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45's, Funk, Gospel, Soul,

SALES:  paulsadot@hotmail.com


Jerry  (JG) Green — I Finally Found The Love I Need on Woodward One vg++ vinyl, a side label has water damage. Rare!  £80


Brass Construction — Take It Easy   on DOCC vg++ £80



Gospel Cherries C/U (I’ve been told I have to cover this!) - Looking For the Man   vg+   offers




Franklyn D. Greaves — Were Still Strong   on  Sally Ruth  vg+ 

Very Rare little known tune out of Panama (I think). Offers




Spiritual Aires — Working For Jesus  on Church Door  vg++  £50




Joyful Gospel Singers — Sweet I know on Joy Recording Company vg+  £100

Extremely rare EP.  Driving dance floor packer!




GIRL  - Bobbie Smith  C/U

impossibly rare cover that has remained elusive for 12 years now. Only 3 known copies including this one. VG+  offers I got this from the source and its extremely rare covered or not.  Mail me for clip paulsadot@hotmail.com



Highway QC’s — Be At Rest  (issue rarer than demo) on Peacock  vg++  £120

Going massive at the moment and all but dried up.




Mary Lewis — What A Friend  on MoDo  Vg+   £70

Gospel, blues. Dirty, soulful heavy track!



Vocalaires — Come By Here on Pinewood  vg (play ok for djing) £50

Rare gospel, xover.  Track 4:




Singing Disciples — Ive Made It Over on Mark custom records vg+ £80

Great, dirty R&B, gospel funk. Rare!





Etoy Bogart & Bogart Brothers — This May Be The Last Time  vg++ £65

Going big at the moment, a dance floor driving gosp-soul beat.




Trouble Don't Last Always by The Masters of Soul mint. LAKE. £200. RARE!

This is a link to the clip, its not my copy...mines cheaper. Its also £350 on JMs





Creations — Save the People on Virtue vg++  £60

Great semi-known up-tempo funk-soul track Track 7:




Violinaires — Im Not Worried    Jewel Demo vg+    £60

Great xover, gospel tune.




Positive Approach — Squeeze That Dollar   on Ju Ju vg++  £50

Rare funk/soul tune that’s just right for now!



Dyna-Might   -  Soul Has No Color  on  Congress  vg+   £40

Great uptempo soul!







Thanks for looking


paulsadot@hotmail.com     the fastest way to get me...








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Highway QC's SOLD




Gospel Cherries   SOLD


Dyna-Might   SOLD


Gospel Cherries  (Actually The Cherubins ,  a copy can be seen on JMs auction)  SOLD!

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