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SS17 8JY

Tel: 01375 640951 / 07808 253553 - 8am - 9pm (GMT)

e-mail rob@hipcity.freeserve.co.uk

September list here. Amazingly really as I had a lot of computer troubles. If you know anyone who wants to get this

list or used to get it via e-mail please get them to contact me as I lost a whole load of addresses. Very big thanks to

Pete Smith - Planet records for helping me get some addresses back. Contact him at petesmithrecords@hotmail.com

Big thanks to Mace and Shifty for similar help

Next Dome is on Sept 26th (opp Tuffnell Park tube). Next Almost Grown in Southend is on October 3rd at SAKS,

Clifftown road. Always a packer. £4 on the door.

POSTAGE £1.50 for 1 (10p each extra) ALL SENT RECORDED. Registered add £3.Overseas please write or phone.

Cheques payable to R. MESSER *** Available on a tape for £4 incl. P&P (Overseas £5) Now on a C90 ***

Subs for the list are now £3 for 10 lists. (£4 Overseas) Or send an S.A.E. - or a few.


1 DEE DEE SHARP What kind of lady (All time classic northern)sm.W.O.L. Action VG+ £30

2 BOBBY BLAND Wouldn't you rather have me (Great late 60's mover) Action M £10

3 PERCY SLEDGE Oh how happy (Really nice version of Shades of blue) Atlantic M £6

4 SONS OF ROBIN STONE Got to get you back (Great 70's dancer) Atlantic M £20

5 DON COVAY & GOODTIMERS Mercy mercy (Demo of this 60's classic) Atlantic (Demo) VG £5

6 CHUCK WOOD Seven days too long (Evergreen northern oldie)N.O.C. Big T EX £8

7 MOON WILLIAMS Everytime I take the time (Smooth 70's soul midtempo) DJM M £25

8 JAMES BROWN Tell me what you're gonna do (Great Mod club R'n'B) Ember M- £15

9 CODY MICHAELS 7 days 52 weeks (Good oldie) Grapevine M- £6

10 EDDIE PARKER Love you baby (Solid hard hitting Detroit in pic sleeve) Grapevine(demo) EX/M £20

11 SAM & KITTY I've got something good (Classic 60's dancer) Grapevine(demo) M £15

12 DE-LITES Lover (Awesome and where you gonna find an orig !?) Grapevine(demo) M- £20

13 KENNY LYNCH *** Moving away (Great UK produced beat ballad) HMV EX £35

14 BOB AND EARL My little girl (Superb inst stomper) Jay Boy M £7

15 BURT BACHARACH My little red book (Tony Middleton on vocals) FRENCH Kapp EX/M- £15

16 5TH DIMENSION Too poor to die (Great 60's thumper) Liberty M- £10

17 YVONNE BAKER You didn't say a word (All time Classic) London M- £15

18 ERNIE K. DOE Mother in law (Classic 60's club soul) London M- £8

19 MEL TORME Comin' home baby (Ever popular oldie) London EX £10

20 JACKIE WILSON Chain gang (Great version of Sam Cooke) MCA VG+ £6

21 EDWIN STARR I have faith in you (Classic mid tempo flip to S.O.S.) Polydor VG £8

22 SWINGING SOUL MACHINE Spooky's day off (great inst dancer) Polydor M- £8

23 ROSE COLORED GLASS Cant find the time (Great crossover mid paced winner) President M £20

24 MAXINE BROWN Any day now (Superb slowie) Pye M £15

25 THE FASCINATIONS Girls are out to get you (Classic 6T's northern) Sue M £25

26 KIM WESTON Do like I do (Absolute gem - mid tempo dancer) TMG 1000 M £30

27 FRANK WILSON Do I love you (All time great fetching silly money !) TMG 1170 M £40

28 MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS Nowhere to run (Classic) TMG 502 EX £10

29 MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS You've been in love too long (Killer Detroit dancer) TMG 530 M- £20

