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300 45S - Aura, Friends & Strangers, Pat Stallworth, Coasters Etc

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I have nearly 300 45s on ebay, all ending on Wednesday. All feature soundclips and label scans. Here is the link: http://www.ebay.com/...uisitive/m.html

Some really nice tunes in this list, including:

Aura - Follow Me With Your Heart on BEP

Friends & Strangers on Mystic Sound

Coasters - Crazy Baby

Pat Stallworth on Fly By Nite

Sinner Strong on Serock

Joe Simon on Irral

Freddie Houston - Soft Walkin

Jimmie Preacher Ellis on Ride

Nolan Porter on ABC

Sherman Evans - 3 different titles on Manco

Eugene Record - Overdose Of Joy

Ray Frazier on Carriage Trade

Entertainers IV - Gettin Back Into Circulation

Impalas - Speed Up

and lots more!


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