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Bought Some Cheap Collection Fillers Yesterday


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Went out yesterday and managed to pick up the following four records in one shop for a grand total of £16.25, obviously no big floorfillers just cheap collection fillers.

Fantastic Four - You Gave Me Something (and everything's alright) - RicTic

Fantastic Four - As Long As I Live (I live for you) - RicTic (large lettering, John Manship has a copy up for £15!)

Flaming Embers - Bless You (my love) - RicTic

Five Stairsteps & Cubie - Stay Close To Me - Curtom

In another shop I bought a few Tamla Motown releases all well known stuff for a night I'm doing down my Club. But I also picked up an album Motown Disco Classics Vol 4, featuring Frances Nero's Keep On Loving Me. :lol: Not forgetting that I bought the two records that I've listed on Ebay from the same shop, one cost £3 the other £8, if I get me money back on them then I'll be happy. :lol:

The only downer on the day was that I used public transport (tube & bus) never again! It made me ill so badly it resulted in me missing Solid Hit last night! :lol:

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Picked up a copy of The Four Tops - Can't Seem To Get You Out Of My Mind, last night at Bisley for under a tenner! :ohmy: I knew someone was talking about it on here only a few days ago, but I can't remember on which topic, so I bought it blind, quality tune! :unsure:

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Five Stairsteps & Cubie - Stay Close To Me - Curtom

QUALITY record :yes:

don't suppose anyone's got an impressions of it for sale? think only avauilable on portugese for some obscure reason? or is it spanish? anyway i want one :yes:

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