30 SAND PEBBLES Love power (Nice 60's dancer - T.O.L.) Track VG+ £6

SECTION 2 - 60's & Northern soul - US labels

31 ANDREW BROWN If we try (Good R'n'B dancer) 4 Brothers M- £10

32 RAY CHARLES I don't need no doctor (Classic on a rare demo) ABC (Demo) EX £20

33 CHUCK JACKSON I only get this feeling (Great uptempo 70's dancer) ABC (Demo) M £15

34 CHARLES MANN Say you love me too (Smooth 70's soul) ABC (Demo) M £7

35 SUNDAY Ain't got no problems (Brilliant crossover dancer) Alteen M- £65

36 SUPURBS *** Only for lovers (Stunning mid tempo Chicago soul) Alteen EX £40 t

37 ETTA JAMES Mellow fellow (Great R'n'B mover) Argo EX £25

38 ETTA JAMES Seven day fool (More class R'n'B from Etta) Argo M- £45

39 ACE SPECTRUM Don't send nobody else (Still massive everywhere) Atlantic EX £60

40 DARROW FLETCHER Rising cost of love (Slick 70's modern) Atlantic EX £12

41 MERLE SPEARS I wanna know (Cookin' early R'n'B scuffed - plays fine) Atlantic (Demo) VG £40

42 FRAN OLIVER You won't get away (Great girlie 60's soul) B B S M- £35

43 JOE HINTON *** There ought to be law (Good early 60's mover) Back Beat M £20 t

44 JOHNNY DAVIS You got to crawl to me (Nice Chicago mid pacer) Bandit M- £20

45 LOU JOHNSON Unsatisfied (Rare demo of the old classic)X.O.L. Big top (Demo) M- £30

46 JIMMY HOLLAND Baby don't leave me (Great uptempo mover) Blue rock (Demo) M £40

47 LOUIE PALMER *** Don't leave me (Superb R'n'B dancer) Boot heel EX £30 t

48 RICKY ALLEN *** It's a mess I tell you (Cracking Chicago R'n'B) Bright star EX £15 t

49 RICKY ALLEN You better be sure (Driving Chicago R'n'B) Bright star M- £12

50 JOANNE GAYLES *** Meet me halfway (Late 60's 100mph soul stomper) Bright star M £20 t

51 BILLY BUTLER Thank you baby (Classy mid tempo winner) Brunswick M £10

52 MARVIN SMITH Have more time (All time classic northern) Brunswick M- £15

53 MARVIN SMITH Love aint nothing but pain (Great soulful mid tempo) Brunswick M- £15

54 JACKIE WILSON Whispers (getting louder) Great !!!!! Brunswick EX £8

55 BARBARA ACKLIN Love makes a woman (Classic 100 club oldie) Brunswick M £8

56 BARBARA ACKLIN Just aint no love (another superb slice of 60's soul) Brunswick M- £8

57 TONY BRUNO Small town bring down (Great beat ballad builder) Buddah EX £12

58 JEAN DUSHON All of a sudden my heart sings(Uplifting soulful mid pace) Cadet EX £15

59 JEAN WELLS With my love and what you've got (100 club floorpacker) Calla EX £25

60 DEE DEE SHARP Standing in the need of love (Classic northern oldie) Cameo EX £12

61 DEE DEE SHARP *** Deep dark secret (Massive Dome spin - nice on demo) Cameo (Demo) EX £90 t

62 THEOLA KILGORE *** The sound of my man (Superb femme vers. Sam Cooke) Candix M- £35 t

63 LOU LAWTON I am searching (Great gritty dancer) Capitol EX £15

64 PATTI DREW *** He's the one (Smokey Robinson penned killer tune) Capitol M- £15 t

65 HARLEM MEAT COMPANY I don't know why (70's funky dancer with nice ballad flip) Cash (W.O.L.) M- £20

66 KO KO TAYLOR Fire (Raucous uptempo dancer) Checker M £15

67 BOBBY MOORE Chained to your heart (Good Chicago club soul sound) Checker EX £12

68 CHARLES DRAIN *** She's gone (Wonderful mid tempo dancer) Checker M £20 t

69 AMANDA LOVE You keep calling me by her name (Great R'n'B) Chess M- £12

70 ROZETTA JOHNSON Mine was real (Popular 70's northern spin) Clintone EX £12

71 RONNIE DYSON Lady in red (Hard on issue - great 70's) Columbia EX £20

72 FREDDIE SCOTT *** Mr heartache (Heartwrenching beat ballad) Columbia (Demo) M £100 t

73 THE MOB *** I dig everything about you (Lovely crossover tune) Colossus M- £10 t

74 MAXINE BROWN I can't get along without you (Absolute magic mid pacer) Commonwealth M £15

75 THE STEELERS Heavens gift (Great Chicago group harmony sound) Crash M £12

76 THE GLORIES Give me my freedom / Security (Uptempo double sider) Date (Demo) EX £10

77 PEARL WOODS *** Sippin' sorrow (Cracking R'n'B dancer)labels reversed Dawn M £40 t

