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Dennis T Brennan's auction # 91

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Welcome to Dennis T Brennan's Soul 45 auction # 91 for November, 2003.

All records guaranteed 100% and are U.S. originals unless noted.

Only winning bidders will be notified.

Foreign winners will be quoted postage.

Call 717-652-4947

Fax # is 717-652-6291

Bidding on the internet at mailto:dtb45s.msn.com

Website address is www.dtb45s.com

Auction ends on Monday December 1st, @ 7 PM, EST.

Soul Auction page 1

1 ABC Lee Maye If u leave./Greatest love I've ever known WLP stain Vg++

2 ABC Para Marvelows My heart/I do M-

3 ABC Para Impressions You've been cheatin'/Man oh man rw sol Vg+

4 Arden Barbara/Uniq You're gonna make me cheat on you/Never let you go M-

5 Aries T. Stephens I'm a fool for you/Hurry change (if you're coming) rw


6 Aries T. Stephens Soul control/Robinhood M-

7 Alston Clarence reid Send me back my money/Nobody but you babe M-

8 Amjo Tapestry Yeah yeah girl/Big fool rw M-

9 Amy Rosey Grier People make the world/Hard to forget M-/Vg++

10 Argo Etta James Mellow fellow/Bobby is his name rw Vg+

11 Argo Dells God bless the child/I'm going home Vg+

12 A/S Circle of 5 Satisfied/Melting pot rw Vg-

13 Atco Ben E. King The record (Baby I love you)/The way you shake it


14 Atco Ben E. King Groovin'/What now my love rw M-/Vg+

15 Atco Ben E. King River of tears/Seven letters rw M-

16 Atco Ben E. King Til I can't take it anymore/It ain't fair M-

17 Atco Aesops Fable Girl I've got news for you/Yes I'm back bb rw M-

18 Atlantic Falcons Let's kiss and make up/Take this love.. xol WLP rw Vg

19 Atlantic S. Inspiration Sweet inspiration/I'm blue sol WLP bb Vg++

20 Atlantic Percy Sledge Angels listened in/Any day now xol sol wol WLP


21 Atlantic Willie Tee Walking up a one way street/Teasin' you M-

22 Bandy Irma Thomas For goodness sake/Whenever Vg+

23 Bang Bur. Emotion Whatchama call it/The new world M-

24 Beantown Earl Lett Boston puppy/Soul sax M-

25 Be Be Byther Smith So unhappy/Money tree M-

26 Bell Oscar Toney Turn on your love light/Any day now bb Vg++/Vg+

27 Bell O'Jays Dig your act/I'll be sweeter tomorrow bb Vg+

28 Beltone Bobby Lewis One track mind/Are you ready M-

29 Big Wheel Falcons I can't help it/Standing on guard rw Vg+

30 Black Rock Rena Scott Just can't forget that boy/Set me free M-

31 Blue Cat Soul Brothers Got a dream/Keep it up bb sol rw StVg++

32 Blue Cat Ad Libs Ain't no angel/Ask anybody rw Vg+

33 Blue Rock John. Moore Such a wonderful feeling/Without your love Vg++

34 Blue Rock D. Warwick We're doing fine/Want to be with you rw Vg

35 Brand. Iron Chee/Pepe My love will never fade away/Know I'm in love rw


36 Brunswick Symphonics Silent kind of guy/Don't fail me now rw Vg

37 Brunswick R. Jones/Hen. Whole thing/Loose booty M-

38 Brunswick Billy Butler Help yourself/Sweet darling Vg+

39 Buddah Ramona Jones Young girl blues/Sweet devil promo M-

40 Buddah Futures Way of a woman in love/Grade A woman wol M-

41 Burtone Nat Hall I'm the man (For the disco lady)/same M-

42 Cadet C. Bradford My love's a monster/Summertime bb rw M-

43 Cadet Con. Aesops Fable Gonna make you love me/Got out and get it promo


44 Calla Family Circle Stop turn around/Haven't seen nothin' rw Vg+

