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Solid Auction Of Clean 60S Northern Soul

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Hi Everybody,

I have a nice solid auction of 250+ soul, R&B, modern soul, and boogie 45s on ebay. A lot of clean stuff in this lot too that came out of a massive local Chicago 60s collection that was all in sleeves.


Clean copies of:

* Conquistadores on Signett

* Accents on One-Derful

* Paul Smith on Jacklyn

* Jack Montgomery on Scepter

* Geraldine Hunt on Bombay

* The Tears on Smash

* The Entertainers on Symbol

* The Fiestas on Old Town

* Jimmy Hudson on Cle An Thair

* Harvey And Seven Sounds on Cuca

* Holly Maxwell on Constellation

* Dan Penn on Fame

* Jo Ann Garret on Chess

* Ideals - Go Get A Wig

* Vontastics - I'll Never Say Goodbye

* Theresa Lindsey - It's Love

* Velvelettes - Lonely Lonely Girl

and much much more...

Thanks for looking!


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