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Stewartby 2Nd Anniversary

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Stewartby 2nd Anniversary - 20th November 2010.

Firstly I'd like to say a big thank you to all who turned up on this night. A real 'up for it' crowd, plenty of smiles on faces, loads of requests, just how we like it.

Two years down the line I think Stewartby has finally established itself. It's taken a while for us to find our feet, to hit on that certain mix of sounds, but last Saturday it just seemed to all come together.

We seem to have a good few people from the Beds area where Stewartby has brought them back out onto the soul scene again, that's great to see.

Music wise ? Well, from classic Motown, Northern oldies, club classics, a touch of 70's, to lesser played sounds that have become established Stewartby oldies, with the likes of Dewey Black, Young Brothers, Chance & Tony.... (by the way - great to see Sully, John A & Gibber going for it on the dance floor at this point).

So, lets see if we can make it to our 3rd anniversary :rolleyes:

We're back again on the 29th January.




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