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Nottingham Soul Club - Sat 6Th

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well, what a fab night!

thanks to John/Glynn/mick for inviting me to spin some tunes. i hope i played a bit of something for everyone - 60's, 70's, and everything inbetween. apart from me accidentally knocking the power off to one deck, i enjoyed it to the full.

a good crowd as always. see you at the next one

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Our first visit, er indoors, Mr and Mrs H and meself :thumbsup: l

Spent most of the night in the little room :shades: Some good stuff played to a small but receptive crowd :thumbsup:

Crackin' atmosphere in the big room and a well populated dancefloor. :yes:

Nice to see a few i haven't seen for a bit and some i aint seen for 30 odd years :wave:

Big up to Mr and Mrs Poole on there wedding anniversary to :thumbup:

Will certainly be back some time in the future :thumbsup:



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yeah Dave, dunno what i did but it went dead :huh: . . . anyway, quick change to the other deck, the dancers never missed a beat :lol: .

great company and a great night

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Many thanks to Glyn, John and Mick for inviting me to play a spot in the back room. Thoroughly enjoyed the night and a good turn out again. A big thumbs up to you guys and your respective ladies for putting on a successful night month after month.

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Just to echo Glyns comments another fabulous night

Would just like to thank everyone who came and supported us it is very much appreciated

Well done to Ian and Mick for their sets in the main room and although I didn't get to spend a lot of time in the Soul Vault many people commented on the quality of the records played by Simon

The atmosphere as normal was very friendly and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

A special mention to one of our regulars Nige Keen who couldn't make it on Saturday

He had a good excuse though...........it was his wedding day

Just like to add our congratulations to Nige and Kerry hope to see you next month.

Our guest for the night is Andy McCabe (Soultown Andy on here) who has a collection and a half so should be a night not to be missed

Also there may be a suprise guest for the second room details to follow later

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