45 Canterbury Sandy Wynns How can something be so wrong/same WLP rw M-

46 Capitol Tommie Lee Way I want to live my life/Delta queen WLP M-

47 Capitol Rainbows Broken heart like mine/Luv of.. warped dnap promo M-

48 Capitol Round Robin Vulture/Ton of joy promo M-

49 Capitol R. Hamilton Let this world be free/Wait until dark promo wol


50 Capitol V.Waters/Ent Greatest love/Taking inventory promo M-

51 Capitol Magnif. Men I'm crazy about you/Forever together rw StVg++

52 Capitol L. Haywood Wanna thank you/same promo M-

53 Capitol Billy Frazier Let's face reality/Stay right here this morning

promo M-

54 Capitol Liza/Jet Set Dancing yet/How can I know wol M-

55 Capitol Mast. Of Soul Do da electric twist/No doubt about it promo M-

56 Capitol W. Wilson Don't quit/same promo Vg++/Vg+

57 Capitol B. Strong Is it true/same promo Vg+

58 Capri Fred Johnson I need love/Full time dream M-

59 Capsoul J/H/T/Durr All I need to make it/World without you M-

60 Catamount Superbs Happiest girl in the world/Love's unpredictable M-

61 Checker Soul Stirrers Don't you worry/When the gates swing open rw


62 Checker Tom./Cleve Don't want to share your love/Boo-ga-loo baby rw bb


63 Chess Kittens How long (can I go on)/Got to get over you promo Vg+

64 Chess Buddy Guy Buddy's groove/She suits me to a tee promo M-

65 Chess Eddy Jacobs Tired of being lonely/Turn me loose bb M-

66 Chess Lee Eldred Recouperating/Leave me your love rw Vg+

67 Chisa Arthur Adam Let's make some love/It's private tonight bb rw Vg

68 Colossus Devotion So glad you're home/Dawning of love M-

69 Colossus Festivals Gonna make it/So in love M-

70 Columbia Pat Lundy What now my love/Does she ever remind u.. WLP M-

71 Conchillo Jimmy Jones Ain't nothing wrong makin' love../Time and changes


72 Cotillion Tammi Lynn Gonna run away from you/One night of sin Vg+

73 Cotillion C/Shells Don't need you no more/Warm and tender love bb Vg+

74 Cotique TNT Band That's life/Gonna get to you yet WLP rw Vg/Vg+

75 Cougar Broad St. G. Fair skin man/We need love (from gospel st. opera)


76 Crackerj. Linda Come on, let me try/Don't want to be loved Vg++

77 Crajon Bill Coday Get your lie straight/You're gonna want me Vg++

78 Dakar Visitors Until you came along/I'm in danger M-

79 Davis/Goli. Leon Davis Think they call it love/Let it show M-

80 Decca L. Haywood It's the last time/It's the last time sol rw promo Vg

81 Decca J. Verdell Are you ready for this/I'm your girl bb xol Vg++

82 Dee Dee Ray Pettis Together forever/Thin it over M-

83 Dee-su Zodiac This feeling/May I Vg++

84 De-Lite R. Saddler Just wait and see/R.R.A.W.J. M-

85 Delta Ltd Enchanters Should be loving you/Hide and seek M-

86 DeLuxe Pat Lundy Another lovin' kind of feeling/I'm your special fool M-

87 Derby Mel Carter When a boy falls in love/So wonderful M-

Soul Auction page 2

88 Diamond J. Thunder Put it in motion/Groovy two shoes promo Vg++

89 Dimension Cookies Want a boy for my birthday/Will power M-

90 Doll Walt Maddox Little boy/Truly Vg++

91 Dot Ronnie Love Chills and fever/No use pledging my love rw Vg+

92 Double Sht Georgia Prop. For the first time/Loving you is killing me lbl

wear Vg++

93 D.P.J. David Payton Hypertension/Let's be friends this year M-

94 Dud Sound Little Mack Goose walk/Hard times StVg++

