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10 Records 25 Quid Inc. Uk Postage (Layout Amended)

As the title says any10 records 25 quid inc UK postage.

Overseas postage on request.

Obviously first come first served.

Nothing less than VG+ most are M-.

U.S originals unless stated.

No quibble guarantee as usual.

Paypal is n5oul@aol.com (that’s a FIVE not SSSSS).


Please don't pay until I have confirmed your order.


Arrington             Stone Love                        

Bobby Flores      Everyday I Have To Cry                 

Eddie Floyd         Paradise                               UK

Charles Jackson                Love Of You                       

LaMont Johnson              Sister Fine                          

Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis               Stay By My Side                               

Latimore              Good Time Man                              

THP Orchestra   Too Hot For Love                             

Bobby Womack/Patti Labelle      Love Has Finally Come At Last     Demo    B/Glen

Bobby Womack/Patti Labelle      Love Has Finally Come At Last                     Motown

Aretha Franklin Sweet Sweet Baby                          UK Red

Gladys Knight    I've Got To Use My Imagination                               

Latimore              Lets Straighten It Out                    

Idris Muhammed             Could Heaven Ever Be Like This                

Notations            Make Me Twice The Man             Demo   

Notations            Make Me Twice The Man                            

Peoples Choice Do It Any Way You Wanna                           UK  VG

Joyce Sims          Love Makes A Woman                   Test Press

Spinners              Ghetto Child                     

21st Century      Child      Demo   

Rance Allen        Gonna Make It Alright                  

Roschell Anderson          The Grapevine etc/Such A Beautiful Thing                           

Little Anthony & Imperials           You Only Live Twive                       

Arpeggio              Love & Desire                   

Laverne Baker   Let Me Belong To You/Pledging My Love                             

Fontella Bass      Soon As I Touched Him  Demo   

George Benson                Love Ballard                       

Brook Benton    Rainy Night In Georgia                   Cotillion

Black Ivory          Time Is Love                      

Blue Magic          Look Me Up                       UK

Brotherhood      The Real Thing                  

Randy Brown     If I Had To Do It All Over                               

Buckeye Politicians          Cant Wait To See You Again                        

Vernon Burch    Love Is                 

Jerry Butler         I Forgot To Remember                 

Carter Blanche My Man/Rain                   

Clarence Carter Warning                               UK

Kenny Carter     What About The Children                            

CC & Company  Day Dreamer                    

Central Line        We Chose Love                

Gene Chandler Give Me A Chance                          

Gene Chandler Give Me The Cue                            

Gene Chandler Lay Me Gently                  

Gene Chandler This Bitter Earth                               

Cindy & Roy        Can You Fell It                   

Chuck Cissel       Ciseelin Hot                       

Chuck Cissel       Possessed                          

Judy Clay & William Bell Private Number                                UK

Frankie Coe        Once There Was A Man                Demo   

Lou Courtney     The Best Thing A Man Can Do etc                            

Dalton & Dubbari             Til The Day I Started Loving You                

Geater Davis      I've Got To Pay The Price                             

Tyrone Davis      Are You Serious/Overdue                           

Tyrone Davis      I'll Always Love You                        

Decisions             Do You Love Me                              

Zena Dejonay    I've Got To Find A Way                 

Dells      I Miss You                           

Dells      My Life Is So Wonderful                               

Dells      Two Together Is Better Than One                            

Detroit Emeralds              Heaven Couldn’t Be Like This                     

Dewi Cheetum & Howie               This Is My Country                          

Lamont dozier   Out Here On My Own    Demo   

Dr York Its On Me                           

Dramatics            Fell For You                        

Dramatics            Treat Me Like A Man      Demo   

Eddie Drennon  Lets Do The Latin Hustle                               

Dunn & Bruce Street      Even A Fool        Demo   

Emotions             Put A little Love Away                   

Emotions             Whole Lotta Shakin'        Demo   

Emotions             You're The Best                               

Betty Everette  Just A Mans Way                             

Exciters                Love You Baby                   UK

Exciters                Reaching For The Best                   UK

Patsy Gallent     Every Step Of The Way                 

Karla Garrison    You Taught Me How To Love                     

Geminis               Get It On Home                               

Ray Godfrey       I Gotta Get Away                            

Bobby Goldsboro             Love Is                 

Ralph Graham   Changin' Up My Life        Demo   

Al Green              Tired Of Being Alone                     

Al Green              You Ought To Be With Me            Demo    Uk

Peppermint Harris           My Time After While                     

Micheal Henderson        I Cant Help It                     

Ron Henderson                Dont Take Her love For Granted                Demo   

Gil Scott Heron  No Exit  Demo   

Loleatta Holloway            Cry To Me                          

Loleatta Holloway            The World Don't Owe You Nothing                         

Eddie Holman    My Mind Keeps Telling Me                         

Honey Cone       Stick Up                               

