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Kevin Cox

Soulspinner New Additions

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  • All records 100% guaranteed, full refund including postage if not satisfied.
  • Records can be reserved for 10 days, longer with small deposit.
  • We accept cash / cheques / paypal / most credit cards via the site.
  • Postage first 45 £2.30 each additional 20p.
  • Always open to offers dont be shy..............

you can listen to and see all of these on the main site WWW.Soulspinner.com



Little Beaver Cat listen To my heartbeat £50.00 Buy Now 4157 M-

Nate Edmonds Armar Dont Need No Fourty Five £9.99 Buy Now 4156 Ex

Tommy Vann Academy Give A Little Bit £9.99 Buy Now 4155 VG+

Diplomats Arock Hes Got you Now £9.99 Buy Now 4154 Ex

les Cooper Arrawak i Can Do The Soul Jerk £4.99 Buy Now 4153 M-

Beverley Hills Air Play i dont Care Any More £4.99 Buy Now 4152 M-

Nino Tempo & 5th Ave Sax A&M Sister james £9.99 Buy Now 4151 M-

Jimmy Cliff A&M Waterfall £4.99 Buy Now 4150 Ex

Headliners A&M Im So tired £6.99 Buy Now 4149 M-

Spydels Assault Peace Of Mind £9.99 Buy Now 4148 M-

James Phelps Argo la De Da Im A Fool In love £4.99 Buy Now 4147 M-

The Groovers T.C.B He Will Break Your heart £50.00 Buy Now 4146 M-

Evaline Sound Stage 7 A Little Bit Of hurt £30.00 Buy Now 4144 M-

Evaline Sound Stage 7 Think You Better Leave £35.00 Buy Now 4143 M-

Jeanie Greene Atco Ive been A Long Time Loving you £35.00 Buy Now 4142 M-

Evie Sands Blue cat Youve Got Me Up Tight £75.00 Buy Now 4141 +/-

Brothers Of Soul Shock Try It Babe £40.00 Buy Now 4140 Ex

Little Helen Soultown Cant Get Enough £45.00 Buy Now 4139 M-

Sandy Wynns Champion Touch Of Venus £60.00 Buy Now 4137 +/-

Royal Premiers MBS I can Make It If I try £40.00 Buy Now 4136 +/-

Sami Jo Vesuvius Dont look back £90.00 Buy Now 4135 VG++

Hank Johnson Spear You lost Your Thing £175.00 Buy Now 4134 Ex

Malcolm Hayes Okeh I cant Make It Without You £50.00 Buy Now 4132 VG++

Jay Wiggins Solid Tears Of A Lover £45.00 Buy Now 4130 Ex

Jerry Count Jackson Tear Drop The Band Doll £90.00 Buy Now 4129 M-

Versatiles Staff Cry Like A Baby £30.00 Buy Now 4128 M-

Ruby Andrews Zodiac Hey Boy £25.00 Buy Now 4127 VG+

Robert Ward Groove City I Will Fear No Evil £25.00 Buy Now 4126 Ex

Jimmy Hughes Guyden My Loving Time £15.00 Buy Now 4125 M-

Ronnie Taylor Revilot I cant take It £15.00 Buy Now 4124 Ex

Prophets Stephannye My Kind Of Girl £25.00 Buy Now 4123 M-

Chris Hamilton Bell Ive Got To Have You Love £30.00 Buy Now 4122 Ex

Girls From Syracuse Palmer love Is happiness To Me Now £50.00 Buy Now 4121 M-

mark V Unlimited Sagport Gone £30.00 Buy Now 4120 M-

Billy Butler & 4 Enchanters Okeh Found true Love £30.00 Buy Now 4119 VG+

Liberty Belles Shout Just Try Me £40.00 Buy Now 4118 M-

Mer-Lyn ABC Promise £50.00 Buy Now 4116 Ex

Jimmy Williams ABC Half Man £15.00 Buy Now 4115 Ex

Lyrics ABC So hard To get Alomg £15.00 Buy Now 4114 M-

Kittens ABC Its Got To Be Love £60.00 Buy Now 4113 M-

Kittens ABC i Got To Know Him £25.00 Buy Now 4112 Ex

Little Tommy & Elgins ABC I walk On £50.00 Buy Now 4111 M-

Lou Bond Fontana What have i Done £20.00 Buy Now 4110 Ex

James Phelps Fontana Walking The Floor Over You £30.00 Buy Now 4109 VG++

Magic Tones Ram Brock Great Day £15.00 Buy Now 4106 M-

Manhattans Carnival All i need is Your KLove £15.00 Buy Now 4105 Ex