95 Duo J. Garrett One woman/I'm a now girl (do it now) wol M-

96 East Coast C. Stephens Let's get nasty/I want to make love to you M-

97 Epic Bandwagon Breakin' down the walls../Dancin' master tol sol M-

98 Fame Jim. Hughes Getting better/I want justice bb rw G

99 Filmways M. Hayes Gotta be with u/Put your love to the test WLP rw xol


100 4 Brothers Sam & Kitty Your money-my love/Don't hit on me M-

101 Fraternity Lonnie Mack Save your money/Snow on the mountain WLP M-

102 Fury W Hightower So tired/If I had a hammer Vg++

103 Galaxy Debonaires Woman why/Stop let's be united Vg++/Vg+

104 Gallant J. Beaumont No other love/Please send me someone to love Vg++

105 Glades Courtships Oops it just slipped out/Love ain't love rw wol Vg

106 Goldwax B. Atkins/No. Love is a beautiful thing/same (instr.) promo sol


107 Gordy T. Johnson What'cha gonna do/same WLP rw M-

108 Gordy Temptations Want a love I can see/Further u look the less..rw Vg

109 Gordy Temptations Way you do the things you do/Just let me know bb


110 Gordy Temptations Ain't too proud to beg/Lose a precious love Vg++

111 Gordy Contours Searching for a girl/First I look at the purse StVg++

112 Gordy M/Vandellas Quicksand/Darling, I hum our song Vg

113 Gordy M./Vandellas My baby loves me/Never leave your baby's side Vg+

114 Gossip Tr. Otis the 3rd Walk on by/Time StVg++

115 GSF D. Moore Cry like a baby/Just the one I've been looking for M-/Vg++

116 Hawk Johnny Otis Good to the last drop/Jaws M-

117 HBR Four Gents I've been trying/Soul sister rw Vg++

118 Hep' Me Johnny Adam Only rains on me/Believe in you rw M-

119 Hi G. Anderson Baby love/Congratulations rw Vg/Vg-

120 Hi C Final Decis. You are my sunshine/You got to be my woman Vg++

121 Hickory Jim. Elledge Follow every rainbow/Just walked in WLP rw Vg+

122 Huff Puff Landslides We don't need no music/Music please music M-

123 Imperial Eddie Seay Soul good thing/Do what's right rw promo Vg+

124 Imperial Jimmie/Vella We sing/Why promo M-

125 Inner City Ron/Candy Lovely weekend/Plastic situation M-

126 Janus Illustration Upon the earth/Our love's a chain sol Vg++

127 Jay-walk. Gant/Arabian Don't leave me baby/Need a true love M-

128 Jocida G. Gaynor Let me go baby/She'll be sorry M-

129 Josie Ed. Forehand But I do/same WLP M-

130 Josie Mary Love Hurt is just beginning/If you change your mind bb Vg++

131 Jubilee Tim. Willis I'm a man/Easy as saying 1-2-3 sol WLP Vg+

132 Jubilee Skyliners Everything is fine/The loser rw Vg

133 Jubilee Little Buster I'm so lonely/You were meant for me StVg++

134 Kapp Charmettes Please don't kiss me again/What is a tear rw Vg+

135 Karen B. La Vette What condition my condition is in/Get away bb M-

136 Karen Jimmy Delph Don't sign the paper/Almost bb M-

137 Karen Capitols Tired running from you/We got a thing that's.. M-

138 King James Brown In the middle pt 1/Let's unite the whole world.. rw M-

139 King James Brown Say it loud-I'm black and I'm proud pt 1/same pt 2


140 Liberty Obrey Wilson Say it again/Hey there mountain promo rw Vg+

141 LK Catch Mr. Nice guy/Mephisto's nightmare Vg++

142 Look Heart Give me a happy day/Now SN Vg-

143 Mag Touch H. Scales Love thief/Follow the disco crowd M-

144 Maycon Earl Connelly Don't let me go/My love is strong xol M-

145 Maycon Earl Connelly They never told me/I'm your fool sol xol M-

