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Best Stores/venues/fairs To Look For Soul/r&b 45S In Uk

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Apologies if this isn't the right forum. Anyways, I'm gonna be in the UK (from Australia) the week after next until mid-October. Was hoping some folks could shed some light on where the best places are to look for records (mostly chasing soul/r&b/popcorn 45s).


I know there's a few worth checking out in Manchester (Beatin' Rhythm, Kingbee Records) and another in Greenwich called Casbah although I hear some of the better sides are found at venues where folks are spinning tunes and at record fairs, etc.


Not too fussed in terms of how far I've gotta travel, hence why I'm trying to sort it out now before I get there.


If anyone could give me some tips as to where the best places are to look, that'd be most helpful.


Please send a personal message rather than a comment on the post.




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