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Fontana - (Label Of The Week)

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Not a high profile label with UK soulies in the early to mid 60's as too many 45's on the label here had no connection at all to soul (& we were still very young & quite uneducated in the lesser known soul artists).

I do seem to recall chasing a Chicago outing that came out here on Fontana (could be wrong though, memory going as I get older ?) -- the 45 in question being by Morris Vaughn (My Love Keeps Growing ?).

Don't recall chasing any of the Motown tracks on the label (was after the newer releases on Stateside), the Betty Everett's were much easier to find on President and the UK 'mod' recordings weren't of much interest to me back then (not enough spare cash to buy them after I had bought US recorded stuff).

BTW, anyone know much at all about Morris Vaughn. I know he cut in Chicago with Jack Daniels but apparently he originally came from St Louis & cut solo tracks (for Gateway) & group tracks (with the¯»¿ Soulful Illusion") in the city.

It seems it's the other side of his Fontana 45 that is favoured now but I don't remember every playing tuva side at all down the years.

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