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  1. soulsalmon

    45 Revolutions

    Sorry i missed it,health all over the place & the min,in & out of hospital,deffo there for next one,my birthday as well ( 10th ),health notwithstanding .
  2. soulsalmon

    Got Ur Own Record Room?

    They are
  3. soulsalmon

    Righteous Brothers

    Whats the going rate for bring your love to me -uk pye ?
  4. Denita James-wild side-flip,Ex,£65 Casinos-if i told you/everbody cant be pretty-del val white demo,Ex,£55 p&p 1st class recorded inc payment by paypal as a gift please Cheers Salmon
  5. soulsalmon

    7 Inch Record Sleeves

    Areyou doing these mail order Si ?
  6. soulsalmon

    Got Ur Own Record Room?

    You should all try the 7 inch storage cubes from Blackka,brilliant,modular,pre-sanded,finish to your own taste,cheap as well
  7. soulsalmon

    A Couple Wanted

    Dynamics-woman-brainstorm & Creations-a dream/footsteps,Vg++ min,pm with price please Cheers Salmon
  8. soulsalmon

    Pete Lawson - 20 Years Today

    Still think of him a lot,heart of gold once past the veneer
  9. soulsalmon

    Record Boxes - Where To Get The Best?

    So will Blackka
  10. soulsalmon

    Record Boxes - Where To Get The Best?

    Blackka acoustics,by a country mile,just google it
  11. soulsalmon

    45 Revolutions

    Who dat den ?
  12. soulsalmon

    Blacka Flight Cases - 10/10

    The cubes are great as well
  13. soulsalmon

    Happy Birthday Greety

    happy birthday Dave,hope you had a good one
  14. soulsalmon

    Happy Birthday Alison H For Tomorrow

    Loads better now,hope you had a great day sweetie XX
  15. soulsalmon

    45 Revolutions

    May 3rd ,tanks,tractors & turntables parade,guest dj's Ian Cunliffe & Neil Topliss