78 THE FLIRTATIONS Nothing but a heartache (All time great) Deram EX £8

79 THE MEASURES Girls are evil (Excellent group soul mover) Despenza M- £20

80 THE CHIMES *** The beginning of my life (Superb crossover) Down to earth M £15 t

81 THE LAMP SISTERS Sweet daddy soul (Punchy girl group dancer) Duke (Demo) M- £12

82 THE PROFILES Got to be your lover (Great driving 60's group soul) Duo M £20

83 SHERYL SWOPE *** Can't get him off my mind (Brilliant dancer) Duo M £100 t

84 DAN FOLGAR The way of the crowd (Powerful beat ballad - rare !) Elf (Demo) VG+ £60

85 BRUCE CLOUD *** My book (Great R'n'B spin for Roger Banks) Era (Demo) EX £150

86 BOBBY JONES Talkin bout Jones (Great uptempo Chicago) Expo M £20

87 ALBERT WASHINGTON I'm the man (Top notch R'n'B dancer - plays fine) Fraternity VG £20

88 DEE DEE SHARP What kind of lady (Evergeen oldie) Gamble M £40

89 JO ARMSTEAD I feel an urge coming on (Classic Chicago dancer) Giant VG £6

90 TYRONE DAVIS I wanna be good company (Rare early release - dancer) Hit Sound M- £20

91 GEATER DAVIS *** My love is so strong for you (Good bluesy crossover) House of orange M £12 t

92 THE O'JAYS I'll never let you go (Lovely group soul dancer) Imperial M- £15

93 BABY RAY The house on soul hill (Good club soul mover) Imperial EX £10

94 DARROW FLETCHER *** Infatuation (Atmospheric mid tempo - old mod spin) Jacklyn M £25 t

95 DARROW FLETCHER What good am I without you (Stomper) Jacklyn M £25

96 RUBY & ROMANTICS Much better off than I've ever been (Catchy dancer) Kapp M- £15

97 SUMMITS Sophisticated lady (Excellent Chicago group dancer) La Salle M- £25

98 BETTY O'BRIEN She'll be gone (Super rare FRENCH EP) Liberty VG+/EX £250

99 THE LOVELITES *** How can I tell my mom and dad (Great crossover) Lock M- £25 t

100 VICTOR JOHNSON When you say you're mine (Big voiced mid tempo) Love M- £40

101 CASUALS ON THE SQUARE End of time (Rare blue eyed mid tempo Stafford sound) LSP EX £60

102 MARVIN L SIMS *** Now I'm in love with you (Soulful horn led thumper) Mellow M £30 t

103 GLORIA TAYLOR *** Total disaster (Finally getting recognition - great dancer) Mercury M- £60 t

104 THE TOPICS *** Booking up baby (Super rare 70's gem Mint issue) Mercury M £200 t

105 HOMER BANKS A lot of love (Club classic) Minit M £10

106 THE SOUL MERCHANTS *** Talkin about you girl (Obscure Chicago uptempo soul) Moonville USA EX £50 t

107 JERRY FISCHER I've got to find someone to love (Great insistent dancer) Musicor EX £40

108 RUBY JOHNSON *** Why you want to leave me (Gritty femme crossover) Nebs M- £30 t

109 Lonnie Lester/Chuck Danzy Ain't that a shame (Popular uptempo mover) Nu-tone M £25

110 MAJOR LANCE Ain't no soul left in these old shoes (All time classic) Okeh M- £15

111 THE PARAMONTS Come go with me (Excellent group soul) Ole M £30

112 BUDDY ACE Pleasing you (Killer crossover) Paula EX £20

113 SIMMS TWINS Together (Ultra soulful slowie) Parkway M £10

114 JACKIE VERDELL Come let me love you (Superb early soul / R'n'B shaker) Peacock (Promo) EX £25

115 THE CHEERS *** I'm gonna get even with you (Highly neglected stomper) Penny M £30 t

116 DUSTY SPRINGFIELD What's it gonna be (Nice demo on this classic) Philips (Demo) EX £12

117 JAMES BROWN What my baby needs now is a little more lovin' (Fabulous) Polydor EX £10

118 GIA MATEO If you can't say anything nice (Great girlie dancer) RCA (Demo) M- £35

119 BOBBY DAY Pretty little girl next door (In-demand north west spin) RCA M- £350

120 THE BLOSSOMS That's when the tears start (Great girl group dancer) Reprise (Demo) EX £25

121 ABRAHAM & HIS SONS I can't do without you (Powerful crossover mid tempo) Revue EX £20

122 THE ESQUIRES *** Dancin a whole in the world (Superb version of Jimmy Delphs) Rocky Ridge M £30 t

123 LITTLE JIMMY GANDY I'm not like the others (Incredible late 60's floater) Roulette EX £20

124 DEBBIE DOVALE Hey lover (Great girlie dancer) Roulette M- £20

