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Live It Up

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Right --Who's going to the Not So Big One???


Seriously though-- This Friday 24/9/2004

Live It Up!

Pockets Leisure Centre, Rochdale Road, Walsden Nr Todmorden

Tel 07768 273765 for info or directions

Northen Soul, Motown, Modern

Ste Andrew -Smila- Tonyp & Guests.

Live It Up!--Committed to SOUL(Honest ask me Dad)



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So, as another September limps to its close,we are once again reminded that it was at this very time of the year that the Immortal Wigan Casino first opened its hallowed portals to spread the word to the Unenlighted throughout this green and pleasant land of ours.

Indeed it is now an incredible 31 years since this monumental event.

Regular visitors to this site, will, therefore, be delighted to know that at

Live It Up! in Walsden tonight (Friday) we will be marking the occasion by

TOTALLY IGNORING IT and doing our own thing as usual.


We doan need no steenkin badges!!

Aiye Muchachos

Yo soy uno hombre malo



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