146 May J. Beaumont Gonna try my wings/Never say good.. rw warp dnap Vg

147 Mayfield Fascinations You'll be sorry/Girls are out to get you rw bb


148 MCA Midwest Fra. I'll be around/same promo Vg++/Vg+

149 Mercury J. Crawford Don't care, I don't care, I don't care../Help poor

me Vg++

150 Mercury Buddy Miles Dreams/Your feeling is mine rw M-

151 Mercury William Bell Easy comin' out (Hard goin' in)/Tryin' to love two

rw Vg+

152 MGM Formations Love's not only for the heart/Lonely voice of love Vg++

153 Midas Irene Scott Everyday worries/You're no good M-

154 Midas Compliments Borrow til morning/Beware, beware M-

155 Minit Young Hearts I'll never be the same/Get yourself together promo


156 Minit J. McCracklin Just live by the rules/Stick to my kind promo sol

rw M-

157 Murco E.Giles/Jive 5 Eddy's go-go train/While I'm away WLP rw G

158 Murco Eddy Giles Soul feeling pt 1/same pt 2 WLP rw Vg

159 Musicor Jeanie Dee Time/One, fool, one kiss, one lie rw M-

160 Mutt Sophisticates I need you/I can't stand it M-

161 Nasco Bits & Pieces Smoke stream/Did I scare you M-

162 Neptune O'Jays Looky looky (look at me girl)/Let me in your world M-

163 North Bay Little Dooley (It's got to be) now or never/Memories rw Vg++

164 Northern G Assis/band I'm looking for my roots/Pleasing plump wol rw


165 Nosnibor C. Robinson Jungle dollar/Understanding rw Vg/Vg-

166 Okeh Major Lance Gotta get away/Ain't it a shame rw StVg++

167 Old Town Gypsies Diamonds rubies gold and fame/Jerk it rw Vg+/Vg

168 One-way Ricky Allen Talk'en about you baby/No better time than now xol


169 O.P.J. Harry Rozelle Tell me yes or no/Do you know M-

170 Oracle Jimmy Helms Your past is beginning to show/Son of mary rw M-

171 Outta Cyte J. Anderson Ow, wow man/Women's liberation M-

172 Ovation Ed. Houston Knock & the door shall be opened/Away from home M-

173 Owl Sound Sw. Bridgette Secret spy/Please come back to me M-

174 Pacemaker Robert Jay Who ever heard of a love like this/Nobody's child


Soul Auction page 3

175 Pageant Persians Get a hold of yourself/Steady kind wol xol rw Vg

176 Peanut Buddy Lamp Too late/Insanity M-

177 People Fuzzy/Majors Leak in the faucet/L-o-v-e rw Vg++

178 Philips Bobby Hebb Ooh la la/My pretty sunshine bb M-

179 Philips Flamingos Itty bitty baby/She shook my world bb rw Vg-

180 Philly Gr. Coupe d Ville So long, good bye, its over/When times are bad


181 Pickwick Foxes Get 'em with a wink/Sassy one rw wol G

182 PJP Marcia Pharr Cheer up/I'll be the one M-

183 Playboy Major Lance Um, um, um, um/Last of the red hot lovers rw M-

184 Pompeii Salt & Pepper I'll spend forever loving you/In the morning rw


185 Popside Webs So hard to break a habit/Give in rw Vg++

186 Popside Webs This thing called love/Tomorrow M-

187 Pow Variations Shot of love/Tra la la la la bb M-

188 Pride B.Butler/Infin Dip, dip, I've got my hands full/Storm WLP rw M-

189 Rare Earth Messengers In the jungle/That's the way a woman is bb rw M-

190 RCA Len Barry Moving finger writes/Our love rw WLP sol Vg++/M-

191 RCA Gil Bernal This is worth fighting for/They say rw WLP Vg+

192 Renfro A./Renfro/grp Sharing you/Whole lot of nothin' Vg+

193 Revue Abraham/son Your mother understood/Can't do w/out you promo Vg+

194 Rich C. Blakely You ain't gonna find/Who knows rw Vg+