125 DINAH WASHINGTON Soulville (Brilliant club soul dancer) Roulette EX £8

126 CURTIS KNIGHT Ain't gonna be no next time (Killer R'n'B mover) RSVP M- £30

127 THE SOULFUL TWINS I cant let you go Sable M

128 MARK V UNLIMITED *** Gone (Brilliant Chicago soul - insistent dancer ) Sagport VG+ £15 t

129 THE SPECIALS Everybody say yea (Thumping crossover dancer) Satch M- £60

130 BROTHERS OF SOUL *** Dream (This is quality soulful crossover) Shock M £50 t

131 BILLY GAYLES *** I'm hurting (Hard hitting soulful R'n'B dancer) Shock M- £50 t

132 LENNY O'HENRY Mr Moonlight (Early big voiced mid tempo) Smash (Demo) EX £90

133 GERALDINE JONES I'm crackin' up (Nice mid paced dancer) Sonar M £20

134 SONJI CLAY I can't wait until I see my baby's face (THE version) Songee M £75

135 JIMMY SOUL CLARK Sweet Darlin' (All time great northern soul) Soulhawk M £40

136 ROSCOE SHELTON Running for my life (Classic oldie) Sound stage 7 M- £20

137 BILLY SHA-RAE Do it (Semi inst - same backing as September Jones) Spectrum M £10

138 JOHNNY SAYLES I cant get enough (absolute classic oldie) St Lawrence M- £25

139 MAXINE CRAYTON Don't take your love (Superb 60's dancer) Steeltown M £35

140 STORM *** Gone (What a super dancer from Los Angeles) Sunflower M £25 t

141 NORMA RUDD He's mine (Earthy femme R'n'B screamer) Sure shot (Demo) M- £20

142 THE MARVELETTES I'll keep holding on (Evergreen Motown gem) Tamla M £20

143 IKE & TINA TURNER Dust my broom (Monster Twisted Wheel oldie) Tangerine M- £20

144 SUE ANN JONES I'll give my love to you (Killer Detroit Dave Hamilton prod) TCB (Demo) M- £200

145 OSCAR WEATHERS Just to prove I love you (Beautiful soulful crossover) Top & bottom EX £15

146 ERNEST JONES *** I can't live without you (Nice late 60's dancer) Tramor VG+ £10 t

147 THE MANDELLS Don't turn your back on me (Great group dancer) Trans world sound M- £15 t

148 BOB RELF Blowing my mind to pieces (All time classic) Trans-American M- £25

149 JOHNNY WILLIAMS Maggie (Quiet tough Chicago piece to locate) Twinight M- £30

150 THE DYNAMIC TINTS Package of love (Great horn led crossover winner) Twinight M- £20

151 BOBBY GOLDSBORO It's too late (Great blue eyed northern oldie) United Artists EX £10

152 JAY& AMERICANS Livin' above your head (Classic northern soul) United Artists M- £15

153 ESTELLE BROWN Stick close (Excellent early girlie mid tempo) U.A. (W/D) M £100

154 GEORGE FREEMAN *** Down and out (Uplifting northern mid tempo gem) Valiant (Demo) M- £225 t

155 ROZ RYAN You're my only temptation (Rare soulful gem £100 mint) Volt VG £35

156 CHUCK JACKSON I keep forgettin' (Classic 6T's soul) Wand M- £10

157 CHUCK JACKSON *** Beg me / This broken heart (Harder b-side - tune!!!!!!!) Wand EX £15 t

158 RUBY ANDREWS Let's get a groove going on (Funky dancer - 1st on label) Zodiac M- £70

SECTION 3 - General soul collectors labels

159 THE STAGEMASTERS Baby I'm here just to love you (Stomper !!) Slide M- £6

160 BOBBY BYRD We are in love Smash M- £5

161 THE FESTIVALS You've got the makings of a lover (Superb !!!) Smash EX £15

162 THE FESTIVALS Music Smash EX £7

163 THE SATISFACTIONS Give me your love Smash (Demo) M £8

164 LUTHER INGRAM I spy for the F.B.I. (Great version) Smash M £15

165 ANNA KING Make up your mind Smash M- £5

166 THE TEMPESTS Long live our love Smash M- £5

167 THE TEMPESTS Cant get you out of my mind (Fantastic) Smash M £15

168 THE TEMPESTS Would you believe Smash EX £8

169 PIC & BILL Don't put me down (Dancer) Smash (Demo) M £10

170 BOBBY HOLLOWAY Cornbread hog maw and chitterlin's (funky inst) Smash EX £8

171 CHARLIE RICH Mohair Sam (Club classic) Smash EX £6

172 PRINCE PHILIP Keep on talking (Slower version of James Barnett) Smash VG+ £12

173 JIMMY CASTOR Leroy is in the army Smash (Demo) M- £6

174 JAY & THE TECHNIQUES Baby make your own sweet music Smash M £5

175 SHIRLEY WAHLS Half a man Smash (Demo) EX £7

SECTION 4 - Club sounds / R'n'B / Latin / Jazz / Funk etc.