Moses & Joshua Dillard Mala My Elusive Dreams £17.00 Buy Now 4103 Ex

Buddy Lamp Wheelsville You got The lovin ouch £50.00 Buy Now 4101 Ex

Little Sonny Warner Bee Bee Wallflower £25.00 Buy Now 4098 VG+

Jimmy Jules Atlantic Take it like It Comes £25.00 Buy Now 4097 M-

Jimmy Burns Tip Top R&B £15.00 Buy Now 4096 VG+

leaonard lee Broadmoor Im Just a Poor Boy £15.00 Buy Now 4094 Ex

Lee edward & Continentals Lantic Gold Rebound £20.00 Buy Now 4091 Ex

lollipops RCA Love is The Only Answer £25.00 Buy Now 4090 Ex

Lee Holland King Lets Stay Together £15.00 Buy Now 4088 M-

Billy Bishop Ascot If & when £20.00 Buy Now 4086 M-

Mob Mercury Disappear £10.00 Buy Now 4085 M-

Randolph Walker Shout I Love Her More £10.00 Buy Now 4084 Ex

Jerry Townes Penny Youre My Sunshine £20.00 Buy Now 4083 M-

Dee Edwards Premium Stuff Ill shed No Tears £15.00 Buy Now 4082 VG+

Notations Twinight i cant Stop £25.00 Buy Now 4081 VG+

Naturals Smash Im The One £30.00 Buy Now 4080 Ex

Jock Mitchell Impact Work With Me Anne £30.00 Buy Now 4078 Ex

Dontells VJ Nothing But Nothing £30.00 Buy Now 4075 Ex

Jerry Williams ABC Im Strung out on You Baby £25.00 Buy Now 4074 Ex

Edward Hamilton & Arabians Mary Jane Thank Your Mother £20.00 Buy Now 4073 Ex

Edward Hamilton & Natural Looks Mary Jane My Darling Baby £25.00 Buy Now 4072 Ex

Edward Hamilton & Arabians Mary Jane My Darling Baby £25.00 Buy Now 4071 M-

Eddie Floyd Safice Baby Bye £30.00 Buy Now 4069 M-

Dee Edwards D Town Greatest Thing £30.00 Buy Now 4068 VG++

Gino Washington Ric Tic Gino Is a Coward £25.00 Buy Now 4067 Ex

Freddie Gorman Ric Tic In A Bad Way £30.00 Buy Now 4066 Ex

Freddie Gorman Ric Tic Take Me Back £30.00 Buy Now 4065 Ex

Carol Anderson Midtown You Boy £30.00 Buy Now 4063 M-

Sandy & Pebbles Mercury Hes my Kind Of Fellow £50.00 Buy Now 4061 M-

Parliaments Revilot Ill Wait £45.00 Buy Now 4059 M-

Delores Hill Companion True Confession £40.00 Buy Now 4058 Ex

festivals Blue Rock Checkin Out £40.00 Buy Now 4056 Ex

Lil Soul Brothers Wee 3 Been So Long £20.00 Buy Now 4055 VG+

Sam & Kitty 4Brothers Your Money My love £25.00 Buy Now 4054 M-

Beverly Ann RCA Hes Coming Home £35.00 Buy Now 4052 Ex

Mary Wheeler Calla Prove It £20.00 Buy Now 4051 Ex

Soultones Valise You And Me Baby £20.00 Buy Now 4050 Ex

Chuck Corby & Chances Veep Happy Go Lucky £20.00 Buy Now 4049 M-

Terry Clark Li\\\'L Mec No I wont Cry £20.00 Buy Now 4047 Ex

Tracie Robbins Brunswick The World Without You £40.00 Buy Now 4046 Ex

Mirettes Mirwood Hes All Right With Me £15.00 Buy Now 4045 VG+

Helen Glover Nelbor Searching For My Love £50.00 Buy Now 4043 Ex

Showmen Roulette Sugar Daddy £50.00 Buy Now 4041 M-

Eddie Billups Josie My Girl £10.00 Buy Now 4040 M-

Cookie jackson Uptown Uptwon Jerk £10.00 Buy Now 4039 VG++

Diane Cunningham Fontana A Certain Kind Of lover £40.00 Buy Now 4038 M-

Bandit Arrow Bring back the One i Love £20.00 Buy Now 4037 M-

Precisions Drew A Place £25.00 Buy Now 4036 Ex

Pauline Shivers O Pex You Better Tell Him No £15.00 Buy Now 4035 M-

Bobby Williams Sure SHot You Waited Too long £20.00 Buy Now 4034 Ex

Bell Brothers Sure Shot Dont you Know Shes Alright £20.00 Buy Now 4033 VG++

Little Mr lee & Cherokess Sure SHot Young lover £20.00 Buy Now 4032 M-

Our ladies Of Soul Kelton Lets Groove Together £25.00 Buy Now 4031 VG+

Carol Fran Port Im Gonna try £25.00 Buy Now 4028 Ex

Bobby & Terry Providence You killed the Thrill In My heart £25.00 Buy Now 4027 Ex