195 Rim Boss-Four Walkin' by/Space mood rw sol wol Vg

196 Rojac Big Maybelle 96 tears/That's life WLP sol xol Vg++

197 Rojac Kim Tolliver Tuesday's child/(Your trying too) copy my stuff rw


198 RRG Love The only way/That's the way it is WLP M-

199 Sansu Betty Harris Gonna git ya/Can't last much longer M-

200 Scepter F. Anisfield Place in the sun/Princess of the palace of ice bb

rw Vg++

201 Scepter Joe Hicks I'm goin' home pt 1/Home sweet home pt 2 rw Vg+

202 Shama L.S. Williams I like your style/I hurt myself M-

203 Sirloin O. Weathers When you see what you want pt 1/same pt 2 Vg++

204 643 Raptures This world is lost/Summertime Vg++

205 Skillet Ned Towns Hit and run/I just can't let you go xol rw G

206 Skye Grady Tate Slaves/same (instr) promo xol Vg++

207 Smash Irene/Scotts I'm stuck on my baby/Why do you treat me.. bb rw M-

208 Smash Prince Philip Keep on talking/Love is a wonderful thing rw bb wol


209 Smash Satisfactions Give me your love/Stop following me bb rw Vg++

210 Smash Prophets Soul control/I got the fever bb lbl tear rw StVg++

211 Smash Otis Leavill Nobody but you/Charlotte rw bb G

212 Soul Jimmy Ruffin If you will let me, I know I can/Farewell is a.. bb


213 Soul Originals I'm someone who cares/Once I have you Vg++

214 Soul Originals Just to be closer to you/Down to love town M-

215 Soul City Al Wilson Snake/Getting ready for tomorrow Vg++

216 Soul Clock Ebonys Can't get enough/same WLP rw wol Vg++

217 Soul house B.Starr/Versa Let me be yours pt 1/same pt 2 rw M-

218 Sound St. 7 E washington You're gonna cry, cry, cry/He called me baby

rw M-/Vg++

219 Starville Desires Oh what a lonely night/Black girl M-

220 Star-vue El Anthony Sweet jo-ann/Will you wait M-

221 Stax Black Society Happy human people/Look around you WLP rw M-

222 Stax Sons of Slum What goes around (Must come around)/The man Vg++

223 SSS Inter. Jordan Bros. Good time/I want to be hers rw Vg++

224 Talmu Bill Smith Anytime/Song of the bible rw sol Vg+

225 Tamla gl Miracles What's so good about good-bye/I've been good to you


226 Tamla gl Miracles Whole lot of shakin' in my heart/Oh be my love bb rw


227 Tamla gl Miracles Heartbreak road/The man in you bb rw StVg++

228 Tamla gl Kim Weston It should have been me/Love me all the way bb M-

229 Tamla gl Marvin Gaye You're a wonderful one/When I'm alone I cry bb

wol Vg+

230 Tamla gl Marvin Gaye Pretty little baby/Now that you've won me bb


231 Tamla gl Marvin Gaye When I had your love/One more heartache M-

232 Tamla gl Marvin Gaye I'll be doggone/You've been a long time.. bb rw


233 Tangerine Youngblood Bayou town/I had a dream Vg

234 Tangerine Jimmy Lewis Let's call the whole thing off/I'm stepping out rw


235 Teen's K. Drinkard I wanna thank you/World world Vg++/Vg+

236 The rec. co. I. Cathaway Now we're doing it/same StVg++

237 TMP-ting Syl Johnson I've got to get over/Falling in love again xol

rw M-

238 T Neck Judy White Somebody been messin'/same bb rw Vg++

239 Toot Lovables You're the cause of it/Beautiful idea bb rw Vg++/Vg+

240 Torrid Eldorados You make my heart sing/In over my head M-

241 Truth R. Allen grp I got to be myself/Gonna make it alright Vg

242 20th Cent. Groove Love (it's getting better)/Light of love WLP rw Vg+