Jimmy Bo Horne               Gimme Some                   

Cissy Houston    Midnight Train To Georgia                            UK

Houston Persom              Disco Sax                            

Thelma Houston               Don't Leave Me This Way                            

Geraldine Hunt & Charlie Hodges             You and I                            

Independents   No Wind No Rain                             

Chuck Jackson   I'm Wanting You Needing You                   

Millie Jackson    Leftovers                             Uk

Etta James          Out On The Streets         Demo   

Rozetta Johnson              To Love Somebody         Demo    Vg Clintone

Gloria Jones       Bring On The Love                          

Margie Joseph  Hear The Words Feel The Feeling             Demo   

Margie Joseph  Knockout                            

Margie Joseph  Move To The Groove                    

King Tutt              Comin' Out         Demo   

Gladys Knight    I've Got To Use My Imagination                                UK

Boobie Knight & universal Lady  Somebody Touch Me                    

Linda LaPorte     There I Said It Again                       

Denise LaSalle   Love Me Right                  

Denise LaSalle   One Life To Live                               

Lady Lee              Gee Whiz                           

Laura lee              I Dont Want Nothing Old (But Money)                  

Laura Lee             I'll Catch You When You Fall                        

Laura lee              Up Tight Good Man                       

Little Buster        Rivers Invitation                              

Little Eddie          There'll Be A day You'll Be Glad etc                          

Baby Lloyd          Theres Something On Your Mind              Demo   

Dave Love           Colalined Baby  Demo    2nd

Frankie Love      You've   Been Wrong      Demo   

Mary Love           Turn Me Turn Me Turn Me          Demo   

Barbara Lynn      Everybody Loves Somebody       Demo   

Mad Lads             I Want Someone                             

Skip Mahoney   Bless My Soul                   

Mandrill               Holiday Demo   

Van McCoy         Where Theres A Heartache                        

Ronnie Mcnair   For You Love                      Pic Slv

Phillip Mitchell   If It Aint Love It'll go Away            Demo   

Moment Of Truth            You Got Me Hummin'                   

Dorothy Moore                Lonely                  

Melba Moore    I Aint Got To Love Nobody Else  Demo   

Melba Moore    I Messed Up A Good Thing          Demo   

Ollie Nightingale               A Good Woman At Home                            

Freddie North   Sweeter Than Sweeter                

Peoples Choice Jam Jam Jam                      UK

Greg Perry          Will She Meet The Train                                   UK

Wilson Pickett   Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It                    UK

Wadell Piper      Super Sweet                     

Sidney Joe Quails             So Sexy                Demo   

D.J.Rogers           You Can Have It For A Song          Demo   

Johnny Ross & Soul Explosions   I Cant Help Myself                           2nd

Roy "C" I Wish You Bad Luck                       

Sapphires            Lets Break Up For A While            Demo   

Saturday Night Band       Come On Dance,Dance                

Johnny Sayles    I Cant Get Enough                           2nd TOL

Rena Scott          Super Lover        Demo   

Roscoe Shelton Roll With The Punches                  

Joe Simon           Are We Breaking Up                      

Joe Simon           I Found My Dad                               

Joe Simon           You Didn’t Have To Play No Games                         

Otis Smith           You're So Good Looking                               

Southshore Comission   Train Called Freedom                    

Southshore Comission   We're on The Righjt Track                           

Spinners              If You Cant Be In Love                   

Spinners              One Of A Kind Love Affair                           

Brenda K Starr   Picking Up Pieces                            

Candi Staton      Do It In The Name Of Love                          

Candi Staton      Its Not Love (But its not Bad)                     

Candi Staton      Six Nights & a Day                           

Candi Staton      Sure As Sin                         

Bettye Swann    Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me                               

Bettye Swann    Heading In The Right direction   Demo   

Bettye Swann    Til I Get It Right                

Swordsmen        Oh My Soul                        

Howard Tate      Sweetness                         

Tommy Tate       I'm So Satisfied Demo   

Johnnie Taylor   Doin' My Own Thing                      

Johnnie Taylor   Free                      

Johnnie Taylor   It's Amazing                       

Carla Thomas     You Got A Cushion To Fall On                     

Tierra    Are We In Love                

Tierra    Summer Daze                   

Tierra    Wanna Get Together Again                        

Trans Am Group               I'M In Love With You                     

Tony Troutman Try It One More Time                    

Tony Troutman You're Man Is Home Tonight                      

Benny Troy         Ectasy Passion & Pain     Demo   

Benny Troy         I'm Gonna Love You All Over       Demo   

Truth     I Cant Go On                     

Robert Upchurch             The Devil Made Me Do It                              Uk

Valentine Brothers          We Belong Together      Demo   

JR Walker            Come See About Me                      Uk

JR Walker            Hard Love            Demo   

Grover Washington        Do Dat                  Yellow Vinyl

Johnny Watson I Need It                              Uk

Jean Wells           Sweetness                         

Whole Darn Family          You Know That You Lied               


Edited by Kegsy

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