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Go Go Children Bristol Sat 5Th Feb

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Another great nite at go go children on saturday,a big thanx to all who came and did their bit,especially the travellers Matt from Trowbridge,Pete and Cath from Bridgewater,Des Parker from Glos who helped us get our special guest from Stoke Johnny Beggs all of which had been at the goucester allnighter on the friday.Lots on this weekend but we still had 90+ in and although not the most weve had to be honest its about the right number for the size of our club.

As always ian mccree played his set from just after 9 till 10 when the other three residents played the first of their two 1/2 hour sets.Johnny played 11 30 till 1230 a set of mainly latin boogaloo with some very rare soul and funk to finish with for most of his set he kept the floor busy and an influx of late comers (well this is bristol!) meant our last 3 sets had the dancefloor rammed untill a few tunes past 2am when sean parry finished things off this month with some killer ska.He tried to say his thanx on the mic after but the applause and cheers drowned him out so a good nite was had by most i think which makes all the work before hand worth it.

No guest next month so an oppertunity for us residents to play some of the tunes weve not had time to fit into our shortened sets over the last four months theres also gonna be our 8th free cd for the first 50 so worth putting a mark in your diary for...March 5th ...Bristol!

My playlist will be in the playlist section soon...

dean :ohmy:

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First time for me - definitely will not be the last!

Absofu**inglutely BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great atmosphere/people/music - you do not want to miss this.

Proper - nuff said

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first time for me and Cathy , and as we'd been at it at the Gloucester all niter the night before I was wondering whether we'd last the pace

no probs at all, the time flew, the atmosphere was fantastic and the music brilliant

if you're thinking about it, dont ! just go, you won't be disappointed .

thanks to dean and nicci for making us feel so welcome, and the other residents, and to Matt for the lift home [ get the car cleaned out for next time eh buddy ! ]

liked all the music, but some of the stuff mr beggs played was sensational

pete lyster

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thanx for all your kind words...it REALLY does mean a lot to all five of us at go go children that people enjoy themselves and maybe feel a little of the passion and enthusiasm we have for our little club....the last 6 months have literally been better than we could have dreamed

i can remember back in june after losing our original venue talkin to the landlord at the spring garden about numbers,he told me the club held about 100 but he'd had 120 in for a reggae night there...i replied that wed only get about 90 tops and our average at the time was 70..how things have changed ! but....weve all been doing this long enough to know it could change again and nuffin is guarenteed so the hard work will continue...already thinkin about what new tunes im gonna play in 3 weeks in our longer sets and what to put on the new cd...

and yes pete...johnny played some crackin tunes. and acetates!..top one for me was a latin semi accapella....killer vocals and percussion untill the near the end when the music kicked in sumfin about "being by the waterside and not having enuff money for a ticket back to trinidad"...wicked ...heard it at glos too...must ask him what it is next time i see him...unless anyone out there knows ??


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