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100% Pure Poison,harvey Scales,mystics +More

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Some more sales,payment by paypal(gift) personal cheque,if interested PM me     


100% Pure Poison "you keep coming back" Ex UK EMI £60 (sold)  

Top drawer  70's dancer   


Deon Jackson "I can't go on" Ex Carla (demo) £30     

At his best,crossover dancer     


The Mystics "copp and blow/jealous of you" Ex Marquette £100  (sold)

Uptempo dancer c/w crossover flip  


Mayberry Movement "I Think I'm in love " Ex Event £40  

Great seventies dancer 


Harvey Scales "too good to be true" Ex Magic Touch  £75    

current niter spins   


The Exceptional three(feat ruby carter)  "unlucky girl" Ex Way Out £40   

1st issue  before GRT  


The Spinners "just can't help but feel the pain"  Ex Motown £25   

great early sixties dancer  




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