Ernestine Thonpson Blast Just One More Time £20.00 Buy Now 4025 VG++

Larks Money Come Back Baby £25.00 Buy Now 4024 VG++

Four larks Uptown You and Me £25.00 Buy Now 4021 M-

Jackie Wilson Brunswick No Pity £8.00 Buy Now 4019 VG++

Gene Chandler Brunswick Girl Dont Care £8.00 Buy Now 4018 Ex

Billy young Shout A sweet Woman £10.00 Buy Now 4017 Ex

Esther Phillips Kudu Wh A Difference A Day makes £8.00 Buy Now 4016 M-

Soul Impacts S.I.M Got To Be More Loving £8.00 Buy Now 4015 Ex

Italian Asphalt Company Colossus Check Yourself £20.00 Buy Now 4013 M-

Jackie Verdell Coral Call One Me £20.00 Buy Now 4012 Ex

Barbara March Wal Dee Im Gonna Leaave You £20.00 Buy Now 4011 Ex

Yolanda Karr Ra Sel It takes Two hearts £20.00 Buy Now 4010 Ex

Vows Ran Dee Girl In red £25.00 Buy Now 4009 VG+

Barbara George Sue Somethings Definitely Wrong £30.00 Buy Now 4008 Ex

Marjorie Ingram Bennett A Good Man Is Hard To Find £30.00 Buy Now 4007 Ex

Mamie Galore St Lawrence It Aint Necessary £15.00 Buy Now 4006 VG++

Lee Maye Pic 1 Touch Me On My Shoulder £20.00 Buy Now 4005 Ex

Lorraine Ellison Mercury I Dig you baby £15.00 Buy Now 4003 M-

Pearlean Gray DCP Dont Rush Me Baby £25.00 Buy Now 4001 Ex

Creations Take ten Lady Luck £25.00 Buy Now 4000 Ex

Jody Williams Nike Lonely Without You £25.00 Buy Now 3999 Ex

Sherri Gibbs Philly Sounds Oh My Baby £20.00 Buy Now 3998 Ex

Dynamites Pay Lets Try £15.00 Buy Now 3997 VG+

Crampron Sisters DCP i Didnt Know What Time it Was £15.00 Buy Now 3996 VG++

McKinley Mitchell Toddlin Town No Love £20.00 Buy Now 3995 Ex

Liz Lands One Derful One mans Poison £15.00 Buy Now 3993 VG+

Barbara & Brenda Dynamo If Im Hurt Youll Feel tjeh Pain £15.00 Buy Now 3992 Ex

Apollas Warner Brothers Youll Always Have Me £20.00 Buy Now 3991 Ex

Bobby Jones USA Beware A Stranger £15.00 Buy Now 3990 VG+

Billy Harner V Tone Everythings Hunky Dory £15.00 Buy Now 3987 Ex

Debbie Rollins Ascot He Really loves Me £20.00 Buy Now 3986 Ex

Moses & Joshua Mala Get Out Of My Heart £20.00 Buy Now 3985 VG+

Timothy Wilson Buddah Pig Tails £15.00 Buy Now 3983 Ex

Kitty Montgomery Sanns Hey boy £6.00 Buy Now 3981 M-

Denise Chandler Lock Youve hurt Me Now £25.00 Buy Now 3980 Ex

Pat Lewis Solid Hit Warning £25.00 Buy Now 3977 VG++

Dee Torres Dore Let The Little Girl Dance £20.00 Buy Now 3976 Ex

Jimmy Dotson Aar O Dot To Be Your Lover £15.00 Buy Now 3975 Ex

Class Mates Bright Star You Can Do Me Some Good £25.00 Buy Now 3973 Ex

Entertainers IIII Dore People Dont look No More £20.00 Buy Now 3969 Ex

Sue Darby ABC Cant Get Enough Of you baby £20.00 Buy Now 3968 +/-

Billy Butler Brunswick Come Over Tp My Side £20.00 Buy Now 3966 M-

Cordells Steel Town Sound You Do A Thing To My Mind £20.00 Buy Now 3965 M-

Mustangs Sure Shot A Change £15.00 Buy Now 3964 Ex

Johnny Davis Bandit You Got To Crawl To Me £20.00 Buy Now 3961 M-

Norma Rudd Sure Shot Hes Mne £20.00 Buy Now 3957 Ex

Dreamers United Artists Love Love Love £30.00 Buy Now 3956 Ex

Avons Ref O Ree Tell Me baby £30.00 Buy Now 3953 M-

Willie Cobbs Riceland Dont Worry About me £25.00 Buy Now 3952 Ex

Billy Butler Okeh My Heart Is Hurting £30.00 Buy Now 3951 M-

Candy & Kisses Scepter Keep On Searching £25.00 Buy Now 3949 M-

Landy McNeil Kapp It takes A Lot Of Lovin £15.00 Buy Now 3948 VG+

Lorraine Ellison Mercury Call me Anytime you Need Some Lovin £20.00 Buy Now 3947 Ex

