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Orrell Soul Club

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This is third time I have been up to this event and as usual really enjoyed it last week.

The music is always very different, you never know what to expect with djs including the brilliant Carole McCarhy, the superb Tony Clarke from Nottingham, and Danny Spiers who came down from Cumbiria hot on the heels of his radio appearance with Sally Moon up North and resident djs Tony Andy and at last a spin from Martin Blundell, which I had looked forward to. The emphasis is on rarer stuff, and original vinyl only. As I have only been back in the scene a couple of years it is a real education for me.

I find the atmosphere just right, and recommend it, folks are freindly and warm, my visit involves a tour round the towns of Lancashire with the lads, a couple of beers, andthey always make me feel at home.

Always enjoy the hopitality, the homely feel of the place, which is an old fashioned social club, for I think the cricket club. There are usually about 80 people, sometimes more and there is parking space which is free and safe. The floor is a good wooden one, and the bar is open til the end. I have made a lot of freinds since coming up, and have made the pilgrimage from deepest Berkshire to the cold wilds of suburban Lancashire. Its well worth a look in. Really looking forward to the all dayer which I think will be around Easter time. They have their own facebook page Orrell Soul club, and the invites are regular. Look forward to next time boys KTF

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