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Steve L

Xmas Clearout, Whispers, Impressions, J.wilson

The Whipers - £10 for all 5 SOLD

Flying High (Soul Clock) Ex slight ringwear

I Can Remember (Soul Clock) Ex

Needle In A Haystack (Soul Clock) M-

I'm The One (Soul Clock) M-

Theres A Love for Everyone (Janus) M-

The Impressions - £14 for all 7 SOLD

I Loved And I Lost (ABC) M-

We're A Winner (ABC) M-

You've Got Me Running (ABC) M-

We're Rolling On (ABC) M-

Sometimes I Wonder (ABC) M-

Aint Got Time (Curtom) M-

Fool For You (Curtom) M-

Jackie Wilson - £10 for all five ON HOLD

The New Breed (Brunswick) M-

Try It Again (Brunswick) M-

I Still Love You (Brunswick) M-

The Girl Turned Me On (Brunswick) M-

I've Learned About Life (Brunswick) Ex- bubbling on label

If anyone's interested, postage will be what it actually costs, not sure of this so I'll post em and we can sort it out after. Prefer to use recorded del but if you want ordinary to make it cheaper thats ok

Paypal as gift please


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