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East Meets West @ The Right Track 10Th Dec

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The Right Track Soul Club @ the Parkway Club in Peterborough are playing host to the finest from the East and West of our Northrn/Rare soul scene on FRIDAY DEC 10th

from the WEST (midlands) the legend that is TED MASSEY

(those who went to the fleet last month will know just what TED can deliver)

from the EAST (Cllethorpes Pier stalwart POKE 'nuff said.

both aided by




7:30 / 01:00 £5 otd

please reserve ticket in advance

tickets can be reserved on: :

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its been said before.The events that have fewer posts tend to be the better ones:yes:

i'd best not post then...... bugger .... too late!! :)

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smudge.... if you AND ted bring all your magnetics' tunes this may be the first event they've ALL been played at on the same evening.... or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

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