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Paul Jnr

The Seven Inch Soul Club Manchester

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Firstly I would like to thank Gary Bratchford and Liam Quinn for organising the Manchester European Soul Weekender. You're hard work and perseverance helped this weekend become one of the largest and most talked about event of the year, in the Northern Soul Social Calender.

Gary Bratchford and myself then decided to create a late night party for the paying guests of the event.

We decided to contrast the large capacity and space of the palace hotel with a more traditionally underground ambience. Using the Seven Oaks pub in China town, we were able to create a more intimate surroundings, while offering a suitable dance area and 'nighter' atmosphere.

With the help of many budding Dj talents as well as highly experienced credible DJ's playing together, we believe that we created a new and exciting night, while bringing a nostalgic twist and party atmosphere.

Ex twisted wheel Dj Brian Walker helped provide a backbone of traditional but exciting tunes. Rich Evans-from club night 'Empty Bottles' provided uptempo soul, keeping the dancefloor packed!

Special thanks to Killa and Adam topping for a superb back to back hour.

Also Richie Penrith and Alan Clanger for keeping the night going and providing great selections of across the board tunes (playlists please if poss). Then a very tired Gary Bratchford still managed to keep the floor in full swing with a few gems especially Babara Lynn.

Most importantly want to thank everybody that came, great turnout for a first night and a fantastic atmosphere!!

Gary and myself will be meeting this week to talk about future plans for the night.

Many thanks again!


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hats off to Jnr for this one :rolleyes:hatsoff2.gif , both upstairs and downstairs was packed full of mint people having a great time..... still buzzing from the weekend's antics now :ohmy::lol:

What a great feeling to still be banging out records early Monday morning while the sun was trying to beam through the windows!

Especially enjoyed double decking with Clanger yes.gif

Time to start sorting the next one mate!


Rich wink.gif

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It was good, its a shame I couldn't stay awake any longer to see/listen to anyone elses set rather than doing a selfish hit 'n' run job on the night. For the time I was there though, and for the few moment my eyes are open I was lovin it.

I might actually help out with the next one:D

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Cheers Rich, you and Clanger both excelled yourselves. holding a meeting next week for future events........so all will be revealed very soon, but I am becoming very excited!!!!!

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