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Few Biggies From The Playbox For Sale

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Slightly overspent on 45s this month so I have to part with some out of my playbox :D

All prices are in british pounds and include paypal fees and signed for international shipping.

Tiny Topsy- Just a little bit- Federal m- 350

Dean Parrish- Bricks, broken bottles and sticks- Musicor ex 150

Liz Verdi- Think it over- Columbia wd m- xol on B- side 250

Tommy Tate- I´m taking on pain- Okeh wd ex xol 150

Dickie Wonder- Nobody knows- Golden Triangle m- 200 sold

Diplomats- Cards on the table- Arock m- 200

L. Allen- Can we talk it over- Green Dolphin- ex wol 350

Lucille Mathis- I´m not your regular woman- Abet demo m- 170 sold

Chantels- Indian Giver- Verve demo m- 200 sold

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Lucille Mathis and the Chantels are sold and are staying in Germany :thumbsup:

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