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Great 45S , Many Rare £40 For 2

Still have loads hanging around and want them gone, so bargains coming up! :yes:

DJ SHADOW - This Time (great dancer, 70s style soul)

DELIVERANCE - Loving You (mmmm, superb)

PAT LUNDY - The Thrill Is Gone (wow, just so soulful)

CHANTELLS - Why Wont You Say (great dancer, contagious) sold

REALITY - Make Love Not War (pounding 70s)

DON HART - Soldier Coming Home (Stafford classic)

O'JAYS - Oh' How You Hurt Me (beautiful mid T)

NAT TURNERS REBELLION - Love Peace & Understanding (spot on soul tune, hard to turn up)


BAB BAB UMAR & Soul Of Pisces - Come On With It (goes for £70) Good funk/soul

UNFORGETABLES - Too Much Trouble sold

THE BARRONS - Some Kind Of Fool

JOHNNY NEEL & SHAPES OF SOUL - Look OUt World (mid T magic)

SALEM TRAVELLERS - Give Me Liberty Or Death

DANNY HUNT - Whats Happening To Our Love Affair (Marco is giving this some spins)

ANN SEXTON - Its All Over But The Shouting

LUV CO - Things Are Not The Same

ED WHILEY - Young Generation (goes for £70 plus)


VERNON GARRETT _ We THe People Of The Ghetto (Heardy tune, hard to turn up) sold

LARRY HOSTON - I Need Love (dirty funk , right for now)

SUPERLATIVES - Lonely In A Crowd

THE HALLELULIAH CHORUS - Ive Got To Find A Way (rare mid Tempo) sold

ALL £40 for 2.....therse a great set there! All original and all vg++ or M

Please email paulsadot@hotmail.com

Cash or cheque.

Thanks for looking.

Edited by paul-s

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