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Guest in town Mikey

Matrix stamps on records

Guest in town Mikey

In JMs guide to bootlegs he often refers to different matrix stamps, like Nashville Matrix', or 'Bell Matrix.

Is there anywhere I can view what these matrix's look like?

The reason I ask, I have a copy of Howard Guyton - I watched..., and the guide says it should have a 'Bed Matrix', if its an original. I bought it as a guaranteed original, but even with my 20-20 vision, all I can see is the number printed in the vinyl, and what looks like a 'cartoon fight', a few inches away.

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The "bed" matrix is supposed to look like bed , but to me looks two Z's besides each other, but on their side, if that makes any sense! Them mark always seems to be faint, especially in the middle, and all you see is the 'bed ends'

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