243 Uptite Tail Feathers That's the way it's gonna be/Now ain't that love

rw Vg++

244 Val Headliners Secret love/I'll cherish your love rw wol M-

245 Vee Jay Dells Sugar (don't get serious)/Poor little boy WLP rw M-

246 Vee Jay Betty Everett Getting mighty crowded/Chained to a memory M-

247 Veep Johnny/Lily Cross my heart/This is my story rw wol WLP Vg++

248 Veep Anthony/Imp Gonna fix you good/Better take it wol rw Vg

249 Vigor Street People Re-run (from an old time movie)/Liberated lady


250 Villa Oz/Sperlings Mo jo hanna/Broadway earthquake M-

251 V.I.P. Elgins It's been a long long time/same WLP rw M-/Vg++

252 V.I.P. Heart of stone If I could give you the world/same WLP Vg++

253 V.I.P. Spinners It's a shame/Together we can make such sweet.. bb


254 Volt Mad Lads Love is here today & gone tomorrow/same M-

255 Wand C. Jackson Any day now/Prophet bb rw Vg+

256 Wand M. Brown We can work it out/Let me give you my lovin' bb wol Vg

257 Wand Independents Arise and shine (Let's get it on)/same promo M-

258 Westbound S. Wilson Non-stop flight/I think I'm gonna cry promo Vg++

259 Wheelville Lee Rogers Love for a love/Love can really hurt you deep rw


260 W.I.G. G washington Now you're lonely/Romeo rw wol Vg

261 Yew Intrigues I'm gonna love you/Gotta find out for myself WLP Vg++

Soul / Funk Instrumentals Auction page 4

262 Abet Oliver Sain Blowing for love/London express M-

263 Abet Oliver Sain Feel like dancin'/same M-

264 AM Herbie Mann Unchain my heart/Glory of love bb Vg++

265 Ampex Melting Pot Kool and the gang/As I lay dying Vg++

266 Better Zip-codes Sweet meat pt 1/same pt 2 M-

267 Brunswick Young-Holt Just ain't no love/Who's making love bb Vg++

268 Brunswick Young-Holt California montage/Straight ahead Vg++

269 Capitol Cannon. Add. Sticks/Cannon's theme Vg+

270 Embryo Herbie Mann Memphis two-step/Soul man M-

271 Hi W. Mitchell My babe/Teenie's dream rw Vg++

272 Josie Da-kars Shot in the dark/Dock of the bay WLP rw Vg

273 Josie Meters Doodle-oop/Need more time M-

274 Josie Meters Ease back/Ann Vg+

275 King Kastle Why don't you/Getting' down (with hoss) M-

276 Peach-mint L. Toby/Heav Heavy steppin'/Impeachment story rw Vg++

277 Philips Jesse Butler Memphis/Drown in my own tears rw bb Vg/Vg+

278 Phil L.A. C.Nobles/Co Camel/Getting' away Vg++

279 Prestige Shirley Scott Where or when/My romance rw M-

280 Prestige Johnny Smith Golden thrush/They call it stormy Monday rw M-

281 MCA Deodato Peter gunn/Amani M-

282 Midas Bros/Sisters For brothers only/Make me sad rw M-

283 Mira Afro-blues q. Walk on by/Liberation rw M-

284 Ric-Tic San Remo G. Hungry for love/All turned on Vg++

285 Shangri-la Uptowns Rockville/Lion sleeps tonight wol rw Vg+

286 Solid State Jim. McGriff (Sweet, sweet baby)Since you've been gone/Honey


287 Sue Jim. McGriff Last minute pt 1/same pt 2 rw StVg++

288 Sue Bill Doggett Fat back/Si si cisco rw M-

289 Sussex D. Coffey Getting it on '75/Chicano M-

290 Tico Ray Barretto El Watusi/Ritmo sabroso sol rw Vg++

291 Trans-amer Village Crus. Akiwawa/Hashishi Vg++

292 Westbound A.Cash/Regis Stone thing pt 1/same pt 2 promo StVg++

293 Westbound D. Coffey Finger lickin good/Wild child M-

294 Zea David Walker Love vibrations/Doo doo rw M-

70's Sweet & Funk Auction page 5

295 All Platinum Donnie Elbert Can't get over losing you/If I can't have you