Big Maybelle Scepter I Dont Want To Cry £20.00 Buy Now 3946 Ex

Lacy Stewart SOLs Give Me Your hand £25.00 Buy Now 3944 M-

Eldridge Holmes Sansu Without A Word £25.00 Buy Now 3941 M-

Diamond Joe Sansu It Doesnt matter Anymore £20.00 Buy Now 3940 M-

Charles & Esquires Salem Woman & Half £20.00 Buy Now 3938 Ex

Fran Oliver BBS You Wont Get Away £20.00 Buy Now 3936 Ex

V Wagers Salem Lucky I Found You £20.00 Buy Now 3935 Ex

Diane Cunningham New Breed Someday baby £22.00 Buy Now 3933 Ex

Geminis RCA No More Tomorrow £25.00 Buy Now 3932 M-

Lovelites Phi Dan When i get Scared £20.00 Buy Now 3931 M-

Vontastics Moon Shot Lady Love £20.00 Buy Now 3930 M-

Freddie Paris RCA There She Goes £20.00 Buy Now 3926 M-

maxine Brown Wand Secret Of Living £6.00 Buy Now 3925 VG++

Johnny Moore Mercury Thank You baby £8.00 Buy Now 3922 M-

Ruby Winters Diamond Try Me £8.00 Buy Now 3921 M-

Ballads Venture I Love You yeah £6.00 Buy Now 3919 M-

Superbs Dore Its A Million Miles To Paradise £5.00 Buy Now 3918 VG

Billy Butler Okeh Your Gonna Be Sorry £8.00 Buy Now 3917 VG

Jackie Ross Chess Ive Got The Skill £6.00 Buy Now 3916 Ex

Admirations One Derful Wait Til i get To Know You £10.00 Buy Now 3915 VG+

Chuck Jacksom Wand I Keep Forgetting £8.00 Buy Now 3914 Ex

Gloria Walker Flaming Arrow Need Of you £6.00 Buy Now 3912 Ex

Little milton Checker Believe In Me £5.00 Buy Now 3910 M-

Kolettes Checker PROMO Whos That Guy £20.00 Buy Now 3908 M-

Cicero Blake Renee Take It From me £12.00 Buy Now 3906 Ex

Jo Armstead Tay Ster No Better For Ya £12.00 Buy Now 3903 Ex

Gerlad Sims & Daylighters Tip Top Cool Breeze £18.00 Buy Now 3902 VG+

Persians ABC Too Much Pride £12.00 Buy Now 3901 VG++

Johnny Nash Groove Im leaving £15.00 Buy Now 3899 VG+

Karl Tarlton Uni Along Came You £12.00 Buy Now 3898 Ex

Jan Bradley Doylen Tricks Of The Trade £22.00 Buy Now 3897 Ex

Volumes Inferno You Got It Baby £12.00 Buy Now 3894 VG+

Saphires ABC Lets Break Up for A While £12.00 Buy Now 3893 VG+

Dee Edwards Tuba You say you Love me £20.00 Buy Now 3892 VG++

