this event, hope to see some of can join us its gonna be a belter let me tell you........!

Edited by Kev John
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When Saturday comes.....

whooosh !......its finally here..at last....a new adventure ahead...its the first time the FTMNTC team have used this fabulous new venue....

Over the past few weeks the team have been working feverishly behind the scenes to get this off the ground...we're really excited and can't wait to present this inaugural night out here !!

Deep in the 'bowels' of this Grade 2 listed building hosts a 'hidden gem' of a venue ..a proper 'retro feel' space complete with rooftop chillout area !! get those cameras ready

We know we are getting a lot of travellers coming tonight from all over and indeed a few couples have opted to stop in the luxurious Lion and Swan Hotel just 30secs away to make a day/night of it a warm welcome awaits you all

An opening night special we showcase guest DJ Geese...fresh from a barnstorming set at the massive Keele Allnighter ....plaudits abound as he led the packed room on an uptempo journey of rarely heard and forgotten sides

Geese is also one of the driving forces behind the Gathering...which has become the Talk of the Scene '

We'll be 'wowed' for sure with his upcoming selections

So just Follow the Music toronados !!!

Bring a friend and be in it from the start !!!

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JUST A REMINDER ...we have got Ted Couldstone guesting at this venue on SAT MARCH 23rd

Ted is coming HOT from a barnstorming set at the Scene's most talked about allnighter 'The Gathering'...Ted blew the roof off with his choices....dont miss this chance to hear Ted in action

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