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[Rs] tonia woods - will you do it (make me high) - renata cd

Title: tonia woods - will you do it (make me high) - renata cd
Artist: tonia woods
Track: will you do it (make me high)
Label: renata

Record information:

having splent a blissful afternoon catching up with the wonderful tunes on this thread, i just wanted put a shout out to all the contributors for some, fine, fine music. my severely expanded wants list is a testament to the quality here!!

stand out tracks for me have been -

ben e king - family jewels, keisha jackson - godsend, willie tee - concentrate, love unlimited orchestra - midnight and you, thanks gareth i didn't know that iii from tha soul had taken this for fever, sweet charles - it's you, jahari - situations, sir john roberts - do you believe in fate, sterling harrison - you got thing, goodie - you and i, qyndchymes - love has come again, crystal clear - oomph in my life, harvey scales - all in a night's work, new way - holding on (made me unearth my copy - tune), solar plex - why did you walk away, lee staton - ain't love funny that way, two tons - i been down, sheree brown - it's a pleasure, eloise whittaker - i've come too far, maxi anderson - love to lover, natural high - i think i'm falling in love with you (i'd forgotten how good this is), reflections - she's my summer breeze.... i'm so glad there's more to run at next week.

any help with finding these a good home in my cellar gratefully received....cheers.



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