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Lucille Mathis, Black & White Affair, Carlton Basco, Billy Keen Etc


need some funds, that´s why i offer some nice 45 on here, but only as long as i got the amount i need. Having reached that the still available 45 are going back in the box...

45s for offer:

Black & White Affair - Sweet Soul Lady/ Unitl Real Thing Comes Along (Topaz) EX/VG+(+)

still widely unkown, although on Playlists of recommended djs. Offered for 175 gbp on SS I want 125 GBP

Lucille Mathis - I´m Not your regular Woman/ Am I Asking too Much (Abet) EX 170 GBP HOLD

Carlton Basco - Don´t Chain my Soul/ Getting in Deeper (Freedom) EX+ 70 GBP

Billy Keen - I Finally Got Wise/ You´re a Desaster (Galaxy Promo) VG+ 60 GBP

Stickers on the label

Nelson Sanders - This Love is here to stay/ Tired of being your Fool (Labeat) VG++ 50 GBP

Vinyl is in EX condition but has a warp. Does not affec play on my desk. BARGAIN.

Joe and George - You´re gonna miss me/ No one loves you (NOW) VG(+) 25 GBP SOLD

A few scuffs but still play nice. Has a little chip in the edge which does not affect play.

Jean Dushon - Feeling Good/ Take A Chance (Cadet) EX 45 GBP

Nick Waterhouse - I Only Give You Everything/ Is that clear (IL) NM 15 GBP

Paypal as a gift or buyer takes the fees.

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