Oliver Lynch Renee I Wanna Be £25.00 Buy Now 3890 VG+

Patience Valentine Sar Unlucky Girl £7.00 Buy Now 3889 VG+

Invitations MGM Girl Im Leaving You £7.00 Buy Now 3888 VG+

Billy Floyd 20th Century Sweeter Than Candy £20.00 Buy Now 3887 Ex

James Duncan Federal All Goodbyes aint Gone £18.00 Buy Now 3885 Ex

Chimes Down To Earth The Beginning Of My life £20.00 Buy Now 3884 Ex

Joyce Kennedy Blue Rock Does Anybody Love Me £12.00 Buy Now 3883 VG+

Young Folk Mar V Lus Lonely Girl £15.00 Buy Now 3881 M-

Ace Spectrum Atlantic Dont Send Nobody Else £20.00 Buy Now 3880 VG++

Invitations Dynovoice Written On The Wall £20.00 Buy Now 3879 Ex

Kenny & Impacts DCP Wishing Well £30.00 Buy Now 3877 +/-

Solomon Burke Bell How big a Fool £12.00 Buy Now 3874 M-

Alvin Robinson Blue cat Bottom Of My Soul £6.00 Buy Now 3873 Ex

Eddy G Giles Murco Baby Be Mine £5.00 Buy Now 3871 M-

Profiles Duo If I didnt love You £12.00 Buy Now 3868 VG+

Fawns CapCity Nothing But love Can Save me £12.00 Buy Now 3867 Ex

Fantastic Johnny C Phil La Soul Dont Depend On Me £25.00 Buy Now 3866 Ex

lattimore Brown Sound Stage 7 Little Bag Of Tricks £18.00 Buy Now 3864 VG+

Randolph Brown & Company IX Chains Take A few More Steops £30.00 Buy Now 3862 M-

Opals Okeh Youre Gonna be Sorry £35.00 Buy Now 3860 Ex

Insiders RCA If You had A Heart £15.00 Buy Now 3857 VG+

Barbar lynn Jetstream Take Your Love & Run £20.00 Buy Now 3856 Ex

Delores Lynn Junior The Big Search Is On £8.00 Buy Now 3855 M-

Bette Renne Lawn Your kinda Love £20.00 Buy Now 3852 M-

Shelley Fisher Aries Big City Lights £15.00 Buy Now 3850 M-

Drifters Steeltown Peace Of Mind £15.00 Buy Now 3847 +/-

Mary Ford Tower One In A Million £15.00 Buy Now 3846 Ex

H B Barnum RCA How many More Times £6.00 Buy Now 3844 +/-

Profiles Bamboo You Dont care About Me £6.00 Buy Now 3843 VG+

Bobby WHite Kent Just Another Week Behind £6.00 Buy Now 3842 M-

Corsairs & Landy Mcneil Tuff On The Spanish Side £4.00 Buy Now 3841 Ex

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