176 JIMMY REED Two ways to skin a cat (Killer mod club cut) ABC EX £10

177 B B KING Waitin on you (Superb R'n'B) ABC EX £8

178 LES McCANN Burnin coal (Great jazz) Atlantic EX £10

179 MEL TORME Comin home baby (Harder on U.S. - Classic !!!) Atlantic M- £15

180 FREDDIE HUBBARD Return of the prodigal son (Jazz dance classic) Atlantic M- £15

181 SOLOMAN BURKE Cry to me (Club soul classic) Atlantic EX £20

182 EDDIE HARRIS Listen here (great jazz fusion) Atlantic (Demo) EX £10

183 LITTLE ESTHER PHILIPS *** Mo Jo Hannah (Raucous R'n'B dancer) Atlantic (Demo) EX £15 t

184 SLY Buttermilk (Great club sound) Autumn M- £12

185 EDDIE WILSON Shing a ling stroll (Mod club favourite) Back Beat M- £10

186 BLUE MITCHELL Collision in black Blue note M- £12

187 YOUNG HOLT TRIO Wack wack (Club classic) Brunswick M £8

188 BROTHER JACK McDUFF Win lose or draw (great Hammond dancer) Cadet EX £8

189 BILLY PRESTON In the midnight hour (Wicked Hammond version) Capitol M £10

190 MONGO SANTAMARIA 25 Miles (good Latin version) Columbia M £8

191 MONGO SANTAMARIA Cloud nine (Top notch Latin instr.) Columbia M £8

192 THE 4 WAYS Rattlesnake (Cooking Chicago R'n'B) Cool M £30

193 TNT BAND The meditation (One of the best Latin soul movers) Cotique EX £15

194 JACKIE EDWARDS & SOULMAKERS - The Vamp (Funky giutar / organ inst) Daran M £15

195 BUDDY ACE It's gonna be me (Moody R'n'B dancer) Duke EX £15

196 JUNIOR PARKER That's why I'm always crying (Great Texas R'n'B) Duke M- £12

197 JUNIOR PARKER I can't forget about you (Great R'n'B dancer) Duke M- £12

198 BOBBY BLAND Getting used to the blues (Classic club R'n'B) Duke M- £10

199 BOBBY BLAND Yield not to temptation (Great Mod oldie) Duke M £10

200 SLIM HARPO Don't start crying now (classic sneakers spin) Excello EX £12

201 OTIS REDDING She's alright (Very rare 1st release) Finer arts EX £20

202 LONNIE LISTON SMITH Expansions (Jazz funk anthem) Flying Dutchman M £8

203 PANIC BUTTONS O-wow (great funk inst) Gamble (Demo) EX £12

204 DARROW FLETCHER I've gotta know why (Massive 2 sided mod oldie) Groovy M £15

205 JOHN LEE HOOKER Money (The best R'n'B version) Impulse EX £20

206 BIG MAC That's the way you treat your woman (Super R'n'B) Jewel M- £25

207 VICKI ANDERSON & JAMES BROWN - Think (Superb duet on the JB classic) King EX £10

208 THE DAPPS There was a time (Wicked jazzy funk version) King M £15

209 QUINCY JONES Soul bossa nova (Yeahhh baby !!! Classic) Mercury (Demo) EX £20

210 JIMMY BRAND *** Don'tcha leave me this way (Excellent R'n'B dancer) Prestige (Demo) M- £12 t

211 WILLIS JACKSON Swivel hips (Driving funky sax / organ inst) Prestige M £15

212 THE RAMRODS Soultrain (Great funky inst dancer) Rampage M- £12

213 MARK MURPHY Why don't you do right (Brilliant moddy jazz vocal tune) Riverside M- £35

214 IKE TURNER & Kings of rhythm *** - The new breed (Great thumping R'n'B inst) Sue EX £20 t

215 TROY MARS Rhythm message (Old Mod spin) Sure shot M £20

216 JOHN BISHOP TRIO Wade in the water (Got mod spins back in the 80's) Tangerine EX £12

217 MARVIN HOLMES / UPTIGHTS Ooh ooh the dragon (Great funk 45 T.O.L. B-side) Uni M £15

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