296 AVI Le Pamplem. Le spank/Monkey see, monkey do M-

297 Buddah Black Ivory Will we ever come together/Warm inside M-

298 Buddah Addrisi Bros. Baby, love is a two way street/Does she do it

like.. Vg+/Vg-

299 Calla Persuaders I need love/Sure shot (gamblin on a sure shot) Vg+/Vg++

300 Capitol Persuasions Don't look back/Runaway child/Cloud 9/Don't know


301 Capitol Maze Workin' together/You're not the same M-

302 Command P Donnie Elbert Your red wagon/Who's it gonna be M-

303 Curtom C. Mayfield Love to keep you in my mind/Beautiful brother of.. M-

304 De Luxe Manhattans It's the only way/One life to live M-

305 Event P. Mitchell If we get caught.../There's another in my life Vg+/Vg++

306 GSF Whatnauts Can't stand to see you cry/Instigating M-

307 Harlem Int. Whatnauts Help is on the way/same Vg++/M-

308 Jay Walking Continental 4 Take a little time/Escape from planet earth


309 Mango Invis. Man's. All night thing/same (instrumental) M-

310 Marlin Ritchie Fam. Best disco in town/same pt 2. StVg++

311 Mowest Syreeta To know you is to love you/Happiness M-

312 Omni Imperials You better take time to love/Who's gonna love me M-

313 Pearl Harbor Lambchops Why you treat me so cold/Turn'in me out M-

314 Polydor Ray/goodman How can love so right/Each time is like the first

time M-

315 Red Label Emotions You're the one/I can do anything M-

316 Stax C. Hurley If you had known me then/One way love affair wol Vg

317 Tabu S.O.S. Band Take your time pt 1/same pt 2 rw Vg++

318 Tamla Miracles Love machine pt 1/same sol WLP M-

319 Tamla S. Robinson Just my soul responding/It's her turn to live M-

320 Tamla S. Robinson Shoe soul/I'm loving you softly M-

321 Tamla S. Robinson Family song/I am I am Vg++

322 Tamla Marvin Gaye Trouble man/Don't mess with mister t rw M-

323 Tamla Marvin Gaye Just to keep you satisfied/Sure love to ball M-

324 T.K. G. McCrae Sing a happy song/Honey I M-

325 T.K. G. McCrae I get lifted/Can't leave you alone Vg+

326 T.K. G. McCrae Look at you/Need somebody like you sol rw Vg++

327 Truth S. Brown Yes sir brother/Woman to woman M-

328 Truth S. Brown Got to go on without you/It ain't no fun sol Vg++

329 Tsop A.Bell/Drells Let's groove pt 1/same pt 2 M-

330 Tsop Peoples Ch. Big hurt/Do it any way you wanna M-

331 Turbo Brother to br. Let your mind be free/same M-

332 20th Century Br. Side of.. Love jones/I'm the guy M-

333 20th Century L. Haywood Day I laid eyes on you/Believe half of what

you.. M-

334 20th Century L. Haywood Keep it in the family/Long as there's you rw M-

335 20th Century L. Haywood Want'a do something freaky../Know what love..sol


336 20th Century Ritchie Fam. Want to dance with you/same promo M-

337 20th Century Barry White Just a little more baby/Gonna love you just a

little.. Vg++

338 20th Century Barry White Let the music play/same (instrumental) Vg++

339 United Art. B Pennington Twenty-four hours a day/Can't erase the

thoughts.. Vg++

340 United Art. Enchantment Gloria/Dance to the music M-

341 Vibrations Sylvia Had any lately/Didn't I rw Vg++

Call 717-652-4947

Fax # is 717-652-6291

Bidding on the internet at mailto:dtb45s.msn.com

Website address is www.dtb45s.com

Auction ends on Monday December 1st, @ 7 PM, EST.

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