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    Sunderland Football Supporter have been since I was 10 year old. Go to most home games and a few away games.
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  1. Really sorry just seen this rest in peace Pete. My condolences to Viv and family Suz x
  2. Rest in Peace Good Angel Kev, it was a privilege to share a dancefloor with you and I always enjoyed our chats on here and the laughs. Suz x
  3. I travel to dos mainly, but I go to one or two local dos too. Not everyone has the ability to travel though so tis each to their own as long as they enjoy the music Suz x
  4. suzannek


  5. Had a great night at the RAFA, it was brilliant to see it so busy, as well as the music being good, great catching up with friends have not seen for ages as well as our usual Bishop crew. I thought there was a good mix of music, I love my 60s so plenty of early sounds played Suz x
  6. suzannek

    Soul Toon 5

    Had a great time at the Toon Alldayer, legs and feet are still aching. Spent most of my time in the 60s soul/rnb room, but had a shimmy in the main room too. Good to catch up with friends also Suz x
  7. Rest in Peace Tony, I didn't know you very well, but what I saw was a lovely, warm, funny fella, the world needs more people like Tony Suz xx
  8. suzannek

    Rugby Allniter

    Looking forward to Rugby having missed the last two am looking forward to a dance
  9. Insomnia.com I'm gonna be a bonny state at work tomorrow :/

  10. So sad, my thoughts and wishes with his family and friends Suz x
  11. Ya can tell its summer cos our rain has got warmer...

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    2. suzannek


      It's cleared up here now :) x

    3. Alison H

      Alison H

      Lol Suz & lol Kev ..... It's sunny here as well! Tomorrow is supposed to be a scorcher, won't hold my breath tho lol xx

    4. suzannek


      Haha we like a load of weather people xx

  12. Aw definitely Kell Osborne at the beginning of Quicksand Suz x
  13. Great to see you Davy, Sue and Pauline. I enjoyed the RAFA, the music was spot on as usual Suz x
  14. Yay got me car back, it passed its MOT after loads of work done

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